OSSE Observations of X-ray Transients GRS~1009--45 and GRS~1716--249

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Session 65 -- Interacting Binaries: Compact Stars
Oral presentation, Thursday, January 13, 2:15-3:45, Salon V Room (Crystal Gateway)

[65.05] OSSE Observations of X-ray Transients GRS~1009--45 and GRS~1716--249

R.A.~Kroeger, J.E.~Grove, M.S.~Strickman (NRL), B.A.~Harmon (MSFC), M.~McConnell (University of New Hampshire)

Several bright transient X-ray sources have been detected in the last half of 1993. We report on OSSE observations for two of these transient X-ray sources: GRS~1009--45 first detected 12~Sept~1993 (IAUC No.~5864) and GRS~1716-249~=~GRO~J1719-24 first detected 24~Sept~1993 (IAUC No.~5874). OSSE observed GRS~1009--45 for approximately 24 hours starting 21~Sept~1993, providing a significant detection from 45--500~keV. The source had a hard spectrum and is well fit by a power law with an index of~-2.4. We also report on OSSE observations of GRS~1716-249 which are scheduled to begin 25 Oct 1993. BATSE observations indicate this source reached a maximum intensity 50\% brighter than the Crab nebula over a period of at least 12~days. This source also has a hard spectrum with an index of approximately~-2.0. OSSE measurements should extend the energy spectrum well above 300~keV first reported by BATSE and SIGMA.

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