Modeling of Galaxy Counts and Redshift Distributions

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Session 67 -- Cosmology and Distance Indicators
Oral presentation, Thursday, January 13, 2:15-3:45, Crystal Forum Room (Crystal City Marriott)

[67.03] Modeling of Galaxy Counts and Redshift Distributions

B.A. McLeod, M.J. Rieke (Steward Observatory)

The subject of field-galaxy counts has been one of recent contoversy because of the difficulty in making models that correctly account for both blue and infrared counts. Recent papers on the subject have proposed a variety of models to fit the observations. These have ranged from open to closed universes, strong to no luminsosity evolution, and varying amounts of galaxy merging. Using a versatile modeling code, we will consider the implications of several models on $n(m)$ and $n(z)$ at multiple wavelengths. We will also present recent observations of field galaxy counts from K=17 to 21.5.

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