Large-Scale Structure at $z\sim 2$

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Session 71 -- Galaxy and CBR Distribution
Display presentation, Friday, January 14, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[71.10] Large-Scale Structure at $z\sim 2$

G.M. Williger, J.A. Baldwin (CTIO), C. Hazard (IOA, Pittsburgh), R.G. McMahon (IOA)

We report the first results from our program of 2\AA\ resolution spectroscopy of intervening C IV absorbers in a $\sim 1$ deg$^2$ QSO field near the South Galactic Pole. This region has several times the normal surface density of $z>1.5$ QSOs (suitable for C IV studies), offering a particularly good opportunity to explore large-scale structure at high redshift using QSO absorption systems. From our spectra of 11 QSOs with $m_J \leq 19.7$ and $1.7 \simlt z \simlt 3.4$, we confirmed 11 new C IV systems with rest equivalent width $W_{CIV}>0.15$\AA . The total number of intervening absorbers detected for this threshold is consistent with what is expected from C IV absorber statistics. However, there is some evidence at the $2.4\sigma$ level that the absorbers may be grouped along the line of sight on the $10-40$ Mpc scale. We have subsequently observed a further five bright, high redshift QSOs in the region and expect to reach a statistically conclusive answer to the question of whether there is any such superclustering at high redshift in this direction.

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