The Distance to the Coma Cluster from the Tully--Fisher Relation

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Session 72 -- High Z Line Measurements; Gravitational Microlensing: Distance Determination
Display presentation, Friday, January 14, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[72.10] The Distance to the Coma Cluster from the Tully--Fisher Relation

T. Herter, N.P. Vogt, M.P. Haynes, R. Giovanelli (Cornell)

As part of a survey to determine the distances to nearby ($z <$ .04) Abell clusters via application of the Tully--Fisher (TF) relation, we have obtained 21 cm HI line widths, optical rotation curves and photometric I--band CCD images of galaxies within and near the Coma cluster. Because spiral galaxies within the cluster itself are HI deficient and thus are detected marginally or not at all in HI, distance determinations using only the radio TF relation exclude true cluster members. Our sample includes eight HI deficient galaxies within 1.5 degrees of the cluster center, for which optical velocity widths are derived from their H$\alpha$ and [NII] rotation curves. The 21 cm line widths have been extracted using a new algorithm designed to optimize the measurement for TF applications, taking into account the effects of spectral resolution and smoothing. The optical width is constructed from the velocity histogram, and is therefore a global value akin to the HI width. A correction for turbulent broadening of the HI is derived from comparison of the optical and HI widths. Using a combined sample of 260 galaxies in 11 clusters and an additional 30 field objects at comparable distances, we have performed a calibration of the radio and optical analogs of the TF relation. Preliminary results show a clear linear relationship with a small offset between optical and radio widths, and good agreement in deriving Tully--Fisher distances to clusters. Our Coma sample consists of 28 galaxies with optical widths and 42 with HI line widths, with an overlapping set of 20 galaxies. We will present the data on the Coma cluster, and discuss the results of our analysis.

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