The Parsec-Scale Jet of Quasar 3C\,345

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Session 75 -- VLBI Obsesrvations
Display presentation, Friday, January 14, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[75.10] The Parsec-Scale Jet of Quasar 3C\,345

J. A. Zensus (National Radio Astronomy Observatory), C. R. Rabaca (University of Alabama)

We discuss the parsec-scale structure of the superluminal quasar 3C\,345. Monitoring of the structure with VLBI at cm and mm wavelengths has shown apparent superluminal motion of at least four distinct emission features, over a distance of more than 40~pc from the stationary core (Zensus, Cohen, and Unwin, submitted to APJ). Near the core, the projected trajectories are curved and different for individual components, indicative of more complicated flow patterns than previously suspected, and consistent with motion along helical paths. The motion accelerates with increasing separation from the core, as the jet curves towards the extended kiloparsec structure. The flux evolution of individual components can be described using a generalized shock model. We apply this to component C4 and discuss the impact of orientation effects and implications for specific shock models.

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