Shock-Disruption of Three-Dimensional Jets

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Session 80 -- AGN and Jets
Display presentation, Friday, January 14, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[80.03] Shock-Disruption of Three-Dimensional Jets

C. Loken, J. Burns (NMSU), D. Clarke (St. Mary's)

We present the results of three-dimensional numerical simulations of radio jets encountering perpendicular and oblique shocks. The 2D version of the problem was studied by Norman, Burns, \& Sulkanen (1988) who showed that jets would flare and disrupt upon crossing a shock if the jet internal Mach number was less than the shock Mach number. Our 3D results for a jet encountering a normal shock are qualitatively the same as the 2D results although the size scales are dramatically different. In the case of an oblique shock, the ambient gas streamlines bend towards the shock and so an extended, turbulent tail is dragged downstream after the jet disrupts. We discuss the applicability of this model to the formation of Wide-Angle Tailed (WAT) radio sources.

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