BVRI Photometry of Cluster Galaxies: Set I.

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Session 87 -- Cluster Evolution
Display presentation, Friday, January 14, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[87.07] BVRI Photometry of Cluster Galaxies: Set I.

E.G.Hintz,J.W.Moody,M.D.Joner (BYU)

BVRI photometric data is being obtained for 13 Abell clusters using the Burrell Schmidt Telescope at KPNO. The reduction techiques and results from 4 clusters(Abell 2063, Abell 2197, Abell 2256 and Abell 2657) will be presented. All galaxies, down to about 20th magnitude in V, are examined in three ways: 1. surface brightness, 2. magnitude, and 3.magnitude$/$arcsec$^2$. The surface brightness is fit with a three parameter approximation model which will work for both spiral and elliptical galaxies. This fit yields a central surface brightness, a scale radius and a beta term which defines the shape. The magnitude per square arcsec line is fit to find the radius at which the profile falls to 25 mag$/$arcsec$^2$. The magnitude profile is then used to get the magnitudes and colors at the radii determined from the other fits and to get an asymtotic magnitude. Different combinations of fit parameters, magnitudes and colors are examined in an attempt to discribe and classify the various clusters.

This work is partially supported by a fellowship from the NASA Rocky Mountain Space Grant Consortium.

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