High Energy Emission from Four New Radio Pulsars

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Session 93 -- Pulsars
Oral presentation, Friday, January 14, 10:15-11:45, Crystal Forum Room (Crystal City Marriott)

[93.04] High Energy Emission from Four New Radio Pulsars

A.F.Zepka, S.C.Lundgren, J.M.Cordes, I.Wasserman (Cornell University), F.Camilo (Princeton University), D.Thompson (GSFC)

In a independent survey of compact sources in the Einstein IPC data, we obtained X-ray targets used in a search for radio pulsars at the Arecibo Observatory. About 1500 such targets have been observed, resulting in the discovery of three new radio pulsars: PSR J0631+10, J1843+20 and J1908+04. The first one is a young pulsar (age $\sim 43000$ years) with a flat radio spectrum that hints to strong scattering near 430 MHz. The last one is in the same radio beam as a know pulsar, B1905+04, suggesting that many pulsars may have gone undetected in previous radio surveys. In another project, we discovered a 3.5 millisecond pulsar inside a EGRET gamma-ray error box. We present here the latest results in the search for association between pulsar and high energy source.

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