Neutron stars in soft X-ray transients

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Session 93 -- Pulsars
Oral presentation, Friday, January 14, 10:15-11:45, Crystal Forum Room (Crystal City Marriott)

[93.06] Neutron stars in soft X-ray transients

\ S. Campana (Osservatorio astronomico di Brera (Milano)), M. Colpi (Universit\`a degli Studi di Milano), S. Mereghetti (C.N.R. (Milano)), L. Stella (Osservatorio astronomico di Brera (Milano)), M. Tavani (Princeton University)

We reconsider the theory of Soft X-Ray Transients (SXRTs) after recent observational and theoretical developments concerning neutron stars in binary systems. We discuss the possibility that the central object in SXRTs should be a slowly accreting neutron star or a non-accreting fast radio pulsar. We obtain a set of constraints regarding the disk-magnetosphere interaction during quiescence that need to be satisfied to allow the presence of a pulsar in SXRTs. We discuss the observational implications regarding the X-ray emission in quiescence observed in a few SXRTs and the possible detection of radio pulsars in these systems. Our results are relevant for the current X-ray missions such as ROSAT, ASCA, GRO/BATSE and for ongoing pulsar searches in SXRTs.

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