Thursday Titles


Session 36. Invited Talk

Invited, Thursday, 8:30-9:20, Salons III/IV (Crystal Gateway)

36.01 The Interstellar Disk-Halo Connection
L. Danly

Session 37. Pulsars

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

37.01 A CGRO/OSSE Survey of Pulsars
P. C. Schroeder, M. P. Ulmer, S. M. Matz, D. A. Grabelsky, W. R. Purcell, M. S. Strickman, W. N. Johnson, R. L. Kinzer, J. D. Kurfess and G. V. Jung
37.02 ROSAT Observation of PSR 1509-58 in MSH 15-52
C. Greiveldinger and H. \"Ogelman
37.03 PSR J0751+18: a New Binary Millisecond Pulsar in an EGRET Source Error Box
S. C. Lundgren, A. F. Zepka, J. M. Cordes, W. E. Becker, G. Kanbach, J. Trumper and J. M. Fierro
37.04 Shapiro Delay in the Low Mass Binary Millisecond Pulsar J1713+0747
F. Camilo, R. S. Foster and A. Wolszczan
37.05 Timing Behavior and Proper Motions of Millisecond Pulsars PSR J2019+2425 and PSR J2322+2057
D. J. Nice
37.06 The Periastron Passage of the 47 msec Pulsar PSR 1259-63: A Unique Laboratory to Study Pulsar Shock Emission
M. Tavani
37.07 A High Latitude Millisecond Pulsar Survey between 13$^h$ and 18$^h$ Right Ascension using the Arecibo Telescope
R. S. Foster and A. Wolszczan
37.08 Simultaneous Multiwavelength Observations of Her X-1
P. Charles, E. Hu, P. Kahabka, C. la Dous, H. Marshall, T. Mihara, F. Primini, R. Rutten, Y. Soong, J. Stull, J. Tr\"umper, W. Voges, R. M. Wagner and R. Wilson
37.09 Statistics of PSR1133+16 Micropulse Emission Determined at Widely Spaced Frequencies
V. Boriakoff, T. V. Smirnova and S. A. Tul'bashev
37.10 Polarization Characteristics of the Relativistic Binary Pulsar B1534+12
Z. Arzoumanian, J. H. Taylor, A. Wolszczan and J. A. Phillips
37.11 Pulse and Polarization Morphology for $\gamma$-Ray Pulsars
R. W. Romani and I. -A. Yadigaroglu
37.12 X-Ray Emission From PSR 0355+54
P. Slane
37.13 A Possible EXOSAT Detection of the Hard X-Ray Transient GRO J1008-57
D. J. Macomb and C. R. Shrader

Session 38. Supernovae

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

38.01 The Deceleration Parameter from SN Ia Photometry?
T. E. Vaughan and D. Branch
38.02 The Type Ia Supernovae in IC 4182 and NGC 5253 and the Value of the Hubble Constant
P. Nugent, A. Fisher and D. Branch
38.03 The Hubble Constant from Nickel Radioactivity in Type Ia Supernovae
A. Fisher, D. Branch and P. Nugent
38.04 Type II Supernova Light Curves: Influence of the He Core Mass
T. R. Young, E. Baron and D. Branch
38.05 Models of Type-II Supernovae
F. D. Swesty
38.06 Hydrogen Molecules in Supernova Envelopes
M. Culhane and R. McCray
38.07 Semi-analytic Continuum Spectra of Type II Supernovae
M. J. Montes and R. V. Wagoner
38.08 The Contridictory Status of the Crab Supernova: Observational Anomalies and the Theoretical Paradigm
L.C. Hill

Session 39. SN1993J, SN1978K and SN1987A

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

39.01 Optical Spectra of SN 1993J During the First Week
R. A. Finn, R. A. Fesen, J. D. Darling, J. R. Thorstensen and G. Worthey
39.02 Spectral Analysis of SN 1993J
E. Baron, P. H. Hauschildt and D. Branch
39.03 The Rise and Fall and Final Fall of Supernova SN 1993J in M81
E.F. Guinan, J. Marshall and G.P. McCook
39.04 Models for Optical and X-Ray Light Curves of Type II-b Supernova 1993J
K. Nomoto, T. Suzuki, T. Shigeyama and S. Kumagai
39.05 Nebular Phase Synthetic Spectra of SN1993J
J. Houck and C. Fransson
39.06 The X-Ray Light Curve of Supernova 1978K
E. M. Schlegel, E. Colbert and R. Petre
39.07 The HeI Emission Lines of SN 1987A
H. Li and R. McCray
39.08 Two New SN1987A Light Echo Structures at Large Distance
J. Xu, A. P. Crotts and W. Kunkel
39.09 The Shape of SN 1987A's Circumstellar Nebula (and The Distance to the LMC)
A. P. S. Crotts, W. E. Kunkel, S. R. Heathcote and E. L. Blanton

Session 40. Young Stars and T Tauri Stars

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

40.01 Polarimetric, Near-Infrared Imaging of SSV19, TMR-1, and IRAS 04248+2612
P. J. Lowrance, D. A. Weintraub, J. H. Kastner and B. A. Whitney
40.02 Are Wide Pre-Main-Sequence Binaries Coeval?
P. Hartigan, K. Strom and S. Strom
40.03 Young Double Stars in the Chamaeleon Clouds
W. P. Chen, H. C. Fan and J. A. Graham
40.04 IR Spectroscopy of Young Star Binaries
M. Simon, L. Prato, F. Hamann and J. Carr
40.05 Rotation-Induced Radio Variability from the T Tauri Star HDE283572?
J. L. Hand, C. J. Lonsdale and R. B. Phillips
40.06 Periodicities in T Tauri Star Line Profiles
C. M. Johns and G. Basri
40.07 GHRS Profiles of Hot UV Lines in T Tauri Stars
J. A. Valenti, G. Basri, F. Walter, L. Hartmann and N. Calvet

Session 41. Circumstellar Disks

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

41.01 3D MHD Simulations of Stratified Accretion Disks
J. M. Stone, J. F. Hawley and C. Gammie
41.02 Ambipolar Diffusion in Protostellar Accretion Disks: A Numerical Model
M. -M. Mac Low, M. L. Norman, A. K\"onigl and M. Wardle
41.03 Low-Frequency Modes in Accretion Disks
J. R. Ipser
41.04 Lyman $\alpha$ as an Accretion Diagnostic in Young Stellar Objects
M. R. P\'erez, C. A. Grady, P. F. C. Blondel, D. de Winter and P. S. Th\'e
41.05 The Infrared Reflection Nebula around the Protostellar System in S140
J. Bregman, D. Harker, X. Tielens, D. Rank and P. Temi
41.06 High Resolution CO Vibrational Overtone Spectroscopy of YSO Disks
J. Najita and A. Glassgold
41.07 A Coronagraphic Survey for Circumstellar Disks
P. Kalas and D. Jewitt
41.08 HST Observations: Additional Evidence for Infalling Evaporating Bodies
P. D. Feldman, J. B. McPhate, H. W. Moos, H. Beust, R. Ferlet, A. Lecavelier, A. Vidal-Madjar, A. -M. Lagrange-Henri, J. J. Lissauer, M. Deleuil, C. Gry, L. M. Hobbs and M. A. McGrath
41.09 Iron Emission Lines in the Spectra of Herbig Ae/Be Stars Viewed Through Their Proto-Planetary Disks
C. A. Grady, M. R. P\'erez, A. Talavera, P. S. Th\'e, D. de Winter, V. P. Grinin and N. Calvet
41.10 The Growth of Solids and Radiation Shielding in the Young Stellar Disk of HD 45677
T. Brown, R. H. Buss, C. Grady, K. Bjorkman and R. Schulte-Ladbeck

Session 42. Ellipticals

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

42.01 Discovery of Neutral Hydrogen Associated with the Shells of Elliptical Galaxies
D. Schiminovich, J. van Gorkom and J. M. van der Hulst
42.02 ROSAT PSPC Observations of Two Low Luminosity Early-Type Galaxies
M. Loewenstein and R. Petre
42.03 Globular Clusters and the Formation of Elliptical Galaxies By Mergers
S. E. Zepf
42.04 Long-Slit Kinematic Data for a Sample of Interacting Ellipticals: Searching for `U'
K. D. Borne, M. Balcells, J. G. Hoessel and M. McMaster
42.05 Are Small Ellipticals Younger Than Big Ellipticals?
S. C. Trager, S. M. Faber, J. J. Gonz\'alez and G. Worthey
42.06 Age and Metallicity of Elliptical Galaxies
J. J. Gonz\'alez, S. M. Faber and G. Worthey
42.07 Far-Infrared Mapping of Dusty Elliptical Galaxies
J. F. Lees, D. A. Harper, M. P. Rupen and G. R. Knapp
42.08 The Effects of Dust on Broad--Band Color Gradients in Elliptical Galaxies
D. Silva and M. Wise
42.09 Self--Gravity and Dissipation in Polar Rings
J. Dubinski and D. M. Christodoulou
42.10 Simulating the Effects of Massive Black Holes on the Structure of Elliptical Galaxies using a Massively Parallel N--Body ode
S. Sigurdsson, L. Hernquist and G. Quinlan

Session 43. HII Regions and Star Formation in Spirals

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

43.01 Ultraviolet observations of M81 HII Regions Compared with ha Observations
J. K. Hill, W. B. Landsman, R. C. Bohlin, R. W. O'Connell, M. S. Roberts, K. -P. Cheng, A. M. Smith, P. M. N. Hintzen, E. P. Smith and T. P. Stecher
43.02 Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope Observations of H{\small{II}} Regions in M74
J. D. Offenberg, R. H. Cornett, K. Cheng, M. R. Greason, R. C. Bohlin, R. W. O'Connell, M. S. Roberts, A. M. Smith and T. P. Stecher
43.03 Radial Distributions of Massive Star Formation in Virgo Cluster and Isolated Spiral Galaxies
R. A. Koopmann and J. D. P. Kenney
43.04 H II Regions in Interacting Galaxies
L. M. Frattare, W. C. Keel and E. Laurikainen
43.05 Circumnuclear Massive Star Formation in Disk Galaxies as Identified Through Ultraviolet Imaging.
M. N. Fanelli, N. R. Collins, P. C. Chen, L. J. Roberts, R. H. Cornett, S. G. Neff, R. W. O'Connell, R. Bohlin, M. S. Roberts, A. M. Smith and T. P. Stecher
43.06 Ionizational Boundedness of HII Regions and Lifetimes of O Stars in HII Regions
K. Patel

Session 44. Interstellar Medium

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

44.01 Detection of the First beta-Line Hydrogen Maser in MWC 349
H. A. Smith, V. S. Strelnitski, C. Thum and H. E. Matthews
44.02 Physical Parameters of the Reflection Nebula NGC 2023 from Far-Infrared Observations
T. Y. Steiman-Cameron, M. R. Haas and A. G. G. M. Tielens
44.03 Far-Infrared Observations of [S\I.] in the Orion Wind Shock
M. R. Haas, D. J. Hollenbach and E. F. Erickson
44.04 Far-Infrared [N\II.] Emission from Sgr A West
E. F. Erickson, M. R. Haas, S. W. J. Colgan and J. P. Simpson
44.05 COBE Observations of the Region Around IC 1848
D. Leisawitz, M. Mitra and M. G. Hauser
44.06 Measurement of the Interstellar Magnetic Field in the Direction of 9 Pulsars with a New Method
T. Smirnova, V. Boriakoff
44.07 Monitoring the Interstellar Scintillations of PSR 1933+16: Eight Epochs from January 199:20 to May 1993.
B. R. Oppenheimer, C. Salter, J. Biggs, R. Foster and T. Ghosh
44.08 Daily Monitoring of Pulsar Dynamic Spectra
M. D. Faison and D. R. Stinebring
44.09 Long-Term Pulsar Flux Monitoring and Refractive Interstellar Scintillation: 3 Years of Results
J. S. Hovis, D. R. Stinebring, V. M. Kaspi and J. Sawyer
44.10 Discovery of Interstellar Lead and Thallium
J. A. Cardelli and D. C. Ebbets

Session 45. IUE Final Archive

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

45.01 The IUE Final Archive: Calibration of the Scientific Instrument
M. Garhart, M. R. P\'{e}rez, J. S. Nichols, R. Gonz\'{a}lez-Riestra and A. Michalitsianos
45.02 The IUE Final Archive Processing System
C. L. Imhoff, N. Dunn, G. F. Fireman, K. L. Levay, T. Meylan, J. Nichols and A. Michalitsianos
45.03 The IUE GSFC IUE Final Archive Production Database
K. L. Levay, S. B. Crabb, C. L. Imhoff, R. P. Wasatonic, J. Nichols and A. Michalitsianos
45.04 The IUE Final Archive: Low Dispersion Results
M. D. De La Pe\~na, J. S. Nichols, M. Garhart, B. Coulter and A. Michalitsianos
45.05 Pixel Maps of Artifacts in IUE Raw Images
M. A. Fitzurka, O. Bruegman and D. M. Crenshaw
45.06 Camera Artifacts in IUE High Dispersion Spectra
R. C. C. Johnson, O. Bruegman and D. M. Crenshaw
45.07 Method for Removing Blemishes from IUE Background
R. P. Fahey and J. M. Bogert
45.08 The High Dispersion Background Algorithm in NEWSIPS
M. A. Smith, C. A. Grady, P. O'Brien, M. De La Pena, J. Nichols, M. Garhart, B. Coulter and A. Michalitsianos
45.09 The IUE Final Archive: High-Dispersion Processing Algorithms and Results
J. S. Nichols, M. A. Smith, M. D. De La Pe\~na, M. Garhart, M. R. P\'erez, B. Coulter, M. England and A. Michalitsianos

Session 46. Seyfert Galaxies and LINERS

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

46.01 Line-Width Correlations in Seyfert Galaxies. Application to Mkn 463E and NGC 5548
D. Moore, P. Blanco, R. Cohen and D. Forbes
46.02 FOS Spectroscopy of the Seyfert 1 Galaxy Mrk 509
D. M. Crenshaw, A. Boggess and C. -C. Wu
46.03 UV Emission Lins vs. X-Rays in QSOs
P.j. Green, X.-Y. Wu and S.F. Anderson
46.04 Continuous Monitoring of NGC 4151 with GRO/BATSE
A. Parsons, N. Gehrels, W. Paciesas, A. Harmon, G. Fishman and C. Wilson
46.05 Behlen Observatory CCD photometry of NGC 5548 and other active galactic nuclei
J. J. Dokter and C. M. Gaskell
46.06 Multiwavelength Observations of 12--Micron--Selected Active Galaxies from the X--Rays to the Far--IR.
B. Rush and M. A. Malkan
46.07 Near-Infrared Observations of the Double Nucleus in Mrk 231
L. Armus, J. A. Surace, B. T. Soifer, K. Matthews, G. Neugebauer and J. E. Larkin
46.08 UV and Optical Surface Photometry of NGC 1068 from UIT and Ground-Based Observations
L. J. Roberts, M. N. Fanelli, S. G. Neff, E. P. Smith, K. P. Cheng, P. M. N. Hintzen, R. W. O'Connell, R. C. Bohlin, M. S. Roberts, A. M. Smith and T. P. Stecher
46.09 Polarization and Scattering by Disk-Driven Hydromagnetic Winds in Active Galactic Nuclei
J. F. Kartje and A. K\"{o}nigl
46.10 Massive Star Formation in AGN Host Galaxies Observed by the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope
N. R. Collins, M. N. Fanelli, G. S. Hennessy, R. W. O'Connell, R. Bohlin, M. S. Roberts, S. G. Neff, A. M. Smith and T. P. Stecher
46.11 OSSE Observations of the M87/NGC 4388 Region
C. K. Guerard, G. Jung, W. N. Johnson, R. L. Kinzer, J. D. Kurfess, M. S. Strickman, D. A. Grabelsky, W. R. Purcell and M. P. Ulmer
46.12 Low Intensity AGN Activity in Giant LSB Galaxies
P. Knezek and J. Schombert
46.13 Emission Line Gas in LINER-type Galaxies:Physical Conditions and Kinematics
S. E. Deustua, A. P. Koratkar, G. MacAlpine and M. Gregg
46.14 The Spatial Structure of the M87 Globular Cluster System
D. E. McLaughlin, W. E. Harris and D. A. Hanes

Session 47. Radio Telescopes, Miscellaneous

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

47.01 Arecibo Ground Screen Performance Measurements
M. M. Davis, L. Baker, D. B. Campbell, B. Hooghoudt, J. N. Maldonado, P. Stetson, T. Hagfors and J. Kiefer
47.02 Cybernetic Design for Cross-Correlation Interferometers
E. Keto
47.03 The Submillimeter Telescope (SMT) - A Status Report
J. W. M. Baars, J. G. Mangum, R. N. Martin and W. L. Peters
47.04 TICS-24 --- An Integrated Telescope Control System Using Hypercard
R. L. Hawkins and S. J. Ratcliff
47.05 GSPC-II in the Southern Hemisphere: comparison of photometric data from CTIO and ESO.
E. Siciliano, A. Pizzuti, G. Massone, B. Bucciarelli, M. G. Lattanzi and M. Postman
47.06 Coordinating Networks of Robotic Observatories
C. L. Mason

Session 48. Software and Analytical Tools

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

48.01 The Starlink Software Collection
A. J. Penny, P. T. Wallace, J. C. Sherman and D. L. Terret
48.02 The Visual Browsing Tool for Astrophysical Data Management
A. Bertini and P. Pinkney
48.03 Visualization of Sources in the Universe
M. Kafatos and J. R. Cebral
48.04 On-Line @ADS: The APS Catalog of the POSS I
S.C. Cornuelle, P. Thurmes, S. Musukula, M.R. Humphreys, G. Aldering and C.S. Odewahn
48.05 An Automated Galaxy Classification System
R. G. Abraham, F. Valdes, H. K. C. Yee and S. v. d. Bergh
48.06 Adaptive Grid Radiation Hydrodynamics with TITAN
M. Gehmeyr and D. Mihalas
48.07 The Genetic Algorithm: Searching for Planets around Pulsars
T. J. W. Lazio, J. M. Cordes and J. Novak

Session 49. Star Formation

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

49.01 Millimeter and Submillimeter-Wavelength Continuum Observations of Protostellar Candidates
W. H. McCutcheon, T. Sato, C. R. Purton, H. E. Matthews and P. E. Dewdney
49.02 Star-Forming Cores in Bok Globules
Y. Wang, N. J. Evans II, S. Zhou, D. P. Clemens and J. Yun
49.03 Coeval But Separate Star Formation in NGC1333 IRAS4
A. Wootten and J. Mangum
49.04 Something Exciting in NGC1333
C. B. Rogers and J. Gottschalk
49.05 Spatial Variation of Star Formation Efficiency within the W3 Giant Molecular Cloud
J. R. Deane, E. F. Ladd and D. B. Sanders
49.06 Optical, Near-Infrared and Mid-Iinfrared Imaging of GGD27-IRS
C. Aspin, P. Blanco and R. Pi\~na
49.07 Optical and Near IR Imaging of the Rosette Molecular Cloud
R. L. Phelps
49.08 A Near Infrared Study of the K3-50A Compact HII Region
E. M. Howard, J. L. Pipher and W. J. Forrest
49.09 The W3 IRS5 Cluster: Radio Continuum and Water Maser Observations
M. J. Claussen, R. A. Gaume, K. J. Johnston and T. L. Wilson

Session 50. White Dwarfs

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

50.01 A High Dispersion IUE Atlas of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae
M. F. Quigley, F. C. Bruhweiler and W. Feibelman
50.02 Revised White Dwarf Evolutionary Models and the Age of the Galaxy
M. Wood
50.03 Non-LTE Analysis of the Hot pre-White Dwarf H1504+65
J. A. Nousek, C. Baluta, K. Werner and M. Barstow
50.04 The Luminosity Function of Hot DA White Dwarfs from an EUV-Selected Sample
J. Dupuis, S. Vennes and S. Bowyer
50.05 Effective Temperatures and Surface Gravities for DA White Dwarfs in Wide Binaries
M. M. Martinez and T. D. Oswalt

Session 51. Planetary Nebulae

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

51.01 Detection of an Old Planetary Nebula Around the Known Hot sdO Star PG 1520+525
G. H. Jacoby and G. Van De Steene
51.02 Mass-Loading of the Stellar Wind in Abell 78
J. P. Harrington, K. J. Borkowski, Z. Tsvetanov and R. E. S. Clegg
51.03 Mid-IR Images of IC418
M. Meixner, C. J. Skinner, E. Keto, A. Zijlstra, J. F. Arens and J. G. Jernigan
51.04 Near Infrared Spectroscopy of M2-9 and M1-9:20 - Two Young Bipolar Planetary Nebulae
S. R. Trammell, H. L. Dinerstein and R. W. Goodrich
51.05 The Optical Morphology of the Young Planetary Nebula M1-5
M. Bobrowsky
51.06 FLIERs: N-rich Supersonic Bullets Ejected by Nuclei of Planetary Nebulae?
B. Balick
51.07 HST WF/PCD Imaging of Two Halo PNe: M2-29 AND DDDM-1
S. Torres-Peimbert, R. J. Dufour, M. Peimbert and M. Pe\~na
51.08 Near-IR Fabry-Perot Line Imaging of Planetary Nebulae
T. M. Hodge, C. E. Woodward, F. Pich\'e, W. J. Forrest, S. Libonate, J. L. Pipher, N. Raines, S. Satyapal, D. Watson, M. A. Greenhouse, H. Smith, J. Fischer, K. L. Thompson and D. van Buren
51.09 HST PC and FOS Observations of Planetary Nebulae in the Magellanic Clouds
E. Vassiliadis, M. Dopita, S. J. Meatheringham, R. C. Bohlin, H. C. Ford, J. P. Harrington, P. R. Wood, T. P. Stecher and S. P. Maran
51.10 Planetary Nebulae Expansion Distances.
H. A. R., Y. Terzian and C. Bignell
51.11 Cluster of Planetary Nebulae
J. F. Buell and R. B. C. Henry
51.12 EUVE Observations of Planetary Nebulae
A. Fruscione, M. Abbott, J. J. Drake, J. Dupuis, R. F. Malina, M. Mathioudakis, K. McDonald and K. C. Chu
51.13 A CO search for interrupted mass-loss envelopes in AGB stars
R. Sahai, A. Wootten, J. DuPuy and K. Hinkle
51.14 The Bipolar Reflection Nebula IRC +10216
J. H. Kastner and D. A. Weintraub

Session 52. Interacting Binaries: Accretion Phenomena

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

52.01 The Effect of Star-Disk Interactions on the Binary Mass Ratio distribution
J. M. McDonald and C. J. Clarke
52.02 Quasi-Global Analysis of a Magnetized Accretion Disk
C. F. Gammie and S. A. Balbus
52.03 The Accretion Disk Limit Cycle Mechanism: Constraints on the Low State
J. K. Cannizzo
52.04 Corrugation Instability of a Slow Shock Wave and Variability of Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries
M. Edelman
52.05 Variability of Accretion Disks Surrounding Black Holes ----- The Role of Inertial-Acoustic Instabilities
X. Chen and R. E. Taam
52.06 Observational Consequences of Winds in Low Mass X-Ray Binaries
T. Kallman
52.07 3D Simulation of the Stellar Wind in SMC X-1
J. M. Blondin
52.08 Emission Lines from an X-Ray Heated Disk in Cataclysmic Variables
Y. Ko, E. M. Schlegel and T. R. Kallman
52.09 Accretion Disk Dynamics in the Interacting Binary White Dwarfs
J. Simpson and M. Wood
52.10 The Physical Implication and Pair Content of the Radio Jets from 1E1740.7-2942
W. Chen, N. Gehrels and M. Leventhal

Session 53. Cluster Cooling Flows and Abundances

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

53.01 $Ginga$ LAC and $Einstein$ SSS X-Ray Spectral Evidence of Abundance Gradients in Galaxy Clusters
R. E. White III, C. S. R. Day, I. Hatsukade and J. P. Hughes
53.02 Mechanisms for Cold Clouds Survival in Cooling Flows
S. Pistinner and C. L. Sarazin
53.03 X-Ray Signatures of Cold Gas in Cluster Cooling Cores
M. Wise and C. Sarazin
53.04 Non-isothermal X-Ray Emitting Gas in Clusters of Galaxies
M. J. Henriksen and W. E. Merrill
53.05 Hydra A and the Blue Lobe Phenonmenon in Cluster Cooling Flows
B.R. McNamara
53.06 Detection of Extended HI Absorption in Abell 2597
C. P. O'Dea, S. A. Baum and J. Gallimore
53.07 A VLA Search for Neutral Hydrogen in Colling Flow Clusters
K. S. Dwarakanath, J. H. van Gorkom and F. N. Owen
53.08 Expected Emission from the Lithium-like $^{57}$Fe Hyperfine Radio Line in Cluster Cooling Flows
N. D'Cruz and C. L. Sarazin
53.09 Radiatively-Cooling Self-Gravitating Gas
P. N. Foster
53.10 Radio Polarimetry of 3C\,84 (NGC 1275)
J. Ge and D. H. Roberts

Session 54. Interacting Binaries: Hot Stars

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

54.01 A Project for Photometry of Early-Type Binaries at the South Pole
K. Chen and D. H. Martins
54.02 UV Variability Among F+B Interacting Binaries
S. B. Parsons and B. W. Bopp
54.03 Wind Variability in the B Supergiant HD 64760
D. Massa, R. Prinja and A. Fullerton
54.04 Stellar Wind X-Ray Absorption in OB Stars
W. L. Waldron
54.05 IUE Observations of the 1993 Eclipse of Zeta Aurigae
R. E. Stencel, D. E. Potter, R. E. Stencel and D. E. Potter
54.06 Discovery of Strong EUV-induced Balmer Emission in the New WD+dM Binary EUVE J2013+40.0 (RE 2013+400)
J. R. Thorstensen and S. Vennes
54.07 Spectroscopic and Orbital Properties of the Binary Feige 24 and Discovery of External Plasma at Inferior Conjunction
S. Vennes and J. R. Thorstensen
54.08 White Dwarfs in Astrometric Binaries?
N. A. Oliversen, N. R. Evans, W. A. Feibelman and K. W. Kamper

Session 55. Interacting Binaries: CVs and XRBs

Display, Thursday, 9:20-6:45, Grand Ballroom (Crystal Gateway)

55.01 0.72 - 1.35u Spectroscopy of Nova Aquilae 1993
D.K. Lynch, G.S. Rossano, R.J. Rudy and R.C. Puetter
55.02 IR Spectrophotometry of Novae Aquilae 1993 and Ophiuchi 1993
C. E. Woodward, J. Cole, R. D. Gehrz, G. F. Lawrence, M. A. Greenhouse, D. Van Buren and G. Sloan
55.03 An Analysis of Longterm AAVSO Observations of the Recurrent Nova RS Ophiuchi
B. Oppenheimer and J. A. Mattei
55. A Systematic and Statistical Study of
55.05 An Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Study of the White Dwarf in U Geminorum During Quiescence
M. Huang, E. M. Sion, P. Szkody and K. S. Long
55.06 Temporal Analysis of Variability in the Wind Structure of the Cataclysmic Variable system TT Ari in the UV
G. S. Stringfellow, C. R. Robinson, F. A. C\'ordova and M. Musgrove
55.08 Orbital period changes in V2051 Oph
L. Triplett, R. Baptista, J. E. Steiner and F. J. Jablonski
55.09 A Multipole Magnetic Field Model for the Asynchronous Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable BY Cam
P. A. Mason, G. Chanmugam, I. L. Andronov, S. V. Kolesnikov, N. M. Shakhovskoy and E. P. Pavlenko
55.10 Hubble Space Telescope Observations of the Flaring Activity
M. Eracleous, P. Saizar, K. Horne, E. L. Robinson, E. -H. Zhang, T. R. Marsh and J. H. Wood
55.11 A Search for Cataclysmic Variables in the EGRET All-Sky Survey
P. Barrett, E. M. Schlegel, O. C. DeJager and G. Chanmugam
55.12 A Search for Variable ROSAT X-Ray Sources
S. B. Anderson and F. A. C\'ordova
55.13 Periodic Variations in the SCO X-1 Radio Emission
C. Bradshaw, B. Geldzahler and E. Fomalont
55.14 The Quiescent Level of Cygnus X-3 at 2.25 and 8.3 GHz: 1988-199:20
B. E. Waltman, L. R. Fiedler, J.K. Johnston and D.F. Ghigo
55.15 The Orbital Period of EXO0748-676: Secular Change or Stochastic Jitter?
P. Hertz, K. S. Wood and L. R. Cominsky
55.16 Spectral Study of GX339-4 in the Low Intensity State Observed with GINGA
K. Ebisawa, Y. Ueda and C. Done
55.17 Ultraviolet, Optical, and Radio Properties of the Black Hole Candidate GRO J0422+32
R. M. Wagner, C. R. Shrader, S. G. Starrfield, R. M. Hjellming and X. H. Han
55.18 Phase Resolved Spectroscopy of the Black Hole Candidate GRO/J0422+32
M.R. Garcia, P.C. Callanan, J.E. McClintock and P. Zhao
55.19 A Search for Black-Hole X-Ray Novae Among Selected Classical Novae
P. Zhao and J.E. McClintock

Session 56. Luminous AGNs

Oral, Thursday, 10:15-11:45, Salon III (Crystal Gateway)

56.01D Time Variability of Broad Absorption-Line QSOs
T.A. Barlow
56.02D Multi-Wavelength Studies of X-Ray selected BL Lacertae Objects: Implications for the Standard Model
E. S. Perlman
56.03 The Role of Relativistic Jets in the Broad Line Region of AGN
J. H. Beall and J. Guillory
56.04 Linear Polarization of OVV Quasar 3C 345 in the Ultraviolet Observed with the Hubble Space Telescope
P. T. Boyd, J. F. Dolan, K. G. Wolinski, P. S. Smith, D. Impey, R. C. Bless, M. J. Nelson, J. W. Percival, M. J. Taylor, J. L. Elliot, E. L. Robinson and G. W. van Citters
56.05 Spectral Index Mapping of the Quasar 3C345
A. P. Lobanov, J. A. Zensus and K. J. Lepp\"anen
56.06 UV and Multifrequency Observations of the Quasars 3C 273 and 3C 279
E. Ramos, M. Kafatos, P. A. Becker, F. C. Bruhweiler, B. Geldzahler, R. Hartman, N. Johnson, Y. Kondo, F. Makino, B. Peterson, R. Staubert and J. Wallin
56.07 The Broad Band Energy Distribution of 3C 279 in Low State: Results from the Multifrequency Campaign of January 1993
L. Maraschi, C. M. Urry, P. Grandi, A. Koratkar, G. Madejski, R. C. Hartman, A. Wehrle, C. Bailyn, H. H. Fink, H. -C. Thomas, A. Treves, E. Pian and S. J. Wagner

Session 57. Galaxies III

Oral, Thursday, 10:15-11:45, Salon IV (Crystal Gateway)

57.01D Can Galactic Tides Inflate the Apparent $M/L$'s of Dwarf Galaxies?
S. Piatek and C. Pryor
57.02D A New Digital Catalog of Galaxies and its Application for Testing Automated Galaxy Classification Methods
Z. Frei and J. E. Gunn
57.03D The Mass-To-Light Ratios of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
D. Sprayberry, G. M. Bernstein, C. D. Impey and G. D. Bothun
57.04 Number Density of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
S. S. McGaugh
57.05 The Theta-z Relationship for HST Bulges and disks out to z$\leq$0.6
S. Mutz, R. Windhorst, P. C. Schmidtke, B. Franklin, S. M. Pascarelle, R. E. Griffiths, K. U. Ratnatunga, L. W. Neuschaefer, R. S. Ellis, G. Gilmore, R. F. Green, J. P. Huchra, G. D. Illingworth, D. C. Koo and A. Tyson
57.06 Structure and Photometry of Faint Galaxies in a Magnitude--Limited I--band Sample from the HST Medium Deep Survey: I
D. A. Forbes, A. C. Phillips, M. A. Bershady, G. D. Illingworth, D. C. Koo, R. E. Griffiths, K. U. Ratnatunga, R. A. Windhorst, R. S. Ellis, G. Gilmore, R. F. Green, J. P. Huchra and J. A. Tyson

Session 58. Outflows and the Low Mass IMF

Oral, Thursday, 10:15-11:45, Salon V (Crystal Gateway)

58.01 Discovery of a Young Stellar-Wind Shell in Cygnus X
L. A. Higgs, H. J. Wendker and T. L. Landecker
58.02 The Bipolar Outflow of AFGL 5142
T. R. Hunter, G. B. Taylor, T. G. Phillips, M. Felli and G. Tofani
58.03 The Kinematics of Molecular Outflows
S. W. Stahler
58.04D Proto-Brown Dwarfs
M. W. Pound and L. Blitz
58.05 Spectroscopy of a Young Brown Dwarf
G. H. Rieke, D. M. Williams and F. Comer\'{o}n
58.06D The Lower End of the Hyades Initial Mass Function
C. Bryja

Session 59. Solar Surface and Corona

Oral, Thursday, 10:15-11:45, Salon VI (Crystal Gateway)

59.01D Stellar Photospheric Convection and its Effect on Spectral Line Asymmetry
Y. -C. Kim
59.02 Recent Array-Detector Observations of the Solar CO Fundamental Vibration--Rotation Transitions at 4.67 $\mu$m
H. Uitenbroek, R. W. Noyes and D. Rabin
59.03 Current Sheet Formation in Complex Solar Coronal Fields
S. G. Benka and S. K. Antiochos
59.04 Nonlinear Evolution of Coronal Heating by the Resonant Absorption of Alfv\'{e}n Waves
L. Ofman, J. M. Davila and R. S. Steinolfson
59.05 Heating Constraints on the Solar Corona Determined from SERTS Observations
D. A. Falconer, J. M. Davila, R. J. Thomas and W. T. Thompson
59.06 Spartan 201 H I Lyman-Alpha Observations of a Polar Coronal Region
J. L. Kohl, L. D. Gardner, D. M. Hassler and L. Strachan
59.07 Solar Tomography
J. M. Davila
59.08 Scattered Light in Solar Images using Hankel Transforms
S. R. Walton, G. A. Chapman, A. M. Cookson and D. Preminger

Session 60. Galactic Structure

Oral, Thursday, 10:15-11:45, Crystal Forum (Crystal City Marriott)

60.01D Molecular Cloud Distribution in the Outer Galaxy
S. J. Carey
60.02 Galactic Scale Heights of [\N+] and [\C+] Emission
S. J. Petuchowski, C. L. Bennett, M. R. Haas, S. W. J. Colgan and E. F. Erickson
60.03D The Vertical Equilibrium of the Molecular Gas in the Galaxy
S. Malhotra
60.04 Distortions in the Galactic Disk
D. N. Spergel, L. Blitz and P. Teuben
60.05 Using MACHOs to Measure the Shape of the Galactic Halo
P. D. Sackett and A. Gould
60.06 Constraining Galactic Structure Models: A comparison to a new Photometric and Proper Motion Study towards the SGP
R. A. Mendez
60.07 UBV Photometry and Ultraviolet Excesses of Faint Field Stars at the South Galactic Pole
X. Guo

Session 61. Education/Curriculum

Oral, Thursday, 10:15-11:45, Salons A/B (Crystal City Marriott)

61.01 Curriculum Projects and their Effects on Astronomy Education
J. M. Pasachoff
61.02 The Contribution of Benchmarks for Science Literacy to the Reform of Science Education Nationwide
F.J. Rutherford
61.03 Astronomy in the National Science Education Standards
K Hoffman
61.04 Spiraling and Coordinating Science Content in Secondary Schools
R. Aiuto

Session 62. Public Policy Address

Invited, Thursday, 12:00-12:50, Salon III/IV (Crystal Gateway)

Session 63. The Changing Climate for Federal Funding

Invited, Thursday, 2:15-3:45, Salon III (Crystal Gateway)

Session 64. AGN Surveys and High Energy Spectra

Oral, Thursday, 2:15-3:45, Salon IV (Crystal Gateway)

64.01 Observations of the QSOs from the Automated Plate Measuring Machine (APM) Multicolor Survey for Bright z $>$ 4 Objects
L. J. Storrie-Lombardi, R. G. McMahon, M. J. Irwin and C. Hazard
64.02 The NRAO VLA Sky Survey
J. J. Condon, W. D. Cotton, E. W. Greisen, R. A. Perley, Q. F. Yin and J. J. Broderick
64.03 OSSE Observations of Seyfert AGN
W. N. Johnson, J. E. Grove, R. L. Kinzer, R. A. Kroeger, J. D. Kurfess, M. S. Strickman, K. McNaron-Brown, D. A. Grabelsky, W. R. Purcell, M. P. Ulmer, G. V. Jung and R. A. Cameron
64.04 Optically Faint Parkes Radio Sources
R. L. Webster, F. J. Masci, B. A. Peterson and M. J. Drinkwater
64.05 Radio Studies of Objects in the Large Bright Quasar Survey
E. J. Hooper, C. D. Impey, C. B. Foltz and P. C. Hewett
64.06D A Survey of the Broadband 0.1 to 3.5 keV Spectra of X-Ray-Selected AGN
R. J. Thompson
64.07 COMPTEL Observations of AGN
K. Bennett, C. Winkler, O. R. Williams, W. Collmar, G. Lichti, V. Sch\"{o}nfelder, H. Steinle, H. Bloemen, J. Blom, W. Hermsen, M. McConnell, J. Ryan and J. G. Stacy

Session 65. Interacting Binaries: Compact Stars

Oral, Thursday, 2:15-3:45, Salon V (Crystal Gateway)

65.01D High Mass X-Ray Binary Population Synthesis
W. W. Dalton and C. L. Sarazin
65.02 Interpreting Soft X-Ray Spectra of Accretion-Powered Sources by Accounting for Thermal Instability
C. J. Hess, S. M. Kahn and F. B. Paerels
65.03 Identifying Fossil Symbiotic Novae
B. M. Lewis
65.04 Probing the Accretion Flow in the Cataclysmic Variable V795 Her
C. A. Haswell, G. Thomas and K. Horne
65.05 OSSE Observations of X-Ray Transients GRS 1009--45 and GRS 1716--249
R. A. Kroeger, J. E. Grove, M. S. Strickman, B. A. Harmon and M. McConnell
65.06 Discovery of Low Luminosity X-Ray Sources and CV Candidates in NGC 6752
J.E. Grindlay and A.M. Cool
65.07 The Polarization of Cyg XR-1 and LMC X-3 in the UV
J. F. Dolan, K. G. Wolinski and P. T. Boyd
65.08 A 3 Dimensional Simulation of Common-Envelope Evolution of a Neutron Star with a 5 \msun and a 16 \msun Red Giant.
J. L. Terman, R. E. Taam and L. Hernquist

Session 66. Spiral Galaxies

Oral, Thursday, 2:15-3:45, Salon VI (Crystal Gateway)

66.01D Near-IR and Optical Broadband Observations of 86 face-on Spiral Galaxies
R. S. de Jong and P. C. van der Kruit
66.02 The Stellar Distribution in the Nuclear Region of the Low-Luminosity Seyfert Galaxy M81
G. A. Bower, A. S. Wilson, D. O. Richstone and T. M. Heckman
66.03 HI Aperture Synthesis Images of M81
D. S. Adler and D. J. Westpfahl
66.04 The HI Velocity Field and Rotation Curve of M81
D. J. Westpfahl and D. S. Adler
66.05 Gravitational Instability and Disk Star Formation
B. Wang and J. Silk
66.06D Study of the Response of GMC's in M31 to the Spiral Shock
D. R. Mizuno
66.07 Interpreting Galactic H I Maps with Numerical Models
A. Rosen and N. J. Bregman

Session 67. Cosmology and Distance Indicators

Oral, Thursday, 2:15-3:45, Crystal Forum (Crystal City Marriott)

67.01 A New Method Of Using Powerful Extended Radio Sorces for Cosmology
R. A. Daly
67.02D Statistical Measures of Large-Scale Structure
M. Vogeley, M. Geller, J. Huchra, C. Park and J. R. Gott
67.03D Modeling of Galaxy Counts and Redshift Distributions
B. A. McLeod and M. J. Rieke
67.04 Search of the Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope (EGRET) Data for High Energy Gamma Ray Microsecond Bursts
C. E. Fichtel, D. L. Bertsch, R. C. Hartman, S. D. Hunter, D. J. Thompson, B. L. Dingus, P. Sreekumar, J. R. Mattox, G. Kanbach, H. A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny, Y. C. Lin, P. F. Michelson, P. L. Nolan and E. Schneid
67.05 Gravitational Radiation, Inspiraling Binaries, and Cosmology
L. S. Finn and D. F. Chernoff
67.06 The Tip of the Red Giant Branch as a Precision Distance Indicator
B. F. Madore and W. L. Freedman
67.07 Quasars: Near Versus Far
T. Van Flandern

Session 68. Solar Activity

Oral, Thursday, 2:15-3:45, Salons A/B (Crystal City Marriott)

68.01D A Multiwavelength Study of Solar Ellerman Bombs
T. E. W. Payne
68.02 Approximating the Dynamics of the Magnetic Field Using a Cellular Automaton
E. T. Lu
68.03 Testing the Electric Field Model in Solar Flares
D. M. Zarro, J. T. Mariska and B. R. Dennis
68.04 EGRET Analysis of the Solar Nuclear Line Flares of June , 1991
E. J. Schneid, D. L. Bertsch, C. E. Fichtel, R. C. Hartman, S. D. Hunter, D. J. Thompson, B. L. Dingus, P. Sreekumar, G. Kanbach, H. A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny, Y. C. Lin, P. F. Michelson, P. L. Nolan, D. A. Kniffen and J. R. Mattox
68.05 The Allowed Lines of O IV Near 1340 \AA in High Electron Density Solar Flares
J. W. Cook, F. P. Keenan and A. K. Bhatia
68.06 Electromagnetic Properties of Langmuir Solitons and Solar Type III Radio Bursts
G. Thejappa and R. G. Stone
68.07 Evolution of a Solar Active Region and Flare Productivity
M. R. Kundu, K. Shibasaki, S. Enome, N. Nitta and M. Bruner
68.08 Variability in Sunspot Associated Microwave Emission: Umbral Oscillations?
N. Gopalswamy, E. J. Schmahl and M. R. Kundu

Session 69. Invited Talks

Invited, Thursday, 4:00-5:30, Salons III/IV (Crystal Gateway)

69.01 The Oldest Open Clusters in the Milky Way
E. D. Friel
69.02 Globular Clusters, Dark Matter Halos, Galaxy Formation, and the Age of the Universe
M. Bolte