Tuesday Titles


Session 1. Astronomy and the State

Oral, Tuesday, 9:20-5:00, Salons A and B (Crystal City Marriott)

1.01 Up The Down Staircase
A. A. Gurshtein
1.02 Post WWII Astronomy and Rebuilding U.S. Astronomical Institutions--The U.S. Perspective
W. E. Howard
1.03 Political Repression Against Soviet Astronomers in the 1930s
A. I. Eremmeva
1.04 Political Activity at Harvard College Observatory in the Shapley Era (19:201-1952): Controversy and Consequences.
B. L. Welther
1.05 On The Post-War Development of Radio Astronomy in the Former Soviet Union
V. S. Strelnitski
1.06 Postwar Radio Astronomy and the US Military
W. T. Sullivan
1.07 International Science in the Cold War: The Politics of U.S.-Soviet Astronomy, 1950-1961
R. Doel