Wednesday Titles


Session 2: Invited Talk

Invited presentation, Wednesday, 8:30-9:20, Salons III/IV (Crystal Gateway)

2.01 Supernova 1993J -- Star of the 1990's
K.W. Weiler

Session 3: Galaxy Surveys

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

3.01 Galaxy Properties at the North Galactic Pole
S.C. Odewahn
3.02 The Spatial Distribution of A Sample of Very Faint Infrared-Selected Galaxies
Matthew L. N. Ashby
3.03 Optical Identification of IRAS Faint Source Survey Sources with the ROE Southern Sky Optical Catalog
3.04 Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in the Local Universe
C.D. Impey
3.05 Optimizing the Precision of Velocity Widths from HI Spectra
J. M. Anderson
3.06 The COSMOS Southern LSB Galaxy Survey
B. W. Miller
3.07 Morphological properties of color-selected Medium-Deep Survey galaxies
L. W. Neuschaefer
3.08 Parameters of Faint Galaxies by Convolution of Model Images
K. U. Ratnatunga
3.09 Calibration of a New Automated Galaxy Classification System
F. Valdes
3.10 Is There a Foreground to the X-ray Background?
A. Refregier

Session 4: Gamma Ray Astrophysics

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

4.01 Theoretical Modeling of the Diffuse Galactic Low Energy Gamma Ray Continuum
J. G. Skibo
4.02 OSSE Capabilities for Mapping Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission
M.P. Ulmer
4.03 EGRET Observations of the Galactic Diffuse Radiation Within $\bf 10^\circ$ of the Galactic Plane
S.D. Hunter
4.04 Diffuse Gamma Rays of Extragalactic Origin
P. Sreekumar, B. L. Dingus, J. A. Esposito (NASA/GSFC, USRA), D. L. Bertsch, C. E. Fichtel, R. C. Hartman, S. D. Hunter, F. W. Stecker, D. J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), J. R. Mattox (NASA/GSFC, CSC), G. Kanbach, H. A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny (MPE), J. Chiang, Y. C. Lin, P. F. Michelson, P. L. Nolan, T. D. Willis (Stanford Univ.), and E. Schneid (Grumman), M. H. Salamon (Univ. of Utah)
4.05 High Energy Gamma Ray Sources Near the Galactic Plane for Longitudes $\bf 330^\circ
D.L. Bertsch, C.E. Fichtel, R.C. Hartman, S.D. Hunter, D.J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), B.L. Dingus, J.A. Esposito, P. Sreekumar (USRA/GSFC), G. Kanbach, H.A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny (MPE), Y.C. Lin, P.F. Michelson, P.L. Nolan (Stanford), D.A. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney), J.R. Mattox (CSC/GSFC), E.J. Schneid (Grumman)
4.06 EGRET High-Energy Gamma-Ray Observations of the Vela-Carina Region
D.J. Thompson, D.L. Bertsch, C.E. Fichtel, R.C. Hartman, S.D. Hunter (NASA/GSFC), B.L. Dingus, J.A. Esposito, P. Sreekumar (USRA/GSFC), G. Kanbach, H.A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny (MPE), J.M. Fierro, Y.C. Lin, P.F. Michelson, P.L. Nolan (Stanford), D.A. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney), J.R. Mattox (CSC/GSFC), E.J. Schneid (Grumman)
4.07 High Energy Sources Near the Galactic Plane at Longitudes $\bf 125^\circ
D. A. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney), D. L. Bertsch, C. E. Fichtel, R. C. Hartman, S. D. Hunter, D. J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), B. L. Dingus, J. A. Esposito, P. Sreekumar (USRA/GSFC), J. R. Mattox (CSC/GSFC), P. L. Nolan, J. M. Fierro, Y. C. Lin, P. F. Michelson, T. D. Willis (Stanford), G. Kanbach, H. A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny (MPE), E. Schneid (Grumman)
4.08 High Energy Gamma Ray Sources Near the Galactic Plane at Longitudes $\bf 60^\circ
J.R. Mattox, D.L. Bertsch, C.E. Fichtel, R.C. Hartman, S.D. Hunter, D.J. Thompson, (NASA/GSFC), B.L. Dingus, P. Sreekumar (USRA/GSFC), G. Kanbach, H.A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny (MPE), Y.C. Lin, P.F. Michelson, P.L. Nolan (Stanford), D.A. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney), E.J. Schneid (Grumman)
4.09 Point Sources Detected by EGRET with $\bf b > 10^\circ$
P. L. Nolan, J. M. Fierro, Y. C. Lin, P. F. Michelson, T. D. Willis (Stanford), J. Chiang (CITA), D. L. Bertsch, C. E. Fichtel, R. C. Hartman, S. D. Hunter, D. J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), B. L. Dingus, J. A. Esposito, P. Sreekumar (USRA/GSFC), J. R. Mattox (CSC/GSFC), G. Kanbach, H. A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny (MPE), D. A. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney), E. Schneid (Grumman)
4.10 EGRET Observations of the Region with Galactic Latitudes to the South of $\bf b = -30^\circ$
Y.C. Lin, P.F. Michelson, P.L. Nolan (Stanford), D.L. Bertsch, C.E. Fichtel, R.C. Hartman, S.D. Hunter, D.J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), B.L. Dingus, J.A. Esposito, P. Sreekumar (USRA/GSFC), G. Kanbach, H.A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny (MPE), E.J. Schneid (Grumman), D.A. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney), J.R. Mattox (CSC/GSFC)
4.11 Gamma-rays from the Perseus Molecular Cloud Complex
B-G Andersson, W.D. Langer & S.D. Hunter (JPL, JPL, GSFC)
4.12 High Resolution Phase Resolved Spectroscopy of the Crab
L. Bartlett, S. D. Barthelmy, N. Gehrels, M. Leventhal, B. J. Teegarden, and J. Tueller (NASA/GSFC)
4.13 Is the High Energy Radiation From Cen A and 3C273 Scattered Jet Radiation?
J. G. Skibo and C. D. Dermer (Naval Research Laboratory)
4.14 EUV and Soft X-ray Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Sources
K. Hurley, P. Li (UCB SSL), J. Laros (LANL), G. Fishman, C. Kouveliotou (NASA-MSFC)
4.15 Is the Detection of a Gravitational Echo from a Gamma-Ray Burst Likely?
S.A.Grossman, M.Nowak (CITA)
4.16 Results from the Search for the Counterparts of $\gamma$-Ray Bursts Conducted at New Mexico State University
T. E. Harrison, B. J. McNamara, \& C. L. Williams (NMSU)
4.17 Radio Transients from Gamma-Ray Bursters
James E. Rhoads and Bohdan Paczy\'nski (Princeton University)
4.18 Physical Processes In Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters
M. Fatuzzo (U Michigan) and F. Melia (U Arizona)
4.19 Repetitive Gamma-Ray Bursts: Intruder Neutron Stars in Extra-Solar Oort Clouds
J. M. Shull (JILA/CASA) and S. A. Stern (SWRI)

Session 5: ROSAT Observations of Clusters and Groups

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

5.01 An X-ray Mosaic of the Centaurus Cluster
M.P. Kowalski (NRL)
5.02 ROSAT Observations of Compact Groups of Galaxies
R.A. Pildis, J.N. Bregman, A.E. Evrard (U. Michigan)
5.03 ROSAT Observations of Distant Clusters of Galaxies
M. E. Donahue (STSCI), K. A. Arnaud (GSFC), J. T. Stocke (CU-CASA), S. L. Morris (DAO), I. M. Gioia (IFA, HI)
5.04 ROSAT Observations of Two Compact Groups of Galaxies
John F. Wallin (GMU/CSI), Michael P. Kowalski (NRL)
5.05 Missing abstract
5.06 X-Ray Multimodality in A2151
Christina M. Bird (Univ.\ Kansas), David S.\ Davis (Univ.\ Maryland \& Goddard Space Flight Center), Timothy C. Beers (Michigan State Univ.)

Session 6: Miscellaneous

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

6.01 Equilibrium States of the Pregalactic Gas
P. Rosenzweig, A. Parravano, and M. Ib\'a\~nez (Universidad de Los Andes, M\'erida-Venezuela)
6.02 Comparison of the Radio/Optical Reference Frames
J.L. Russell (ARC/NRL), A.L. Fey (NRL), K.J. Johnston (USNO), N. Zacharias (USRA/USNO), C. de Vegt (Hamburger Sternwarte)
6.03 Missing abstract
6.04 N-body Simulations on a Massively Parallel Computer
Kevin M. Olson and John E. Dorband (NASA Center for Computational Science, NASA/Goddard)
6.05 A List of Astronomical Meetings Available via Mosaic
E. Bryson (CFHT), D. A. Simons (CFHT/Univ. of Hawaii), D. Crabtree (DAO/CADC)
6.06 Veritas in Duo Sigma--Look at All Those Sources!
D.J. Helfand, E.C. Moran, and B. Oppenheimer (Columbia U.), R.H. Becker (UC Davis and LLNL), R.L. White (STScI)
6.07 Modernizing the OSO-8 High-Energy Celestial X-ray Data Set
E. Kemper (Hughes STX), J. Dolan (LASP, NASA/GSFC)
6.08 A Low Cost Approach to EUVE Spacecraft Operations: The Future in Astrophysical Satellite Operations?
D.Biroscak, P.Ringrose, M.Samuel, G.Wong, L.Wong, J.Din, F.Kronberg, D.Meriwether (CEA/UCB)

Session 7: Solar Activity

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

7.01 Integrated Forces on Slender Magnetic Flux Loops with Twisted Field Lines
David A. Garren, James Chen (Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory)
7.02 Three Dimensional MHD Simulations of Magnetic Flux Injection into the Solar Corona
Peter J. Cargill, James Chen (Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory), Dan Spicer, Steve Zalesak (NASA/GSFC)
7.03 Yohkoh Bragg Crystal Spectrometer Observations of Flare Plasma Dynamics
J.T.Mariska (NRL)
7.04 The Moments of Ca-XIX Flare Spectra as Model Discriminators
E. Newton, A.G. Emslie (UAH), J. Mariska (NRL)
7.05 Are There Optical Proxies for Solar Flare X-ray Emission?
K.A.Blais (U. Hawaii/IFA)
7.06 VLA Observations of a High Coronal Flare
J.P. Raulin, N. Gopalswamy, M.R. Kundu (University of Maryland), N. Nitta (Lockheed Palo Alto Research Lab)

Session 8: Solar Observations and Instrumentation

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

8.01 The Spartan 201 Ultraviolet Coronal Spectrometer
L.D. Gardner, J.L. Kohl, L. Strachan, D.M. Hassler (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
8.02 Coronal Density Estimates from the Spartan 201 White Light Coronagraph Experiment
M. Guhathakurta (USRA) and R. R. Fisher (NASA)
8.03 On The Interpretation Of Oxygen Line Emission In Comets And In SN 1987A
S. O. Kastner (MSC., Inc) and A.K Bhatia (NASA/GSFC)
8.04 A High-Resolution Solar Spectrum in the EUVE Bandpass
Roger J. Thomas (NASA/GSFC), Joseph M. Davila (NASA/GSFC)
8.05 Results from the First Flight of the High Energy Imaging Device (HEIDI) Balloon Payload
C.J. Crannell, B.R. Dennis, C.C. Gaither III, C.N. Hartman, L.E. Orwig (NASA/GSFC), F.L. Lang, R. Starr (CUA and NASA/GSFC), E.J. Schmahl (UMd and NASA/GSFC), M.E. Greene, H. Tan (Auburn U), G.J. Hurford (Caltech), W.N. Johnson (NRL)
8.06 Comparison of Deconvolution Methods for HESP and HEIDI X-Ray Images
E.J. Schmahl (UMD/GSFC) and B.R. Dennis (GSFC) (University of Maryland and NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)
8.07 An Optical Method for Quantitatively Characterizing Rotating Modulation Collimators (RMC)
C.C. Gaither III, C.N. Hartman, B.R. Dennis, C.J. Crannell, L.E. Orwig (NASA/GSFC), G. Hurford (Caltech), F.L. Lang, R. Starr (CUA and NASA/GSFC), E.J. Schmahl (UMd and NASA/GSFC)
8.08 Analyzing the Skylab Solar X-ray Images in Digitized Form with Image Enhancement and Quasi-stereoscopic Techniques
D.A.Batchelor (Space Physics Data Facility, NASA/GSFC)
8.09 The Precision Solar Photometric Telescope Project
J.R. Kuhn, R. Coulter (NSO/SP)

Session 9: Solar System

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

9.01 Search For Proto-Planetary System Candidates
James E. Neff (Penn State), Kwang-Ping Cheng, Fred Bruhweiler (Catholic U.)
9.02 BVRI Photometry of Helene(SXII), Telesto(SXIII), and Calypso(SXIV)
D.Pascu, J.R.Rohde (U.S. Naval Observatory)
9.03 Dynamically Excited Rotational States of Comets
Nalin H. Samarasinha (NOAO)
9.04 Groundbased Observations of the Sun's Corona Following the Perihelia of Sungrazing Comets
O.C. St.Cyr (ATSC, NASA-Goddard, Code 682/SOHO, Greenbelt, MD 20771), R.C. Altrock (Phillips Lab [AFMC])

Session 10: South Polar and Lunar Telescopes

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

10.01 Advanced Technology Lunar Telescopes I. Overview and Progress Report On Ultra-Lightweight Optics
P.C. Chen, R.E. Pitts (CSC), R.J. Oliversen, J.D. Stolarik, K. Segal (NASA/GSFC), T.L. Wilson (NASA/JSC), E.I. Lin (JPL), J.R. Hull (ANL), R. Romeo (CMA), H. Hojaji (CUA), K.B. Ma, Q.Y. Chen, W.K. Chu, C.W. Chu (UH)
10.02 Advanced Technology Lunar Telescopes II. High Temperature Superconductor Bearings
K.B. Ma, Q.Y. Chen, W.K. Chu, C.W. Chu (UH), R.J. Oliversen (NASA/GSFC), H. Hojaji (CUA), R.E. Pitts, P.C. Chen (CSC)
10.03 Advanced Technology Lunar Telescopes III. Radiation Resistant Detectors
L.J. Payne, R.A. Kimble, A.M. Smith, J.P. Haas, C.C. Sturgell,Jr (NASA/GSFC), R.E. Wentink, J. Carbone (CIDTEC), P.C. Chen (CSC)
10.04 The {\it Edison} Infrared Space Observatory: Design and Status
H. A. Thronson (Uwyo), T. G. Hawarden (JACH), A. J. Penny (RAL), J. K. Davies (ROE)
10.05 The Advanced Gamma-Ray Astronomy Telescope Experiment (AGATE): Space Instrumentation Beyond EGRET
R. Mukherjee, B.L. Dingus, J.A. Esposito (NASA/GSFC, USRA), D.L. Bertsch, R. Cuddapah, C.E. Fichtel, R.C. Hartman, S.D. Hunter, D.J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC)
10.06 SOPHOS -- SOuth Pole High-altitude ObServatory: Aperture Configuration and Imaging Performance
C.Burrows, R.L.White, P.Bely (STScI), H.Ford (JHU)
10.07 SOPHOS -- SOuth Pole High-altitude ObServatory: Site, Telescope, and Aerostat
P.Bely, R.Burg, J.Crocker (STScI), H.Ford (JHU), J.Tilly (Ball Aerospace)

Session 11: Gemini, Keck, Seeing

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

11.01 HIRES: The High Resolution Echelle Spectrometer on the Keck Telescope
Steven S. Vogt, Michael J. Keane (UCO/Lick Observatory)
11.02 The High Resolution Optical Spectrograph for the Southern Gemini Telescope
C. Pilachowski (NOAO/KPNO)
11.03 Optical Imagers and CCDs for the Gemini Telescopes
T. Boroson (NOAO/KPNO)
11.04 Numerical Simulations of Airflow at Gemini Telescope Sites
Richard Charles (San Diego Supercomputer Center), David S. De Young (KPNO/NOAO)
11.05 Adaptive Optics for the Gemini Telescopes
S. Ridgway (NOAO/KPNO)
11.06 Adaptive Optics System Design and Operation at Lick Observatory
S.S.Olivier, C.E.Max, K.Avicola, H.D.Bissinger, J.M.Brase, H.W.Friedman, D.T.Gavel, J.T. Salmon, and K.E.Waltjen (LLNL)
11.07 Statistics of the seeing coherence time on Mt Wilson
D. F. Buscher (USRA)
11.08 Missing abstract

Session 12: Absorption Lines in QSOs

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

12.01 Analysis of Far-UV High Excitation Line Emission Detected in the Gravitational Lens Q0957+561 with IUE-NEWSIPS
A.G. Michalitsianos, S.P. Maran, D. Kazanas, Y. Kondo (NASA/GSFC), F.C. Bruhweiler (Catholic U.), J. Nichols-Bohlin, M. de la Pena, T. Meylan, M. Perez, R. Thompson (IUE OBS-CSC)
Palle M\o ller ( European Space Agency, Space Telescope Science Institute), Stephen J. Warren ( Nuclear and Astrophysics, University of Oxford)
12.03 A Search for HI Absorption against Gravitational Lenses
P.M. McMahon, C. Moore, J.N. Hewitt (MIT), M.P. Rupen (NRAO), C. Carilli (Leiden University)
12.04 Optical and Radio Observations of 4C 39.29, a Radio Galaxy Behind the Cluster Abell 963
R. J. Lavery (ISU), F. N. Owen (NRAO), J. P. Henry (IfA-UH)
12.05 The HST/FOS Ultraviolet Absorption Spectrum of the QSO PG 1522+101
A. Diplas, R. D. Cohen, E. A. Beaver, E. M. Burbidge, V. T. Junkkarinen, and R. W. Lyons (CASS/UCSD)
H.W. Lee , R.D. Blandford (Caltech)
12.07 The Connection Between Galaxies and Quasar Absorption Lines
V. Sarajedini (Steward Observatory), B. Jannuzi, S. Kirhakos (IAS), R. Green (NOAO)

Session 13: HII Regions

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

13.01 The Kinematics of NGC$\thinspace$604
Hui Yang, Evan Skillman (UMn), You-Hua Chu (UIl), Roberto Terlevich (RGO)
13.02 High Resolution Radio Recombination Line Observations of Compact HII Regions: Kinematics of the Ionized Gas in the Core of Sgr B2
C. G. De Pree (UNC-CH), R. A. Gaume (NRL), M. J. Claussen (NRAO-VLA), W. M. Goss (NRAO-VLA)
13.03 High Resolution Far-Infrared Observations of RCW 122C
C.Y. Zhang (STScI), P.M. Harvey, B.J. Smith, C. Colome, J. DiFrancesco (UT Austin)
13.04 Ultraviolet Population Synthesis of 30 Dor
C. Robert and C. Leitherer (STScI), W.D. Vacca (UC-Berkeley), P.S. Conti (JILA)
Paul A. Scowen (Arizona State University), Deidre A. Hunter (Lowell Observatory), J. Jeff Hester (Arizona State University), Ed Shaya (University of Maryland), and the WF/PC IDT
13.06 VLA Spectral Line Observations of the HII Complex G34.3+0.2
A. L. Fey, R. A. Gaume (NRL), M. J. Claussen (NRAO)
13.07 The G34.3+0.2 Ultracompact Cometary HII Region: Evidence of Interaction with External Winds
R. A. Gaume (NRL), A. L. Fey (NRL), M. J Claussen (NRAO-AOC)
13.08 High Spatial Resolution Radio Recombination Line Observations of the Cometary Ultracompact HII Region G29.96-0.02
A.L. Afflerbach, E.B. Churchwell, P. Hofner (U. Wisconsin)

Session 14: Interstellar Dust and Extinction

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

14.01 The Abundant Elements in Interstellar Dust
U.J. Sofia, J. A. Cardelli, B. D. Savage (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
14.02 The Composition of Dust in H II Regions Resolved by IRAS: The Rosette Nebula
R.F. Shipman (University of Wyoming and Phillips Laboratory/GPOB), F.O. Clark (Phillips Laboratory/GPOB)
14.03 Solid Carbon Monoxide in the Serpens Dark Cloud
Jean E. Chiar (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Andy J. Adamson, Tom H. Kerr (University of Central Lancashire), Doug C. B.Whittet (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
14.04 Cooling, Sputtering, and Infrared Emission from Dust Grains in Fast Shocks
Scott M. Foster (University of Maryland, College Park), Eli Dwek (NASA/GSFC), John Raymond, Olaf Vancura (CfA)
14.05 Grain Processing in Interstellar Shocks
K.J.Borkowski (UMD), E.Dwek (NASA/GSFC)
14.06 Modeling Composite and Fluffy Grains: Angular Scattering Functions
M. J. Wolff, S. J. Gibson (Space Astronomy Lab, University of Wisconsin)
14.07 HD161056: A Test of Current Grain Models
L. He \& D. C. B. Whittet (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
14.08 The Origin of Variations in the $\lambda$2175 Bump
John S. Mathis (Astronomy, UW-Madison)
14.09 Ultraviolet Background Radiation
R.C.Henry, J.Murthy (JHU)
14.10 UV Interstellar Absorption Towards Gamma Velorum
Edward L. Fitzpatrick and Lyman Spitzer, Jr. (Princeton University Observatory)
14.11 UV Extinction to 10.8 $\mu m^{-1}$
P. Aannestad (ASU)
14.12 Pressurizing the Cold HI phase with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Molecules and Small Organic Dust Grains
Ralph S. Sutherland (JILA) \& J. M. Shull (CASA/JILA)
14.13 Ambipolar Diffusion and Polarized Thermal Emission from Dust
W.G. Roberge (Rensselaer) and S. Hanany (U.C. Berkeley)
14.14 X-Ray Heating of Interstellar Dust Grains
R. K. Smith (UW-Madison), E. Dwek (NASA/GSFC)
14.15 The Size Distribution of Interstellar Dust Particles as Determined from Polarization
Sang-Hee Kim (University of Toronto), P. G. Martin (CITA)
14.16 Time-dependent Models of Circumstellar Dust Shells
M. P. Egan (Phillips Laboratory - GPOB), C. M. Leung (Rensselaer), D. J. Coffin (MEI Technologies)

Session 15: Flare and Active Stars

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

15.01 EUVE Spectroscopic Observation of the 1992 July 15 Flare on AU Mic
M.J.Abbott (CEA/UCB), S.L.Cully (SSL,CEA/UCB), G.H.Fisher (SSL/UCB)
15.02 A CME Model for the 1992 July 15 AU Mic Flare Observed by EUVE
S.L. Cully, G.H. Fisher, O.H.W. Siegmund (Space Science Laboratory University of California, Berkeley)
15.03 Periodic X-ray Emission in Flare Stars: Resonant MHD Absorption?
D. J. Mullan and M. Johnson (Bartol)
15.04 On the Weakness of C I and O I Resonance Line Emission from the Chromosphere of $\alpha$~Ori.
K. Carpenter (LASP-NASA/GSFC), R. Robinson (CSC), P. Judge (HAO/NCAR), D. Ebbets (BASG), J. Brandt (UCO)
15.05 Measurements of Starspot Area and Temperature on II Pegasi
Douglas O'Neal (Penn State), James E. Neff (Penn State), Steven H. Saar (CfA)
15.06 Coronal Variability in the Extreme Ultraviolet
J.J.Drake, M.Mathioudakis (CEA/UCB), J.P.Pye (U. Leicester), A.Fruscione, S.Bowyer (CEA/UCB), P.W.Vedder (CEA/UCB, NASA), R.J.Patterer (CEA/UCB, GSFC)
15.07 The Structure of the Coronae of dMe and dM Stars
M. S. Giampapa (NSO/NOAO), J.H.M.M. Schmitt (MPE), T. A. Fleming (U. Arizona)
15.08 Acoustic Heating of Coronae in Inactive M Dwarfs
Q. Q. Cheng and D. J. Mullan (Bartol)

Session 16: Molecular Clouds

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

16.01 An IRAS Atlas of Dark Clouds
D.O.S. Wood (NRAO), P.C. Myers, H. Chen (CfA)
Daryl A. Swade (CSC/STScI)
16.03 Modelling of Dust Extinction through Dark Clouds: Small Scale Structure
D. Clemens (Boston U), C. Lada (CfA)
16.04 A multi component wavelet analysis of the B5 molecular cloud
W.D. Langer
16.05 Maps of 92 GHz Methyl Cyanide Emission in Orion-KL
D.J. Wilner, M.C.H. Wright, R.L. Plambeck (UCB)
16.06 Ammonia and methyl cyanide in hot cores
L. Olmi, R. Cesaroni, C.M. Walmsley (N.A.I.C. Arecibo Observatory, Osservatorio di Arcetri, MPIfR)
16.07 ROSAT PSPC Observations of MBM 40 and MBM 55
T.J. Hearty, J-.P. Caillault, L. Magnani (University of Georgia), J.H.M.M. Schmitt (MPE Garching), D.N. Burrows (Pennsylvania State University), W.T. Sanders (University of Wisconsin)
16.08 On the Relation Between Interstellar $\rm H_2O$ and $\rm H_3O^+$ Abundances
M. Opendak (U. Pennsylvania)
16.09 A Study of the Rosette Shock Front
T.A. Kuchar (Phillips Lab./GPOB)
16.10 Gas-Grain Chemical Evolution of Molecular Clouds In Large Radiation Fields
E.A. Bergin (FCRAO-UMass), W.D. Langer (JPL-Caltech), P.F. Goldsmith (NAIC-Cornell)
16.11 Far-IR Mapping of W3: Comparison of 145~$\mu$m [O~I] and 158~$\mu$m [C~II] Distributions
J.E. Howe (U. Maryland), D.T. Jaffe (U. Texas)
16.12 Far-infrared Polarimetry of M17
Jessie L. Dotson (University of Chicago)
16.13 Magnetic Fields in Bok Globules: CCD Polarimetry of CB4 and CB17
Brian D. Kane (Boston University), Dan P. Clemens (Boston University)
16.14 NH$_3$ Emission in the Perseus Molecular Cloud Complex
E. F. Ladd (IfA), P. C. Myers, A. A. Goodman (CfA)

Session 17: Stellar Spectroscopy and Photometry: Surveys and General results

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

17.01 High Precision Stellar Variability Data From A Mission To Detect Earth-Sized Planets
W. Borucki, D. Koch, E. Dunham (NASA/Ames), H. Reitsema (Ball Aerospace)
17.02 Far-Ultraviolet Stellar Photometry
E.G. Schmidt (NSF), G.R. Carruthers (NRL)
17.03 A Two-color (U,B) Survey of the Galactic Plane: The Search Continues
H.H.Lanning (CSC/STScI), M.Meakes (STScI)
17.04 A Study of 35 Herbig Ae/Be Objects in the UV, with Support from Optical and IR Datasets
J.M.S. Silvis (Catholic U.), F. Bruhweiler (Catholic U.)
17.05 A High Dispersion IUE Atlas of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae
M. F. Quigley (Catholic University of America)
17.06 Be Stars in Young Magellanic Cloud Clusters
W. J.\ Roberts (CSC at STScI), E.\ K.\ Grebel (ESO \& Universit\"at Bonn)
17.07 A Near Infrared Spectroscopic Survey of M Dwarfs
D. A. Simons (CFHT/Univ. of Hawaii), T. J. Henry (STScI), J. D. Kirkpatrick (Univ. of Texas)
17.08 Missing abstract
17.09 Newly Identified, Faint Dwarfs Near the Sun: Brown Dwarfs Masquerading as M Stars?
J.D.Kirkpatrick (U.Texas), T.J.Henry (STScI), D.A.Simons (U.Hawaii and CFHT)
17.10 Anchor Points for the MK System of Spectral Classification
R.F. Garrison (David Dunlap Observatory, University of Toronto)
17.11 Absolute Magnitudes and Distances of WCE Stars
K.R. Brownsberger, P.S. Conti (JILA)
17.12 Absolute Magnitudes and Colors of A--F Supergiants from Near Infrared Features
Donald J. Slowik, Deane M. Peterson (SUNY @Stony Brook)
17.13 The Ages of Southern Solar-Type Stars
Todd J. Henry (STScI), David R. Soderblom (STScI)
17.14 Lithium Among K Dwarfs of the Hyades
D.R. Soderblom (STScI)
17.15 Gradients in the Abundance of SiS in Obscured Carbon Stars
R. J. Boyle (Dickinson College), D. E. Jennings (NASA/Goddard SFC), J. J. Keady (LANL), K. L. Hirsch (Univ. of Tennessee), G. R. Wiedemann (ESO)
17.16 Implications of Initial Results from the EUVE Observatory for the FUSE EUV Spectrometer and a Possible EUVE Extended Mission
R.F.Malina, D.Finley (CEA/UCB), J. Warren (CEA,SSL/UCB), A.Fruscione, J.Edelstein (CEA/UCB), B.Haisch (CEA/UCB, Lockheed)

Session 18: Stellar Spectra: Individual Objects

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

18.01 Structure of $IRC+10^{\circ}216$ Deduced from IR $^{12}C^{16}O$ and $^{13}C^{16}O$ Vibrational-Rotational Spectral Line Shapes
P.V. Sada (NMSU), J.J. Keady (LANL), K.H. Hinkle (NOAO/KPNO)
18.02 Spatial Variations in the Mid-infrared Spectrum of IRC+10216
G.C. Sloan, M.P. Egan (Phillips Lab.), R.F. Shipman (Phillips Lab. and Wyoming)
18.03 HST Spectra of the Hubble-Sandage Variables in M31 and M33
18.04 EUV Emission from 17 Leporis
R. S. Polidan (NASA/GSFC), S. N. Shore (IUSB)
18.05 A Pre-Periastron UV Look and Estimate of the Mass Loss Rate of the Be Companion of PSR 1259-63
B. McCollum (CSC)
18.06 A GHRS/HST Spectral Atlas of Sirius-A
G.M. Wahlgren (CSC/GHRS), Se. Johansson (Univ. Lund), R.L. Kurucz (CfA), D.S. Leckrone (NASA/GSFC)
18.07 HST/GHRS Spectroscopy of the Hybrid Star Alpha Aquarii
A. K. Dupree, D. D. Sasselov, and S. R. Keener (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
18.08 HST/GHRS Studies of $\zeta$ Aurigae.\\ I. GHRS Observations of the 1993 Eclipse
Alexander Brown, Jeffrey L. Linsky, Philip D. Bennett, Graham M. Harper (JILA, U. of Colorado \& NIST), Robert Baade, Thomas Kirsch, Dieter Reimers (Hamburg University, Germany)
18.09 HST/GHRS Studies of $\zeta$ Aurigae\\ II. A Non-LTE Model Atmosphere Analysis of the B-Type Secondary
Philip D. Bennett, Alexander Brown, Jeffrey L. Linsky (JILA, U. Colorado \& NIST)
18.10 HST/GHRS Study of $\zeta$ Aurigae \\ III. The Ionization Structure of the Wind of $\zeta$~Aur A (K4 Ib)
Graham M. Harper, Philip D. Bennett, Alexander Brown, Jeffrey L. Linsky (JILA, U. Colorado \& NIST)

Session 19: Gas and Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

19.01 Near-Infrared Imaging of M51 and Triggering of Star Formation in the Spiral Arms
Robert A. Gruendl, Stuart N. Vogel, and Richard J. Rand (University of Maryland)
19.02 Submillimeter Observations of Neutral Carbon in M51
D.J. Benford, T.R. Hunter, J.B. Keene, D.C. Lis, T.G. Phillips, E. Serabyn (Caltech)
19.03 Radio Continuum Mapping of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 6946
Scott D.~Hyman (Sweet Briar College), Schuyler D.~Van Dyk (NRC/NRL), Kurt W.~Weiler (Naval Research Lab), Richard A.~Sramek (NRAO/VLA), Rachel E.~Virden (Sweet Briar College)
19.04 High Spatial Resolution Survey of Andromeda in CO J(1-0) with the Bell Labs 7m Telescope
G. Engargiola (U. Illinois), J. Bally (U. Colorado), A. A. Stark (SAO), R. Wilson (AT&T), G. Wright (AT&T)
19.05 CO Absorption In The Outer Galaxy: Abundant Cold Molecular Gas
R.J. Allen (ST ScI), J. Lequeux (Meudon), S. Guilloteau (IRAM)
19.06 Diffuse Ionized Gas in the Andromede Galaxy
R.A.M. Walterbos (NMSU), R. Braun (NFRA)
19.07 Fabry-Perot observations of extraplanar diffuse ionized gas in NGC~891
R.-J. Dettmar, R.J. Allen (STScI)
19.08 UIT Observations of the Halo of NGC 891
J. V. Brinkmann (Astronomy Department, University of Virginia), R. C. Bohlin (Space Telescope Science Institute), K.- P. Cheng (Goddard Space Flight Center), P. M. Hintzen (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), R. W. O'Connell (University of Virginia), M. S. Roberts (National Radio Astronomy Observatory), A. M. Smith, E. P. Smith, T. P. Stecher (Goddard Space Flight Center)
19.09 What is the Origin of the High-$z$ Gas in NGC 4631?
Richard J. Rand (Univ. of Maryland)
19.10 An H\,I Superbubble in NGC 1313
S. D. Ryder (University of Alabama), L. Staveley-Smith (ATNF)
19.11 VLA Observations of High--Velocity Clouds in NGC 5668
Eric Schulman, Joel N. Bregman (University of Michigan), Elias Brinks, Morton S. Roberts (NRAO)
19.12 The Gas Content of "Normal" Early-type Disk Galaxies
Antonio Algaze Beato (Univ. of Puerto Rico), Jo Ann Eder (NAIC)

Session 20: Mergers, Masers and Megamasers

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

20.01 Galaxy Pairs in Deep HST Images
20.02 The Local Merger Rate of Disk Galaxies
W.C. Keel, W. Wu (U. Alabama)
20.03 Remnants of Compact Group Type Mergers
M.L. Weil, L. Hernquist (University of California, Santa Cruz)
20.04 Gasdynamics and Star Formation in Satellite Galaxy Mergers
C. Mihos, L. Hernquist (UCSC)
20.05 Periodic Variations of the Water Vapor Maser Source in the Galaxy NGC 4258
Willem A. Baan (Arecibo Observatory), Aubrey D. Haschick (Haystack Observatory), Eric W. Peng (Princeton University)
20.06 Missing abstract

Session 21: Diffuse Galactic Emission

Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II (Crystal Gateway)

21.01 New Observations of the Far-Infrared Polarization of the Galactic Center Arc
M.W.Werner (JPL), M.Morris (UCLA), J.A.Davidson (NASA-Ames), J.LDotson,C.D.Dowell,R.Hildebrand,D.Schleuning (University of Chicago)
21.02 Far-IR Emission from the Arched Filaments Near the Galactic Center
J.A.Davidson (NASA/Ames and SETI Institute), M.Morris (Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of California, Los Angeles), P.M.Harvey, D.F.Lester, B.Smith (Dept. of Astronomy, University of Texas), M.W.Werner (JPL, California Institute of Technology)
21.03 High S/N Observations of Low-Ionization Gas Through the Galactic Halo
D. M. Meyer (Northwestern Univ.), K. C. Roth (STScI), B. D. Savage, L. Lu (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Bregman, J.N, Rosen, A. (U. Mich.)
21.05 The UV Sky Background as Observed by the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope
W. H. Waller (HSTX, NASA/GSFC), M. Marsh (HSTX, Loyola College), R. C. Bohlin (STScI), R. H. Cornett (HSTX, NASA/GSFC), W. B. Landsman (HSTX, NASA/GSFC), R. W. O'Connell (U. Virginia), A. M. Smith (NASA/GSFC), T. P. Stecher (NASA/GSFC)
21.06 ROSAT Galactic and Extragalactic X-ray Shadowing Experiments
Q. Daniel Wang (JILA/CASA/Univ. of Colorado)
21.07 A Deep Search for High Velocity Clouds Toward Quasars
E. M. Murphy (U. Virginia and NRAO), F. J. Lockman (NRAO), B. D. Savage (U. Wisconsin)

Session 22: ROSAT

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 10:15-11:45, Salon III (Crystal Gateway)

22.01 Missing abstract
22.02 Active and Passive Galaxies in ROSAT Deep Surveys
R. E. Griffiths (Johns Hopkins University)
22.03 Missing abstract

Session 23: Galaxies I

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 10:15-11:45, Salon IV (Crystal Gateway)

23.01 Observations of a Merger Sequence
J. E. Hibbard, J. H. van Gorkom (Columbia University)
23.02 Multi-Wavelength Study of Stellar and Gas Morphology in the Starburst Galaxy Maffei~2
R.L.Hurt, J.L.Turner (UCLA)
23.03 Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope Observations of M82
Gregory S. Hennessy (UVa)
23.04 The Spheroid of M33: Bulge or Halo?
Michael W. Regan, Stuart N. Vogel (UMd)
23.05 Observations of the CS $J = 1\rightarrow 0$ Line in Galaxies
T.A.D. Paglione, J.M. Jackson (Boston U.), S. Ishizuki (Tohoku U.)
23.06 Distribution of Star-Forming Sites in Barred Spiral Galaxies
A. C. Phillips (Lick Observatory)

Session 24: Star Clusters/General Relativity

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 10:15-11:45, Salon V (Crystal Gateway)

24.01 Non-Parametric Mass Modelling of Globular Clusters
K. Gebhardt, C. Pryor, T.B. Williams (Rutgers University), J. E. Hesser (DAO/HIA/NRC)
24.02 The centers of two very dense Globular Clusters
Brian Yanny (Inst for Adv Study), Puragra Guhathakurta (Princeton University), Donald P Schneider (Inst for Adv Study), John Bahcall (Inst for Adv Study)
24.03 The Long-Period Binary Frequency of the M67 Blue Stragglers and Binary-Binary Collisions
P.J.T. Leonard (LANL)
Irwin Shapiro (CfA), Steven Shapiro (MIT), Marc Gorenstein (Millipore Corp.)
24.05 Microlensing in the Gravitational Lens System 0414+0534: Prediction vs. Observations
Hans J. Witt (Princeton University Observatory), Shude Mao (Harvard CfA)
24.06 Missing abstract
24.07 Modelling Black Hole X-ray Power Spectra
Michael A. Nowak (CITA)

Session 25: Solar System and Heliosphere

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 10:15-11:45, Salon VI (Crystal Gateway)

25.01 Density Waves in the Oort Cloud
L.Marochnik, W.-H.Ip, A.Poezd (Computer Sciences Corporation) (Max-Planck) (Institute fuer Aeronomy, Moscow University)
25.02 Tidal disruption of comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9
James V. Scotti (U of Az)
25.03 HST Observations of Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 (1993e)
H.A. Weaver (STScI), P.D. Feldman (JHU), M.F. A'Hearn (U. Md), C. Arpigny (U. Liege), R.A. Brown (STScI), E.F. Helin (JPL), S.M. Larson (U. Az), D.H. Levy (U. Az), B.G. Marsden (CFA), K.J. Meech (U. Hawaii), K.S. Noll (STScI), J.V. Scotti (U. Az), Z. Sekanina (JPL), C.S. Shoemaker (NAU), E.M. Shoemaker (USGS), T.E. Smith (STScI), A.D. Storrs (STScI), D.K. Yeomans (JPL), B. Zellner (CSC/STScI)
25.04 Global Oscillation Amplitudes Excited by the Jupiter-Comet Collision
H. M. Van Horn (NSF), U. Lee (Univ. Rochester)
25.05 Radio Observations of Spatial and Temporal Variations in the Mesospheric Winds of Venus
David Buhl (Planetary Systems Branch, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), Jeffrey J. Goldstein (Laboratory for Astrophysics, National Air and Space Museum), Gordon Chin (Planetary Systems Branch, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
25.06 The Solar Cycle in the Extreme Ultraviolet
W D Pesnell (ARC), W R Hoegy (NASA/GSFC)
25.07 Missing abstract
25.08 Evolution of the Large Scale Structure of the Solar Corona, 1965-1992
R. R. Fisher (NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD 20771)
25.09 Changes in the Bolometric Contrast of Sunspots
G.A. Chapman, A.M. Cookson, J.J. Dobias (SFO/CSUN)

Session 26: Molecular Cloud Structure and Energetics

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 10:15-11:45, Crystal Forum (Crystal City Marriott)

26.01 Large Scale Structure, Kinematics, and Temperature Distribution of the Orion Ridge
J.J. Wiseman, P.T.P. Ho (CFA)
26.02 Linear Waves and Gravitational Instability in Molecular Cloud Filaments
C. S. Gehman, F. C. Adams, M. Fatuzzo, R. Watkins (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
26.03 Mapping Dust Extinction with Infrared Array Cameras: Method and Initial Results
Charles J. Lada (SAO), Elizabeth A. Lada (U.Maryland), D. P. Clemens (Boston Univ.), J. Bally (U. Colorado)
26.04 Missing abstract
26.05 CO Imaging of Molecular Clouds with Optical HII Regions
M.H. Heyer (FCRAO,UMass), J.Carpenter (FCRAO,UMass), E.F. Ladd (IfA,Hawaii)
26.06 Molecular and Atomic Gas in the NGC 6334 Star Forming Region
K. E. Kraemer (Boston University), J. M. Jackson (Boston University), A. Lane (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
26.07 Large Scale Observations of [CI] $^3$P$_1$ $\rightarrow$ $^3$P$_0$ in Photon\\ Dominated Regions
R. Plume, D. Jaffe, K. Tatematsu (U. Texas), J. Keene (Caltech)

Session 27: Celestial Visibility

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 10:15-11:45, Salons A/B (Crystal City Marriott)

27.01 Missing abstract
27.02 Missing abstract
27.03 Two Celestial Visibility Projects: 1) The Brightness of an Eclipsed Moon and 2) The Phase Anomaly of Venus
A. Mallama (HSTX)
27.04 Beyond Visibility: the "Crucifixion Eclipse" in the Context of Some Other Astronomical Events of the Times
C.M.Gaskell (U.Nebraska)
27.05 Missing abstract
27.06 Visual Observations of the Night Sky
A.R. Upgren (Van Vleck Obs.)
27.07 A Comprehensive Set of Equations for Celestial Visibility Calculations
Bradley E. Schaefer (NASA/GSFC)

Session 28: Invited Talk

Invited presentation, Wednesday, 12:00-12:50, Salons III/IV (Crystal Gateway)

28.01 Missing abstract

Session 29: Gamma Ray Astrophysics

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 2:15-3:45, Salon III (Crystal Gateway)

29.01 Breakthrough in Gamma-Ray Line Spectroscopy\hfil\break with COMPTEL
H. Bloemen$^2$, K. Bennett$^4$, R. Diehl$^1$, C. Dupraz$^2$, W. Hermsen$^2$,\break A. Iyudin$^1$, G. Lichti$^1$, D. Morris$^3$, J. Ryan$^3$, V. Sch\"onfelder$^1$, G. Stacy$^3$, A.W. Strong$^1$, C. de Vries$^2$, C. Winkler$^4$ (1. MPE Germany \ 2. SRON-Leiden The Netherlands \ 3. UNH \ 4. SSD/ESA The Netherlands)
29.02 GRIS: High Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy of Cyg X-1
J. Tueller, S. D. Barthelmy, N. Gehrels, B. J. Teegarden (NASA/GSFC), L. M. Bartlett and M. Leventhal (UMd at College Park)
29.03 Detection of reactivation of the SGR 1806-20
C.Kouveliotou (USRA, NASA/MSFC), G.J.Fishman, C.A.Meegan, J. Horack (NASA/MSFC),\break R. Preece, M. Briggs, W.S.Paciesas (UAH,NASA/MSFC)
29.04 Schema for Explanation of GRB Duration and Hardness\break Distributions
J.P.Norris (NSFC/GSFC), R.J.Nemiroff (GMU/GSFC), C.Kouveliotou (USRA/MSFC), G.J.Fishman, C.A.Meegan (NASA/MSFC), W.S.\break Paciesas (UAH/MSFC)
29.05 COMPTEL Gamma-Ray Observations of X-Ray Binaries
M.L. McConnell, D. Forrest, J. Ryan (UNH), W. Collmar, V. Sch\"onfelder, H. Steinle, A. Strong (MPE), R. van Dijk, W. Hermsen (SRON-Leiden), K. Bennett (SSD/ESA)
29.06 A First Determination of the Intergalactic IR from the MK421 Gamma- ray Spectrum
F. W. Stecker (NASA/GSFC), O. C. De Jager (Potchefstroom U.) and M. H. Salamon (Univ. of Utah)
29.07 OSSE Observations of Galactic Positronium Continuum
R.L.~Kinzer (NRL), J.~Tueller (NASA/GSFC), W.R.~Purcell (Northwestern Univ.), W.N.~Johnson, J.D.~Kurfess, M.S.~Strickman (NRL), G.~Jung (USRA), M.P.~Ulmer (Northwestern Univ.)
29.08 OSSE Observations of Diffuse Galactic Continuum Radiation
W.R.~Purcell, D.A.~Grabelsky, M.P.~Ulmer (Northwestern Univ.), J.G.~Skibo (NRL/NRC), W.N.~Johnson, R.L.~Kinzer, J.D.~Kurfess, M.S.~Strickman (NRL), G.~Jung (USRA)
29.09 A Search for Gamma-Ray Transients in the Galactic Center Region with OSSE
D.A. Grabelsky, S.M. Matz, W.R. Purcell, M.P. Ulmer (Northwestern University), W.N. Johnson, R.L. Kinzer, J.D. Kurfess, M.S. Strickman (Naval Research Lab), G.V. Jung (USRA)

Session 30: Seyfert Galaxies

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 2:15-3:45, Salon IV (Crystal Gateway)

30.01 Thermal Comptonization Model for the High Energy Emission of Seyfert Active Galactic Nuclei
Charles D. Dermer (NRL)
30.02 Stellar and Gaseous Kinematics in the Narrow Line Region of Seyfert Galaxies
Charles H. Nelson, Mark Whittle (U. Va.)
30.03 Seyfert Galaxy Fe K$\alpha$ Lines and the Weakening Accretion Disk Connection
K. A. Weaver (Penn State U., U. of Maryland, NASA/GSFC)
30.04 Analysis of Infrared Fe II Lines in NGC 4151
Rodger I. Thompson (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona)
30.05 Sub-Arcsecond JHK Imaging of the Seyfert~1 Galaxy NGC~7469
L.E. Tacconi-Garman, A. Eckart, R.Genzel (Max-Planck-Institut f\"ur extraterrestrische Physik (MPE)), A. Sternberg (University of Tel Aviv)
30.06 High-Speed Ultraviolet Monitoring in NGC 4151
R. Edelson (University of Iowa), D. M. Crenshaw (CSC--NASA/GSFC), B. M. Peterson (Ohio State), J. Clavel (ISO Observatory, ESTEC), D. Alloin (Observatoire de Paris), K. Horne, K. T. Korista (STScI), G. A. Kriss, J. H. Krolik (Johns Hopkins University), M. A. Malkan (U.C.L.A.), H. Netzer (Wise Observatory, Tel Aviv), P. T. O'Brien (Oxford University), S. Penton, J. M. Shull (University of Colorado), G. A. Reichert (USRA--NASA/GSFC), P. M. Rodriguez-Pascual, W. Wamsteker (European Space Agency, IUE Observatory, Madrid), M.-H. Ulrich (ESO, Garching), R. Warwick (University of Leicester), et al.
30.07 BIMA Observations of HCN in NGC 1068
Tamara T. Helfer, Leo Blitz (UMD), and Eug\`ene de Geus (Caltech)

Session 31: Supernovae

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 2:15-3:45, Salon V (Crystal Gateway)

31.01 The Structure and Evolution of the Circumstellar Ring Around SN1987A
P.Plait (U.Virginia), P.Lundqvist (Stockholm Observatory), R.Chevalier (U.Virginia), R.P.Kirshner (Center for Astrophysics)
31.02 Theoretical Models of Type II Supernova SN1993J
J.J.L.Hsu (UC Berkeley), Ph.Podsiadlowski (U Cambridge), P.C.Joss (MIT), R.R.Ross (Holy Cross)
31.03 Missing abstract
31.04 VLBI Observations of Supernova 1993J in M81
M. Rupen, J. Conway (NRAO), N. Bartel, M. Bietenholz (York U.), T. Beasley, R. Sramek, J. Romney (NRAO), M. Titus (Haystack), D. Graham (MPIfR), V. Altunin, D. Jones (JPL), A. Rius (IAG), T. Venturi (IRA-Bologna), G. Umana (IRA-Noto), R. Francis, M. McCall, M. Richer, C. Stevenson (York U.), K. Weiler, S. Van Dyk (NRL), N. Panagia (STScI), W. Cannon (ISTS), J. Popelar (EMR), R. Davis (NRAL)
31.05 Hard X-Rays From Supernova 1993J
M.D. Leising, D.D. Clayton, L.-S. The (Clemson), J.E. Grove, W.N. Johnson, R.L. Kinzer, J.D. Kurfess, M.S. Strickman (NRL), D.A. Grabelsky, W.R. Purcell, M.P. Ulmer (Northwestern), G.V. Jung (USRA)
31.06 The Cal\'an/Tololo Supernova Search
J.\ Maza (Univ.\ Chile), M.\ Hamuy, N.\ B.\ Suntzeff, M.\ M.\ Phillips, R.\ Avil\'es (CTIO)
31.07 A Hubble Diagram of Distant Type Ia Supernovae
M.~Hamuy, M.M.~Phillips, N.B.~Suntzeff, R.~Avil\'es (CTIO), J.~Maza (Univ.Chile)
31.08 The Peak Brightness of SN1937C in IC4182 and the Hubble Constant
Bradley E. Schaefer (NASA/GSFC)

Session 32: Circumstellar Environments

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 2:15-3:45, Salon VI (Crystal Gateway)

32.01 Infrared Observations of $\beta$ Pictoris Analogs
S.B. Fajardo-Acosta (SUNY Stony Brook), R.F. Knacke (Penn State Erie), C.M. Telesco (NASA MSFC)
32.02 Photoevaporating Stellar Envelopes Observed with Rayleigh Beacon Adaptive Optics
P. R. McCullough (Astronomy Depts., UC Berkeley and UI Urbana-Champaign), R. Q. Fugate, B. L. Ellerbroek, C. H. Higgins, J. C. Christou (Starfire Optical Range, Phillips Laboratory), J. M. Spinhirne (Rockwell Power Systems), J. F. Moroney (Adaptive Optics Associates; and Psychology Dept., Carnegie Mellon University), R. A. Cleis (the Optical Sciences Company; and Rockwell Power Systems)
32.03 High Resolution Study of the Circumstellar Physical and Chemical Environments of Nearby Young Stellar Objects
J.P. McMullin and L.G. Mundy (University of Maryland)
32.04 The Radio Continuum from Classical T Tauri Stars
S.M. White, L.G. Mundy and A.W. Grossman (Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland)
32.05 Numerical Simulations of Accretion Disks
R. Drimmel (University of Florida)
32.06 A Non-LTE Model for the Origin of the CO First Overtone Band Emission in Young Stellar Objects.
P. N. Safier (UC Berkeley), S. Martin, A. K\"onigl (U. Chicago)

Session 33: Galaxies II

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 2:15-3:45, Crystal Forum (Crystal City Marriott)

33.01 Radio Spectra and Star Formation Histories in HII Galaxies
Hans-J\"org Deeg (Univ. of New Mexico/NRAO)
33.02 A Survey of a Complete Sample of HII Galaxies to Detect HI Companions
C.L.Taylor (University of Minnesota)
33.03 The Distribution of Dark Matter in the Halo of M87
Benoit Tremblay and David Merritt (Rutgers University)
33.04 The Surface Brightness of the Cores of Elliptical Galaxies from Hubble Space Telescope High Resolution Imaging
L.Ferrarese, H.C.Ford (JHU, STScI), W.Jaffe, F. van den Bosch (Leiden Observatory), R.W.O'Connell (University of Virginia)
33.05 The Nuclear Regions of NGC 3311 and NGC 7768 Imaged with the {\it HST} Planetary Camera
C. J. Grillmair, S. M. Faber (UCO/Lick Observatory), T. R. Lauer (KPNO/NOAO)
33.06 Dynamics of Polar Rings in Oblate and Triaxial Potentials
Linda S. Sparke (Astronomy, UW-Madison), Magda Arnaboldi (MSSSO, Australia)
33.07 A Four-Image Gravitational Lens in MG0751+2716
J.~Leh\'ar, R.G.~McMahon, M.~Irwin (IoA, University of Cambridge), S.R.~Conner, B.F~Burke (MIT, Cambridge MA)

Session 34: HAD

Oral presentation, Wednesday, 2:15-3:45, Salons A/B (Crystal City Marriott)

34.01 George Ellery Hale, Ernest Fox Nichols, and Radiometry at the Yerkes Observatory
R.S.Brashear (Huntington Library)
34.02 Walter Baade and the Southern Hemisphere
D.E.Osterbrock (UCO/Lick Obs, UCSC)

Session 35: Invited Talk

Invited presentation, Wednesday, 4:00-5:30, Salons III/IV (Crystal Gateway)

35.01 The Violent Universe: New Results from the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
Neil Gehrels (NASA/GSFC)
35.02 Missing abstract