Monday Titles

Program overview


Session 3. Invited Talk

Invited, Monday, 8:30am - 9:20am, Ballroom I (Tucson Convention Center)

3.01 Type II Supernova Explosions
W. Benz (Steward Observatory)

Session 4. Public Outreach

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

4.01 Father Secchi Goes to Washington
M. F. McCarthy, S.J. (Vatican Obs.)
4.02 Nativity and the Moon: Do Birthrates Depend on the Phase of the Moon?
D. B. Caton and P. A. Wheatley (Appalachian St. U.)
4.03 VOYAGE!, A Scale Model of the Solar System on the National Mall
J. O. Bennett (CASA/U. of Colorado), J. Schoemer and J. J. Goldstein (LfA/NASM/SI)
4.04 Astronomical Learning Centers from the Lake Afton Public Observatory
W. S. Kardel (Lake Afton Public Observatory)
4.05 Science On-Line --- Earth and Space Science for the Classroom
I. Hawkins, C. A. Christian, R. Battle, R. F. Malina and N. Craig (CEA/UCB)
4.06 A Hypertext Observational Astronomy Text
G. E. Miller and P. A. Ianna (STScI, U of Virginia)
4.07 How Does That Thing Work? Explaining the VLA to Non-Scientists
D. G. Finley (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)

Session 5. Education

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

5.01 Flight Opportunities for Science Teacher Enrichment
D. Koch (NASA Ames Research Center), E. DeVore (SETI Institute), C. Gillespie, Jr. (NASA Ames Research Center) and G. Hull (NASA Ames Research Center)
5.02 An Innovative Approach to Science Instruction
B. McNamara, C. Burnham and B. Bridges (NMSU)
5.03 Accommodating Diverse Learning Styles in Introductory Astronomy Courses for Non-science Majors
G. L. Deming (University of Maryland)
5.04 Some Computer Animations Used in Introductory Astronomy
S. J. Shawl (University of Kansas)
5.05 Simulation and Experimentation in a Laboratory Curriculum for Non-Scientists
F. P. Maloney, P. A. Maurone and M. J. Hones (Villanova U.)
5.06 SAO Summer Intern Program for Undergraduates
E. Bohlen, K. Dow, C. Jones and A. Prestwich (SAO)
5.07 Enhancement of K-12 and Undergraduate College Student Science Education Using Small Telescope Facilities
D. Bennum, M. Rodrigue, T. Colegrove, B. Martin, P. Rogers (UNR) and A. Schultz (CSC/STScI)
5.08 An Observational Astronomy Laboratory Using CCDs
P. A. Wehinger, S. Wyckoff and D. Matlaga (Physics-Astron. Dept., ASU)
5.09 A Computerized Lab Exercise In Spectral Classification from Project CLEA
L. A. Marschall, G. A. Snyder, M. B. Hayden, M. K. Luehrmann, P. R. Cooper and R. F. Good (Gettysburg College)
5.10 Imaging Optics Laboratory for Astronomy
R. J. Angione, J. E. Eriksen and R. W. Leach (SDSU)
5.11 AY105: An Optical Astronomy Instrumentation Lab Course at Caltech
J. K. McCarthy (Caltech)

Session 6. Positional Astronomy

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

6.01 Astrometric Calibration of UJ1.0
D. Monet, B. Canzian and A. Henden (U.S. Naval Observatory Flagstaff)
6.02 Object Classification in UJ1.0
B. Canzian, A. Henden and D. Monet (U.S. Naval Observatory Flagstaff)
6.03 Photometric Calibration of UJ1.0
A. Henden, D. Monet and B. Canzian (U.S. Naval Observatory Flagstaff)
6.04 The Construction of the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer at The Lowell Observatory, a Video Display
N. M. White (Lowell Observatory)
6.05 Progress in Speckle Interferometry at the U.S. Naval Observatory
M. E. Germain (USNO)
6.06 On the Interpretation of Digitized Photographic Images
J. Stock (CIDA - Merida, Venezuela), A. Morales (Van VLeck Obs.)
6.07 CCD Photometry of SN 1974G from Photographic Plates with a Kodak DCS200 Camera
V. Burkholder and E. D. Friel (MMO)
6.08 Analysis of a Centering Algorithm for Digitized Photographic Images
A. Morales, A. Upgren (Van Vleck Obs.), J. Stock (CIDA)
6.09 Spectroscopic Plate Measurement Capability Revived
R. A. J. Mielbrecht (UC Berkeley)
6.10 Comparative Astrometry with Kodak Type 4415 Tech Pan Film
P. A. Ianna and J. C. Martin (U of Virginia)

Session 7. Radiative Transfer and Opacities

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

7.01 Techniques for Calculating Radiative Levitation in Stellar Atmospheres
C. R. Proffitt (CSC/GSFC), T. Brage (NRC/GSFC) and G. M. Wahlgren (CSC/GSFC)
7.02 Radiative Transfer in Stochastic Atmospheres
Y. Gu (National Solar Observatory), C. Lindsey and J. T. Jefferies (Solar Physics Research Corp.)
7.03 The Resonance Contributions to Excitation Rates for Helium-like Ions
D. H. Sampson, H. L. Zhang (Penn State) and C. J. Fontes (LANL)
7.04 The Physics of Semiconvection and Implications for Horizontal Branch Evolution
S. A. Grossman (Northwestern University) and B. Chaboyer (CITA)
7.05 Opacity Calculations for 21 Element Mixtures
F. J. Rogers and C. A. Iglesias (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Session 8. Radio Surveys and Techniques

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

8.01 The STARE Project: A Search for Transient Astronomical Radio Emission
C. A. Katz, J. N. Hewitt, C. B. Moore and J. D. Ellithorpe (MIT)
8.02 The FIRST Survey: The Second Year
R. Becker
8.03 The First FIRST Source Catalog
D. J. Helfand (Columbia U.), R. H. Becker (U.C. Davis and IGPP/LLNL), R. L. White (STScI), Y. Fang (Columbia U.), R. G. McMahon (IOA, Cambridge) and M. L. Gregg (IGPP/LLNL)
8.04 Optical Counterparts of NVSS and FIRST Radio Sources on POSS I and II
R. A. Perley (NRAO) and G. Aldering (U Minn)
8.05 The Submillimeter Telescope Observatory: A Progress Report
R. N. Martin, J. G. Mangum, J. W. M. Baars, W. L. Peters and J. P. McMullin (SMTO)
8.06 Holographic Measurement and Setting of the Submillimeter Telescope Reflector Surface
W. L. Peters, J. G. Mangum, R. N. Martin, J. W. M. Baars and G. Narayanan (SMTO)
8.07 First Test Observations and Measured Parameters of the SMTO
J. W. M. Baars (SMTO), W. J. Altenhoff (MPIfR, Bonn), J. G. Mangum, R. N. Martin, J. P. McMullin and W. L. Peters (SMTO)
8.08 Automatic Synthesis Imaging with Difmap
T. J. Pearson, M. C. Shepherd, G. B. Taylor and S. T. Myers (Caltech)
8.09 The New AIPS Task FRMAP to Image Spectral Line Radio Sources from VLBI Data
L. R. Kogan (NRAO)

Session 9. HST Observing and Instruments

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)}

9.01 WWW Pages for the Hubble Space Telescope's Science Instruments
M. D. Lallo, S. M. Baggett, W. J. Hack, S. J. Hulbert, C. D. Keyes, J. W. MacKenty and L. E. Sherbert (STScI)
9.02 Observing with HST I: A New, Friendlier Proposal Submission System
D. Asson (STScI), A. Roman (STScI), M. Durkin (STScI), A. Krueger (STScI) and R. Lucas (STScI)
9.03 Observing with HST II: Program Coordinators and Liaison Scientists
G. Sleiman (STScI), A. Roman (STScI), D. C. Taylor (STScI), P. Stanley (STScI), W. Workman (CSC/STScI) and H. Lanning (CSC/STScI)
9.04 Observing with HST III: Improvements to Long Range Planning
G. Miller (STScI), D. McElroy (CSC/STScI), W. Kinzel (CSC/STScI), M. Shea (STScI), M. Reinhart (CSC/STScI) and S. Wissler (STScI)
9.05 Observing with HST IV: Proposal Status and Information
B. Blacker (STScI), R. Jackson (CSC/STScI), A. Roman (STScI), G. Sleiman (STScI) and A. Berman (CSC/STScI)
9.06 Observing with HST V: Improvements to the Scheduling of HST Parallel Observations
D. K. Taylor (CSC/STScI), D. VanOrsow (STScI), M. Lucks (STScI), R. Henry (STScI), K. Ratnatunga (JHU/STScI) and A. Patterson (CSC/STScI)
9.07 Improved Dark-Sky Restrictions for HST Observations
L. Petro, P. Bely, C. Burrows, D. Elkin, J. MacKenty, F. Paresce, A. Storrs (STScI), K. Ratnatunga (JHU) and R. Lyons (UCSD)
9.08 The Status of WFPC2 Calibration
J. T. Trauger (JPL), J. A. Holtzman (Lowell Observatory), J. J. Hester (ASU), C. J. Burrows (STScI) and W. Idt
9.09 Cosmic Rays In Multi-Orbit Images With The HST Wide Field Planetary Camera 2
B. E. Franklin and R. A. Windhorst (Arizona State University)
9.10 Theoretical Color Calibration for HST FOC Ultraviolet Filters
S. Yi (Yale), P. Demarque (Yale) and A. Oemler, Jr. (Yale)
9.11 Hubble Space Telescope Post-Servicing Mission Absolute and Relative Positional Stability Assessment
A. Bradley (AlliedSignal Aerospace Company)
9.12 Observational Capabilities of the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph
R. A. Kimble, C. W. Bowers, M. D. Brumfield (NASA/GSFC), A. C. Danks (Hughes STX/GSFC), J. F. Grady, S. R. Heap (NASA/GSFC), C. L. Joseph (U. of Wisconsin), M. E. Kaiser (JHU), S. B. Kraemer (CSC/GSFC), J. J. Loiacono and B. E. Woodgate (NASA/GSFC)
9.13 Parameters and Performance of the STIS Diffraction Gratings
C. W. Bowers, R. A. Boucarut, D. A. Content (NASA/GSFC), L. K. Huang (Hughes STX/GSFC), P. J. Kenny (NASA/GSFC), T. J. Madison (NASA/GSFC), B. Puc (Hughes STX/GSFC), T. A. Norton (Swales/GSFC), C. Rogers, C. Standley, F. Varosi (Hughes STX/GSFC), M. K. M. Yoo (Swales/GSFC) and G. A. Wright (NASA/GSFC)
9.14 The GSFC {\sl`Phoenix'\/} Advanced Camera for HST
E. S. Cheng (NASA/GSFC), S. Neff (NASA/GSFC), A. Smith (NASA/GSFC) and R. Windhorst (ASU)

Session 10. Remote Observing, Ground-Based Telescopes and Instruments, Space Instruments

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

10.01 Long-Distance Astronomy: The SARA 0.9-m Telescope at Kitt Peak
T. D. Oswalt, J. B. Rafert, J. A. Smith, M. A. Wood (Fl.Inst.Tech.), M. W. Castelaz, L. F. Collins, G. D. Henson, H. D. Powell (E.Tenn.St.U.), J. Caillault, L. A. Magnani, J. S. Shaw (U.Ga.), M. A. Leake, D. W. Marks, K. S. Rumstay (Valdosta St.U.), J. R. Webb and W. V. van Hamme (Fl.Int.U.)
10.02 The ARLT (Automatic Radio Linked Telescope), A Imaging Observatory
A. W. Neely (WNMU)
10.03 The Appalachian State University Dark Sky Observatory automatic photometric telescope project: a status report
W. C. Burns (Appalachian St. U.)
10.04 Sky Brightness and Acoustic Soundings, Mt.Evans Observatory
R. E. Stencel, M. A. Dahm, M. Jalakas, D. Klebe (U.Denver Obs.), G. Emerson (Emerson Enterprises), C. Butenhoff and R. D. Gehrz (Astronomy, U.Minnesota)
10.05 Shooting Images with VATT, the Fastest Telescope in the West
C. J. Corbally (Vatican Observatory) and S. C. West (Steward Observatory)
10.06 The Large Binocular Telescope Project
J. M. Hill (University of Arizona)
10.07 Procedures for Retrofitting CCDs to Small Telescopes --- Progress Report I
R. L. Hawkins (Whitin Observatory, Wellesley College)
10.08 Design of an echelle spectrograph without knobs
P. Ryan and J. R. P. Angel (Steward Observatory)
10.09 High Precision CCD Imaging Polarimetry
A. M. Magalh\~aes, C. V. Rodrigues, V. E. Margoniner, A. Pereyra (U. S\~ao Paulo), S. Heathcote (CTIO) and G. V. Coyne (Vatican Obs.)
10.10 High resolution near IR spectrometer for the diffuse interstellar medium
A. S. Kutyrev (GSFC/NRC), C. L. Bennet, S. H. Moseley (GSFC) and F. L. Roesler (UW-Madison)
10.11 Photometric Performance of the Wyoming Infrared Observatory Prime-focus, Near-infrared Camera
D. Barnaby, P. E. Johnson and E. J. Spillar (WIRO)
10.12 The Future of Infrared Space Astronomy in Europe and Japan
H. A. Thronson, Jr. (U. Wyo), T. G. Hawarden, J. K. Davies (JAC, Hawaii), A. J. Penny (RAL), A. Leger (IAS, Orsay, Fr) and T. Matsumoto (U. Nagoya)
10.13 Astronomy With the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) Satellite
S. Price (PL/GPOB), M. Cohen, R. Walker (UC Berkeley), J. Hackwell (Aerospace Corp.), R. Henry (JHU), M. Moshir (IPAC), L. Paxton (APL), E. Tedesco (MRC), R. Walker (JS\char38 E) and F. Witteborn (NASA/ARC)
10.14 Polarization Measurements with Compton Telescopes
A. Aky\"{u}z, T. J. O'Neill, D. Bhattacharya, D. D. Dixon, T. O. T\"{u}mer, R. S. White and A. D. Zych (UC Riverside)
10.15 Conceptual Design of a Fast Soft X-ray Stellar Polarimeter
H. L. Marshall (MIT)

Session 11. Novae

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

11.01 The Contribution of ONeMg Novae to the $^{26}$Al Production in the Galaxy
M. Politano (ASU) and U. Kolb (UCSC)
11.02 Spectroscopy and Photometry of Novae in Quiescence
R. M. Wagner (OSU), S. G. Starrfield, S. J. Austin and K. M. Vanlandingham (ASU)
11.03 The Ultraviolet Evolution of GQ Mus from 1986 to 1994
S. Starrfield (ASU), I. Idan (Technion), G. Shaviv (Technion), S. N. Shore (IUSB), J. Krautter (LSW) and G. Sonneborn (LASP/GSFC)
11.04 More Optical Spectroscopy of the X-ray Nova J0422+32
M. R. Garcia, P. Callanan, J. McClintock and P. Zhao (SAO)
11.05 The X-Ray and Optical Activity of the Low Mass X-Ray Binary Scorpius X-1
C. L. Williams, B. J. McNamara, T. E. Harrison (NMSU) and B. A. Harmon (MSFC)
11.06 Detection of 71-s Ultraviolet Line and Continuum Pulsations in DQ Herculis
B. Margon, A. Silber, S. F. Anderson (U. Wash) and R. A. Downes (STScI)
11.07 Optical Photometry of Nova Muscae 1991 (= GU Mus)
N. L. King, T. E. Harrison and B. J. McNamara (NMSU)
11.08 Statistical Properties of X-Ray Nova Light Curves
W. Chen, C. Shrader, J. Lochner (USRA/GSFC) and M. Livio (STScI)
11.09 The Effect of Irradiation on Primary Maxima and Secondary Flares in Black Hole X-Ray Novae
S. Kim, J. C. wheeler (University of Texas at Austin) and S. Mineshige (Kyoto University)
11.10 CGRO Observations of Nova Herculis 1991 and Nova Cygni 1992
C. R. Shrader (NASA/GSFC), S. G. Starrfield (ASU), J. W. Truran (UChicago), M. D. Leising (Clemson) and S. N. Shore (U. Indiana SB)

Session 12. Interstellar Medium

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

12.01 Photometric and Spectroscopic Observations of a Filamentary IR-Emitting Diffuse Interstellar Cloud near the LMC
J. Lauer and J. Aufrecht (Pomona College, Claremont, CA 91711)
12.02 Zinc and Chromium Abundances in Milky Way Interstellar Gas
R. J. Macke, K. R. Sembach and C. C. Steidel (MIT)
12.03 The {\it HST\/} GHRS Archive: Interstellar Zinc and Chromium
K. C. Roth and J. C. Blades (STScI)
12.04 Observations of Interstellar Argon with IMAPS
U. J. Sofia (NASA/GSFC/NRC), E. B. Jenkins (Princeton Univ. Obs.) and G. Sonneborn (NASA/GSFC)
12.05 IMAPS Observations of the ISM Toward Gamma Cassiopeiae
G. Sonneborn (NASA/GSFC), U. J. Sofia (NASA/GSFC, NRC) and E. B. Jenkins (Princeton Univ. Obs.)
12.06 Probing the Interstellar Medium Along the Lines of Sight to Supernovae 1994D and 1994I
L. C. Ho and A. V. Filippenko (U.C. Berkeley)
12.07 Wide-Field Optical Imaging of Interstellar Cirrus Clouds
R. M. Cutri (IPAC) and P. Guhathakurta (U.C.Santa Cruz)
12.08 The Diffuse Infrared Emission of the Galaxy: The First Octant
D. R. Ciardi (Wyoming Infrared Observatory) and R. W. Canterna (Wyoming Infrared Observatory)
12.09 Deep Fabry-Perot Observations of High Velocity Clouds
J. Bland-Hawthorn (Anglo-Australian Observatory)
12.10 A Sensitive Search for High-Velocity Galactic {\sc Hi}
E. M. Murphy (U. Virginia and NRAO), F. J. Lockman (NRAO) and B. D. Savage (U. Wisconsin)
12.11 Modeling the Distribution of Interstellar Scattering at Low Latitudes
D. R. Iyengar (Carleton College), T. Ghosh and C. J. Salter (NAIC)
12.12 Arcminute Resolution VLA Imaging of High Latitude HI
M. A. Holdaway, M. P. Rupen (NRAO), G. R. Knapp (Princton), S. West and W. B. Burton (Leiden)
12.13 The Collision Origin of Cohen's Stream
C. Tamanaha (UC Berkeley)
12.14 All-Sky Surveys in H I and X-ray Intensity in Simulations of the Interstellar Medium
A. Rosen and J. N. A. Bregman (U. Mich.)
12.15 X-Ray Morphology,Kinematics and Geometry of the Eridanus Soft X-Ray Enhancement
Z. Guo (The Pennsylvanian State University), D. N. Burrows (The Pennsylvanian State University), W. T. Sanders (University of Wisconsin - Madison), S. L. Snowden (NASA/GSFC) and B. E. Penprase (Claremont College)
12.16 Emission from the Local Galactic Halo in the 1/4 keV Band
M. Juda (SAO)
12.17 Modelling and Display of the Ultraviolet Sky
J. Daniels, R. Henry, J. Murthy, M. Allen (JHU), T. A. McGlynn and K. Scollick (NASA/GSFC)
12.18 Archival Voyager Observations of the Diffuse UV Background
M. Earl, J. Murthy, D. T. Hall, R. C. Henry (JHU) and J. B. Holberg (LPL)
12.19 The Hydrogen Ionization in the Local Interstellar Medium: Effects of New EUV Sources
K. -P. Cheng (California State University Fullerton), F. Bruhweiler (Catholic University of America) and Y. Kondo (NASA-GSFC/LASP)
12.20 Escape of Stellar Radiation from a Clumpy Scattering Environment
K. D. Gordon and A. N. Witt (U. of Toledo)

Session 13. Intergalactic Medium

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

13.01 Simulations of the Lyman-$\alpha$ Forest
A. Dobrzycki (SAO) and J. Bechtold (UofA)
13.02 Implications of Non-thermal Motions for Statistics of Lyman-alpha Forest Clouds
V. P. Kulkarni (STScI, U. Chicago) and S. M. Fall (STScI)
13.03 New Constraints on the Physical State of the IGM
Y. Fang and A. P. S. Crotts (Columbia U.)
13.04 Observations of the 21 cm Absorber PKS 1229--021
R. D. Cohen, E. A. Beaver, A. Diplas, V. T. Junkkarinen and R. W. Lyons (CASS/UCSD)
13.05 A HIRES Detection of Na I D Absorption in the Spectrum of the QSO PKS 2020$-$370 Due to the Galaxy Klemola 31A
V. T. Junkkarinen and T. A. Barlow (CASS/UCSD)

Session 14. Lyman Alpha Clouds

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

14.01 Evidence of Very Large, Quiescent Lyman Alpha Forest Clouds
C. B. Foltz (MMTO), N. Dinshaw, C. D. Impey (Steward Obs.), R. Weymann (OCIW) and S. Morris (DAO)
14.02 Common Lyman Alpha Absorption Toward the Quasar Pair 1343+2640AB: Evidence for Large and Quiescent Clouds
N. Dinshaw (SO), C. D. Impey (SO), C. B. Foltz (MMTO), R. J. Weymann (OCIW) and F. Chaffee (MMTO)
14.03 Looking for the Sources of Damped Ly $\alpha$ Absorption Lines in QSO Spectra
E. A. Beaver, E. M. Burbidge, R. D. Cohen, A. Diplas, V. T. Junkkarinen, R. W. Lyons and M. Loveland (CASS/UCSD)
14.04 Wavelet Transform Analysis of Ly$\alpha$ Forests
J. Pando and L. Fang (Univ. of Arizona)
14.05 A Simulation of Ly$\alpha$ Absorption Forests in Liner Approximation
L. Fang, H. Bi and J. Ge (Univ. of Arizona)

Session 15. Gamma Ray Bursts

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

15.01 Testing Extended Galactic Halo Models of GRBs With XTE-PCA
T. Strohmayer (USRA/GSFC)
15.02 CATSAT - A Small Student Satellite Project for Studying Gamma-Ray Bursts
D. Forrest, M. McConnell, J. Ryan, T. Vestrand (UNH) and A. Owens (Leicester)
15.03 Results from the First Two Years of the BATSE/COMP-TEL/NMSU $\gamma$-ray Burst Rapid Response Network
B. J. McNamara (NMSU), T. E. Harrison (NMSU), J. Ryan (UNH), R. M. Kippen (UNH), K. Bennett (ESTEC) and J. Greiner (Max-Planck-Institut)
15.04 Looking for the Counterparts of $\gamma$-ray Bursts in Catalogues of Astronomical Objects
T. E. Harrison, W. R. Webber, B. J. McNamara and A. Lopez (NMSU)
15.05 ROSAT Archival Searches for X-rays from Gamma Ray Bursts
N. Gehrels (NASA/GSFC)
15.06 Northern Sky Radio Wavelength Survey at 8.35 and 14.35 GHz
G. Langston (NRAO)
15.07 Connection between Pulse Asymmetry and Spectral Softening in Gamma-Ray Bursts
J. P. Norris (NASA/GSFC), R. J. Nemiroff (GMU,GSFC), J. T. \. Bonnell (USRA,GSFC), W. S. Paciesas (UAH,MSFC), C. Kouveliotou (USRA,MSFC), G. J. Fishman and C. A. Meegan (NASA/MSFC)
15.08 X-Ray Albedo Polarization and the Search for Polarization in BATSE Gamma-Ray Bursts
M. McConnell, D. Forrest and T. Vestrand (UNH)
15.09 The Application of the Network Synthesis Method to Repeating Classical Gamma-Ray Bursts
K. Hurley (UC Berkeley SSL), C. Kouveliotou, J. Fishman, C. Meegan (MSFC Huntsville AL), J. Laros (Univ. of Arizona, Dept. of Planetary Sciences, Tucson AZ) and R. Klebesadel (LANL, Los Alamos, NM)
15.10 High Resolution Gamma-ray Burst Spectra from Mars Observer
J. G. Laros, W. Boynton (U of AZ), A. Metzger (JPL), R. Starr and J. Trombka (GSFC)
15.11 Cyclotron Resonant Scattering in the Spectrum of GB870303
P. E. Freeman, D. Q. Lamb (U. Chicago), J. C. L. Wang (U. Maryland), I. Wasserman, E. E. Salpeter (Cornell U.), E. E. Fenimore (LANL), T. Murakami, J. Nishimura (ISAS), A. Yoshida (IPCR) and I. Kondo (SIT)
15.12 Are There Storage Rings, or Accelerators in the Sky?
H.D. Greyber (Potomac, MD)

Session 16. >100 GeV Gamma Ray Astronomy

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

16.01 Exploratory On-site Atmospheric Cherenkov Radiation Tests at Solar Two
T. O. T\"{u}mer (UC Riverside), R. Ong (UC Chicago), D. Bhattacharya (UC Riverside), C. E. Covault, D. D. Dixon (UC Riverside), D. Gregorich (UCLA), D. S. Hanna (McGill U.), D. Smith (Fermi Lab), S. Oser (UC Chicago) and A. D. Zych (UC Riverside)
16.02 Lowering the Gamma Ray Energy Threshold at Th\a'emis
D. A. Smith (LPNHE -- Universit\a'e de Paris VI-VII), P. Fleury (LPNHE -- Ecole Polytechnique), E. Par\a'e (LPNHE -- Ecole Polytechnique) and J. Quebert (LPT -- Universit\a'e de Bordeaux)
16.03 Design Ideas to Enhance the Energy Threshold, Muon Rejection and Energy Calibration of an Imaging VHE Gamma Ray Telescope
M. P. Kertzman (DePauw University) and G. H. Sembroski (Purdue University)
16.04 The MILAGRO Gamma Ray Observatory
A. Shoup, S. Barwick, P. Chumney, G. B. Yodh (U.C.Irvine), C. Y. Chang, M. L. Chen, C. Dion, J. A. Goodman (U.Maryland), D. Berley (U.Maryland, NSF), T. J. Haines, C. M. Hoffman, D. E. Nagle, V. D. Sandberg, G. Sanders, S. Schaller, D. H. White, D. M. Schmidt, C. Sinnis, S. Yellin (LANL), M. Cavalli-Sforza, D. Coyne, D. Dorfan, L. Kelley, S. Klein, R. Schnee, D. A. Williams, T. Yang (U.C. Santa Cruz), A. I. Mincer, P. Nemethy (New York U.), D. Bauer, D. Caldwell, A. Lu (U.C.Santa Barbara), T. J. O'Neill, O. T. Tumer, A. Zych (U.C. Riverside), S. J. Freedman, B. K. Fujikawa (U.C. Berkley), R. W. Ellsworth (George Mason U.), S. Biller (U.C. Irvine, U. Leeds), B. L. Dingus (Goddard S.F.C.) and H. S. Ahulwalia (U. New Mexico)
16.05 Search for One Second Bursts of TeV Gamma-rays
D. J. Fegan (University College, Dublin, Ireland for the Whipple Gamma Ray Collaboration)
16.06 Detection of the Crab Nebula By UV Imaging of TeV Gamma Ray Air Showers
M. Chantell (U of Arizona, for the Whipple Gamma Ray Collaboration)
16.07 THe Very High Resolution Whipple Gamma Ray Camera
J. Gaidos (Purdue University for the Whipple Gamma Ray Collaboration)
16.08 Upper Limits on TeV Gamma-Ray Emission from AGN's
J. Quinn (Whipple Observatory, for the Whipple Gamma Ray Collaboration)

Session 17. Macho Projects

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

17.01 A Search for MACHOs in the Galactic and M31 Halos
A. B. Tomaney and A. P. S. Crotts (Columbia University)
17.02 The MACHO Project: Microlensing Results towards the LMC
T. Axelrod, K. Freeman, B. Peterson, P. Quinn, A. Rodgers (MSSSO), R. Allsman (ANUSF), C. Alcock, K. Cook (LLNL), D. Bennett, S. Perlmutter (CfPA/UC Berkeley), K. Griest (CfPA/UCSD), S. Marshall, M. Pratt (CfPA/UCSB), C. Stubbs (CfPA/U Washington) and W. Sutherland (Oxford)
17.03 The MACHO Project: Microlensing Toward the Galactic Bulge
D. P. Bennett, S. Perlmutter (CfPA/UC Berkeley), C. Alcock, K. Cook (LLNL), R. Allsman (ANUSF), T. Axelrod, K. Freeman, B. Peterson, P. Quinn, A. Rodgers (MSSSO), K. Griest (CfPA/UCSD), M. Pratt, S. Marshall (CfPA/UCSB), C. Stubbs (CfPA/U Washington) and W. Sutherland (Oxford)
17.04 The MACHO Project: First Detection of the ``Parallax Effect" in Gravitational Microlensing
K. Cook, C. Alcock (LLNL), R. Allsman (ANUSF), T. Axelrod, K. Freeman, B. Peterson, P. Quinn, A. Rodgers (MSSSO), D. Bennett, S. Perlmutter (CfPA/UC Berkeley), K. Griest (CfPA/UCSD), S. Marshall, M. Pratt (CfPA/UCSB), C. Stubbs (CfPA/U Washington) and W. Sutherland (Oxford)
17.05 The MACHO Project: Independent Evidence of a Binary Lensing Event
S. Mao, R. Di Stefano (CfA), C. Alcock, K. Cook, S. Rhie (LLNL), R. Allsman (ANUSF), T. Axelrod, K. Freeman, B. Peterson, P. Quinn, A. Rodgers (MSSSO), D. Bennett, S. Perlmutter (CfPA/UC Berkeley), K. Griest (CfPA/UCSD), S. Marshall, M. Pratt (CfPA/UCSB), C. Stubbs (CfPA/U Washington) and W. Sutherland (Oxford)
17.06 The MACHO Project: Detection Efficiency of the Microlensing Search
M. Pratt, S. Marshall (CfPA/UCSB), C. Alcock, K. Cook (LLNL), R. Allsman (ANUSF), T. Axelrod, K. Freeman, B. Peterson, P. Quinn, A. Rodgers (MSSSO), D. Bennett, S. Perlmutter (CfPA/UC Berkeley), K. Griest (CfPA/UCSD), C. Stubbs (CfPA/U Washington) and W. Sutherland (Oxford)
17.07 The MACHO Project: Real Time Detection of Microlensing
C. Stubbs (CfPA/U Washington), C. Alcock, K. Cook (LLNL), R. Allsman (ANUSF), T. Axelrod, K. Freeman, B. Peterson, P. Quinn, A. Rodgers (MSSSO), D. Bennett, S. Perlmutter (CfPA/UC Berkeley), K. Griest (CfPA/UCSD), S. Marshall, M. Pratt (CfPA/UCSB) and W. Sutherland (Oxford)

Session 18. AGN Spectroscopy

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

18.01 UV Spectrum of the High Redshift QSO UM 670
R. W. Lyons, R. D. Cohen, F. W. Hamann, V. T. Junkkarinen, E. A. Beaver and E. M. Burbidge (UCSD/CASS)
18.02 I Zw 1: A Detailed Look at a Narrow Line Quasar with HST
A. Laor (Caltech), B. T. Jannuzi (IAS), T. A. Boroson (USGPO), R. F. Green and M. R. Corbin (KPNO)
18.03 Time Variability of the Associated MgII Absorption System in 3C\,205
T. Aldcroft, M. Elvis (SAO) and J. Bechtold (U. Arizona/Steward)
18.04 CO at $z=2.3$ in IRAS 10214+4724
S. J. E. Radford (NRAO), P. M. Solomon (SUNY Stony Brook) and D. Downes (IRAM)
18.05 SBS1426+606: A Bright z = 3.165 QSO with a z = 2.83 Damped Lyman $\alpha$ System
F. H. Chaffee (Observatory), J. A. Stepanian (Special Astrophysical Observatory), V. A. Chavushian (CByurakan Astrophysical Observatory), C. B. Foltz (Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory) and R. F. Green (National Optical Astronomy Observatories)
18.06 A Study of Damped Ly$\alpha$ Absorption Systems with the MMT Red Spectrograph
J. Saucedo and J. Bechtold (Steward Observatory)
18.07 Spectroscopy of the Double Quasars Q1343+266AB: The Size of Ly$\alpha$ Forest Clouds and The Origin of QSO C IV Absorption
A. P. S. Crotts (Columbia U.), J. Bechtold (U. Arizona, Steward Obs.), Y. Fang (Columbia U.) and R. C. Duncan (U. Texas at Austin)
18.08 Continuum and Emission-Line Variability of Markarian 509
T. E. Carone (UCB) and B. Peterson (Ohio State University)
18.09 Emission Lines and a Quasar's Spectral Energy Distribution
B. Wilkes, S. Mathur, J. McDowell and M. Elvis (SAO)
18.10 Kinematics of Extended Emission Line in Distant Radio Galaxies
P. J. McCarthy (OCIW) and S. A. Baum (STSCI)
18.11 H$\beta$ and [O III] $\lambda$5007 Profiles in Radio-loud Quasars
M. S. Brotherton (McDonald Observatory and Univ. of Texas at Austin)
18.12 The Origin of NIII {$\lambda$}990 and CIII {$\lambda$}977 Emission in NGC 1068
J. W. Ferguson and G. J. Ferland (University of Kentucky)
18.13 Keck HIRES Spectra of Three Broad Absorption-Line QSOs
T. A. Barlow and V. T. Junkkarinen (CASS/UCSD)
18.14 Infrared Spectroscopy of BAL QSOs
M. J. Rieke (Steward Observatory), F. H. Chaffee (Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory), R. J. Weymann (Carnegie Observatories) and C. B. Foltz (Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory)
18.15 The X-Ray Spectrum and Fe K$\alpha$ Line of 3C 390.3, as Observed by $ASCA$
M. Eracleous (STScI), J. P. Halpern (Columbia U.) and M. Livio (STScI)
18.16 New CO and CI Measurements of the Cloverleaf Quasar
R. Barvainis (MIT Haystack Obs.), L. Tacconi (MPI Garching), R. Antonucci (UCSB), D. Alloin (CNRS/Obs. Paris Meudon), P. Coleman (N.M. Mining and Tech.) and P. Maloney (JILA)
18.17 Compilation of Emission Line Equivalent Widths of QSO's and AGN's
E. Jones (Southwest Missouri State University) and J. McDowell (SAO)
18.18 The Variability of the Double-Peaked Balmer Lines in the Active Nucleus of NGC 1097
T. Storchi-Bergmann (IF-UFRGS), M. Eracleous, M. Livio, A. S. Wilson (STScI), A. V. Filippenko (U. C. Berkeley) and J. P. Halpern (Columbia U.)
18.19 Optical Spectroscopy of Candidate Radio Hot Spots
P. Martini (Temple U.) and W. C. Keel (U. Alabama)

Session 19. Multiwavelength AGN Studies

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

19.01 HST -- Ground-based Spectrophotometry of a Quasar Sample: Emission Line Profiles, Radio Emission, and Orientation?
B. J. Wills, M. S. Brotherton, D. Wills, K. L. Thompson (U.Tx at Austin), H. Netzer (Tel Aviv U.), J. A. Baldwin (CTIO), G. J. Ferland (U.Ky), R. F. Carswell (IOA) and M. Han (U.Wisconsin)
19.02 Search for QSOs behind Abell Clusters using Burrell Schmidt BVRI CCD Photometry
I. K. Horowitz (Idaho State University), J. W. Moody and E. Hintz (BYU)
19.03 Limits on the $z>4$ Quasar Luminosity Function at Faint Magnitudes
J. D. Smith, S. G. Djorgovski, D. Thompson (Caltech) and G. Meylan (ESO)
19.04 Maximum Likelihood Models for the X-ray Luminosity Function of Active Galactic Nuclei
D. A. Schwartz (SAO), R. M. Hively (Earlham College) and W. H. Tucker (SAO)
19.05 On the Extragalactic Content of the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer All-Sky Survey
A. Fruscione (CEA/UCB)
19.06 Luminosity Functions and Multiwavelength Correlations from the 12--Micron and CfA Seyfert Galaxy Samples
B. Rush and M. A. Malkan (UCLA)
19.07 Simultaneous Multiwavelength Observations of Gamma-Emitting Blazars
R. C. Hartman, D. L. Bertsch, C. E. Fichtel, S. D. Hunter, D. J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), J. A. Esposito, R. Mukherjee, P. Sreekumar (GSFC/USRA), C. von Montigny (GSFC/NRC), D. A. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney C.), P. F. Michelson, Y. C. Lin, P. L. Nolan, J. M. Fierro, T. D. Willis (Stanford U.), G. Kanbach, H. Mayer-Hasselwander, V. Sch\"{o}nfelder (MPE), J. D. Kurfess, W. N. Johnson (NRL), M. Kafatos (George Mason U.), A. P. Marscher, E. M. Moore, M. Georganopoulos (Boston U.), E. I. Robson (JAC), J. A. Stevens (U. Central Lancashire), W. K. Gear (Royal Obs. Edinburgh), I. M. McHardy (U. Southampton), H. Ter\"{a}sranta, M. Tornikoski (Metsahovi RRS), L. O. Takalo, A. S. \"{a} (Tuorla Obs.), A. C. Sadun (Agnes Scott C.), J. R. Webb (Florida Int. U.), M. F. Aller, H. D. Aller, P. A. Hughes (U.MI), A. D. Nair (U.FL), M. Malkan (UCLA), A. V. Filippenko (UC Berkeley), S. Wagner, A. Heines (Heidelberg), J. R. Mattox (U.MD/USRA), A. E. Wehrle (IPAC/Caltech) and A. Zook (Pomona C.)
19.08 A Multifrequency Study of Optically Quiet Quasars
R. I. Kollgaard, E. D. Feigelson, S. A. Laurent-Muehleisen (Penn State University), H. Spinrad, A. Dey (University of Calififornia) and W. Brinkmann (MPIfEP)

Session 20. AGN Environments

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

20.01 H$_2$O Megamasers as Probes of Molecular Gas in AGN's
J. A. Braatz (UMD), A. S. Wilson (UMD and STScI) and C. Henkel (MPIfR)
20.02 High Resolution Imaging of the Cold Circumnuclear ISM and the Discovery of a OH kilo-Maser in NGC 1068
J. F. Gallimore (STScI, U.Md., S. A. Baum, C. P. O'Dea (STScI), E. Brinks (NRAO, Socorro) and A. Pedlar (NRAL, Jodrell Bank)
20.03 Evaporation of Dusty Molecular Clouds in AGN
E. A. Pier (NASA/GSFC) and G. M. Voit (Johns Hopkins)
20.04 Exploring the Environs of Compact Symmetric Objects in the Nuclei of Galaxies and Quasars
G. B. Taylor, W. Xu, A. C. S. Readhead and T. J. Pearson (Caltech)
20.05 Periodic Mass Outflow From the Nucleus of M101: Knots, Bubbles, Geysers and Trailing Arms
P. W. A. Roming, J. W. Moody, M. D. Joner, E. G. Hintz (BYU), D. Geisler (CTIO), P. Durrell (McMaster U.), P. A. Scowen (ASU) and R. O. Jee (Weber State U.)
20.06 Kinematics of the Gaseous Disk Surrounding the Black Hole in M87
L. L. Dressel, R. H. Harms (Applied Research Corporation) and H. C. Ford (Johns Hopkins University)
20.07 Subarcsecond Structure in Nearby AGN
V. Gorjian and M. A. Malkan (UCLA)

Session 21. Cataclysmic Variables, Dwarf Novae

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

21.01 Analysis of EUVE Lightcurves of AM Her Systems
S. B. Howell (PSI) and M. M. Sirk (Center for EUV Astrophysics--UC Berkeley)
21.02 A Pre-Cataclysmic Variable
G. D. Schmidt, P. S. Smith, D. Harvey (Steward Obs.) and A. D. Grauer (Univ. Ark. Little Rock)
21.03 CCD Photometry of Palomar-Green Cataclysmic Variables
K. A. Misselt and A. W. Shafter (SDSU)
21.04 The Photometric Behavior of the Dwarf Nova UZ Boo in Outburst
M. T. Adams (Univ. of Texas)
21.05 SPH Accretion Disks in the Interacting Binary White Dwarfs
J. Simpson and M. A. Wood (Florida Institute of Technology)
21.06 Updated CCD Light Curves of V1974 Cyg, V1419 Aql, and V705 Cas
K. Hagemann (Wellesley C.) and P. Benson (Wellesley C., Bunting Inst., CfA)
21.07 Spectrally-resolved Accretion Disk Maps of the Dwarf Nova IP Peg During Outburst
C. A. Haswell (Columbia Univ.), R. Baptista (STScI) and G. Thomas (Columbia Univ.)
21.08 Magnetic Shearing Instablilities in Accretion Disks
D. B. Curran and E. Vishniac (The University of Texas)
21.09 Doppler Tomography of Accretion Regions in Algol Binaries
M. T. Richards, G. E. Albright and L. M. Bowles (University of Virginia)
21.10 The Peculiar Interacting Binary V644 Monocerotis
J. P. Aufdenberg (ASU/U. of Toledo)
21.11 GHRS and IUE Observations of the Symbiotic Binary CI Cygni
M. Jalakas, R. E. Stencel (U.Denver Obs.), K. G. Carpenter (LASP, NASA-Goddard) and R. D. Robinson (CSC)
21.12 X-Ray Absorption Dips in WZ Sagittae
H. R. Richman and J. Patterson (Columbia U.)
21.13 Gamma-Ray Emission from Cataclysmic Variables. II. The {\it Compton} COMPTEL Survey
P. Barrett, E. M. Schlegel (USRA), M. McConnell (UNH), O. C. De Jager (PU CHE) and G. Chanmugam (LSU)
21.14 An ASCA Observation of the Eclipsing Dwarf Nova HT Cas
K. Mukai, E. M. Schlegel (USRA, NASA/GSFC), J. H. Swank (NASA/GSFC), T. Naylor and J. H. Wood (Keele University)
21.15 Spectropolarimetry of Dwarf Novae in Outburst: First Results of a Survey
J. J. Johnson, N. E. B. Zellner, L. Griscom, J. Hanson, P. Mader, S. Pozdell, B. Ager, R. Banetzke, B. Chandra and G. Niesl (UW-Madison, Space Astronomy Laboratory)
21.16 Radial Emissivity Profiles of Cataclysmic Variable Accretion Disks
E. M. Schlegel, T. Hillwig and R. H. Kaitchuck
21.17 Soft X-Ray Spectra and Light Curves of Cataclysmic Variables
S. Holcomb, J. -P. Caillault (Univ. Georgia) and J. Patterson (Columbia Univ.)
21.18 Evidence for Magnetic Activity Induced Accretion PositionOscillations in the Eclipsing Polar DP Leo
C. R. Robinson (Penn State) and F. A. C\'ordova (NASA HQ)

Session 22. Galactic Structure; Galactic Center

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

22.01 Metallicity Gradient in the Disk of the Galaxy from $uvby$-$\beta$-Ca Photometry of F and G Supergiant Stars
J. M. Powell (Brigham Young University)
22.02 Deep CCD Field Surveys: Numbers of Very Low Mass Stars in the Halo and Disk
P. C. Boeshaar (Drew U.), T. Tyson (ATandT Bell Labs) and G. Bernstein (U. Michigan)
22.03 Preliminary Parallaxes for Southern Nearby Stars
P. A. Ianna, M. C. Begam and C. R. Mullis (U of Virginia)
22.04 Infrared Spectroscopy of Compact Galactic Plane Sources
R. A. Hermann (Willamette University), R. W. Canterna (University of Wyoming) and J. A. Hackwell (The Aerospace Corporation)
22.05 Spectroscopic Survey of Nearby M Dwarfs
J. Gizis, N. Reid (Caltech) and S. Hawley (MSU)
22.06 The Distance of the Sun from the Galactic Plane
R. M. Humphreys, J. A. Larsen (U Minn) and M. Cohen (Jamieson Sci.\char38\ Eng)
22.07 Inferring Spherical Mass Distributions Using the Projected Mass Estimator: Possibility or Pitfall?
J. W. Haller and F. Melia (Dept. of Physics and SO, U. of Arizona)
22.08 Survey of Planetary Nebulae in the Southern Galactic Bulge
S. F. Beaulieu, K. C. Freeman, M. A. Dopita and A. Kalnajs (MSSSO)
22.09 The Galactic Warp and Outer Spiral Pattern: Caused by the Magellanic Clouds?
J. C. Hallum (Mankato State U.) and G. G. Byrd (University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa)
22.10 A Search for Halo Triaxiality from the APS Catalog of POSS I
J. A. Larsen and R. M. Humphreys (University of Minnesota)
22.11 Discovery of Two Wolf-Rayet Stars Near the Galactic Center
D. F. Figer, I. S. McLean and M. Morris (UCLA)
22.12 The 16 - 45 microns Observations of the Galactic Center
K. W. Chan (UMd), H. Moseley (NASA/GSFC), S. Casey (Hughes/STX), R. Lowenstein (Yerkes.Obs), E. Dwek (NASA/GSFC) and W. Glaccum (ARC)
22.13 Far-Infrared Imaging of the Galactic Center with the GSFC Wide Field Camera aboard the NASA/Ames Learjet
S. C. Casey (Huges STX/GSFC/NASA), S. H. Moseley (GSFC/NASA), P. K. Shu (GSFC/NASA), M. F. Cagle (LaRC/NASA), J. Houston (GSFC/NASA), J. W. Travis (GSFC/NASA), A. W. Meyer (NSI Mantech/Ames/NASA) and K. W. Chan (UMd)
22.14 A Search for Sgr A* at 8.8$\mu$m
S. R. Stolovy (Cornell University), T. Hayward (Cornell University) and T. Herter (Cornell University)
22.15 A 22 GHz Maser near the Galactic Center
D. A. Levine (IPAC/UCLA), D. F. Figer (UCLA), M. Morris (UCLA) and I. S. McLean (UCLA)
22.16 A new Galactic Structure and Kinematic Model code: Comparisons to a few photometric and kinematic surveys
R. A. Mendez (Yale University Observatory)
22.17 Galactic Structure, Kinematics and Chemical Abundance from UBV Photometry and Absolute Proper Motions to B$\sim$22.5 Towards the South Galactic Pole
X. Guo (Yale Astronomy Department)
22.18 VLA OH Observations of High Negative Velocity Gas towards The Galactic Center
J. -H. Zhao (CfA), W. M. Goss (NRAO) and P. T. P. Ho (CfA)
22.19 A Search for Hard X-Ray Emission from Globular Clusters with BATSE
E. C. Ford, M. Tavani, P. Kaaret (Columbia University), B. A. Harmon (NASA/MSFC) and S. N. Zhang (USRA)
22.20 Photoionized C IV in a Galactic High Velocity Cloud Toward Markarian 509
K. R. Sembach (MIT), B. D. Savage (UW-Madison), L. Lu (Caltech) and E. Murphy (NRAO)

Session 23. Gravitational Lensing

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

23.01 The CLASS Gravitational Lens Survey : Survey Selection and Early Results for 3271 Radio Sources
C. D. Fassnacht, S. T. Myers, T. J. Pearson, A. C. Readhead (Caltech), I. W. A. Browne, P. N. Wilkinson (NRAL Jodrell Bank), N. Jackson, G. Miley (Leiden University), G. de Bruyn and R. Schilizzi (NFRA Dwingeloo)
23.02 Discovery of BAL Structure in the Gravitational Lens Candidate UM 425
R. J. Oliversen and S. P. Maran (NASA-GSFC)
23.03 The Mass Distribution of Abell 1689 from Gravitational Lensing
P. Fischer and T. Tyson (ATandT Bell Labs)
23.04 Spectroscopic Results of Gravitational Microlenses: Are These Dark Objects or Faint Stars?
C. L. Joseph, J. Gallagher (U. Wisconsin) and M. Phillips (CTIO)
23.05 A Survey of Dark Matter in Clusters: Calibration of Weak Gravitational Lens Tomographic Mapping
T. Tyson and P. Fischer (ATandT Bell Labs)
23.06 First Results from the CLASS Gravitational Lens Survey: Two New Compact Radio Lenses with Arc-Second Separations
S. T. Myers, C. D. Fassnacht, S. G. Djorgovski, G. Neugebauer, T. J. Pearson, A. C. Readhead (Caltech), I. W. A. Browne, P. N. Wilkinson, S. Nair (NRAL Jodrell Bank), N. Jackson, I. Snellen, G. Miley (Leiden University), G. de Bruyn and R. Schilizzi (NFRA Dwingeloo)

Session 24. The Distance Scale

Display, Monday, 9:20am - 6:30pm, Exhibit Hall A (Tucson Convention Center)

24.01 Cepheid Distances to the Sculptor Galaxies I. Discovery of Cepheids and the Distance to NGC 247
J. H. Catanzarite (Cypress Community College), W. L. Freedman (Carnegie Observatories), I. K. Horowitz (BYU) and B. F. Madore (NED/IPAC/JPL)
24.02 Limits on H$_0$ from the Distance of Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster
J. R. Mould (MSSSO), J. P. Huchra (CfA), A. Saha (STScI), D. Kelson, G. D. Illingworth (UCSC), W. L. Freedman, R. Hill (OCIW), L. Ferrarese, H. C. Ford (JHU), J. A. Graham (DTM), J. G. Hoessel, M. Han (U. Wisconsin), R. C. Kennicutt, A. Turner, F. Bresolin, P. Harding (U. Arizona), P. B. Stetson (DAO), B. Madore, N. Silbermann (IPAC) and S. Hughes (RGO)
24.03 A New Distance to the Virgo Cluster Galaxy M100 Using the Hubble Space Telescope
L. Ferrarese (JHU,STSCI), R. Hill (OCIW), W. L. Freedman (OCIW), B. F. Madore (IPAC), J. R. Mould (MSSSO), R. C. Kennicutt (U.Arizona), A. Saha (STSCI), P. B. Stetson (DAO/HIA/NRC), J. A. Graham (CIW), H. C. Ford (STSCI,JHU), J. G. Hoessel (U.Wisc.), J. Huchra (Harvard,CfA), S. M. Hughes (GRO) and G. D. Illingworth (UCSC)
24.04 Photometry of the Brightest Stars in the Virgo Spiral Galaxy M100 Using the Hubble Space Telescope
R. Hill (OCIW), L. Ferrarese (JHU,STScI), P. B. Stetson (DAO/HIA/NRC), A. Saha (STSCI), W. L. Freedman (OCIW), H. C. Ford (STScI,JHU), J. A. Graham (CIW), J. G. Hoessel (U.Wisc.), J. Huchra (Harvard,CfA), S. M. Hughes (Cambridge), G. D. Illingworth (UCO/Lick Observatory), R. C. Kennicutt (U.Arizona), B. F. Madore (IPAC) and J. R. Mould (MSSSO)
24.05 HST Measurements of Cepheid Variables in an Inner Field of M101
P. B. Stetson (DAO/HIA/NRC), S. M. G. Hughes (RGO), A. Turner, R. C. Kennicutt (Steward), W. L. Freedman, R. Hill (OCIW), J. R. Mould (MSSSO), L. Ferrarese, H. C. Ford (JHU/STScI), J. A. Graham (DTM/CIW), J. G. Hoessel (Wisconsin), G. D. Illingworth, D. Kelson (Lick), B. F. Madore (IPAC) and A. Saha (STScI)
24.06 The Discovery of Cepheids and a New Distance to M101 Using the \it Hubble Space Telescope
D. D. Kelson, G. D. Illingworth (UCO/Lick Observatory), W. L. Freedman, R. Hill (OCIW), J. A. Graham (DTM/CIW), A. Saha (STScI), B. F. Madore (IPAC), J. R. Mould (MSSSO), S. M. G. Hughes (RGO), P. B. Stetson (DAO/HIA/NRC), R. C. Kennicutt (Steward), L. Ferrarese, H. C. Ford (JHU/STScI), J. G. Hoessel (Wisconsin) and J. Huchra (Wisconsin)
24.07 Cepheid Variable Stars in the Galaxy NGC 925
N. A. Silbermann, B. F. Madore (JPL), L. Ferrarese, H. Ford, A. Saha (STSci), W. L. Freedman, R. J. Hill (OCIW), J. A. Graham (CIW), J. G. Hoessel (U Wisc), J. P. Huchra (CFA), S. M. Hughes (RGO), G. D. Illingworth (Lick/UCSC), R. C. Kennicutt (U Ariz), J. R. Mould (ANU) and P. B. Stetson (DAO)
24.08 Observations of Cepheid and Mira Variables in M101
D. R. Alves (UCD/LLNL) and K. H. Cook (LLNL)

Session 25. Ellipticals and Dark Matter

Oral, Monday, 10:00am - 11:30am, Ballroom I (Tucson Convention Center)

25.01D Properties of Multiple Merger Remnants: Structure and Kinematics
M. L. Weil (University of California, Santa Cruz)
25.02 Self-consistent Triaxial Galaxies With Central Density Cusps
T. Fridman and D. Merritt (Rutgers University)
25.03D Breaking the Age-Metallicity Degeneracy
L. A. Jones (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
25.04 Mapping Dark Matter Around Early-Type Galaxies
B. Tremblay, D. Merritt and T. Williams (Rutgers University)
25.05D Flaring Gas Layers : A Tool to Determine the Shape of Dark Matter Halos
R. P. Olling and J. H. van Gorkom (Columbia University)
25.06 Modeling the Mass Distribution in Spiral Galaxies
A. H. Broeils (Cornell) and S. Courteau (NOAO/KPNO)

Session 26. Interstellar Medium and Radiative Shocks

Oral, Monday, 10:00am - 11:30am, Ballroom II (Tucson Convention Center)

26.01D Highly Ionized Gas in Galactic Halos
R. A. Benjamin (University of Minnesota)
26.02 CO Absorption Observations in the Inner Galaxy
H. A. Kobulnicky and J. M. Dickey (University of Minnesota)
26.03 Interstellar Porphyrins: Implications
F. M. Johnson (Cal. State U. Fullerton)
26.04D On the Composition and Distribution of Dust in Galactic H II Regions
R. F. Shipman (Phillips Laboratory/Geophysics Directorate)
26.05 The Shattering of Grains in Interstellar Shock Waves
A. P. Jones (University of California, Berkeley), A. G. G. M. Tielens, D. J. Hollenbach (NASA Ames Research Center) and C. F. McKee (University of California, Berkeley)
26.06 Stability of Radiative Shocks in Two Dimensions
J. M. Blondin (NCSU) and R. Strickland (U. of Chicago)
26.07 Nonlinear Perturbations in Shock-bounded Slabs
B. S. Marks (NCSU)

Session 27. Spectroscopy of AGN I: Narrowlines

Oral, Monday, 10:00am - 11:30am, Ballroom III (Tucson Convention Center)

27.01D Dynamics and Excitation of Extended Emission-Line Regions in Radio Galaxies
A. M. Koekemoer (MSSSO)
27.02 Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Seyfert Galaxies
M. Ruiz (Steward Observatory), G. H. Rieke (Steward Observatory) and J. D. Shields (Steward Observatory)
27.03D Narrow-Line Region Kinematics in Seyfert Nuclei
D. Moore (CASS/UCSD)
27.04 Strong Ne VIII $\lambda$774 Emission From Quasars in the HST-FOS Snapshot Survey (Absnap)
F. Hamann, L. Zuo and D. Tytler (UCSD)
27.05D Interaction Between Powerful Compact Steep--Spectrum Radio Sources and their Narrow Emission Line Regions
R. Gelderman (NRC/NASA/GSFC)
27.06 HST Spectroscopic Observations of the Nucleus of M31
Y. C. Pei, Z. Tsvetanov, H. C. Ford and G. A. Kriss (JHU)

Session 28. Mechanisms of Supernova Explosions

Oral, Monday, 10:00am - 11:30am, Mohave (Tucson Convention Center)

28.01 Type Ia Thermonuclear Supernovae
A. Khokhlov (Astronomy Dept., University of Texas at Austin)
28.02 The role of Dynamic and Diffusive Instabilities in Core Collapse Supernovae
S. W. Bruenn (FAU)
28.03 Instabilities and the Supernova Mechanism
A. Burrows and J. Hayes (University of Arizona)
28.04 Simulations of Supernova Mechanisms: Types I and II
D. Arnett (Steward Observatory)
28.05 The Convective Engine Model for Supernova Explosions: Successes, Difficulties, and Open Questions
M. Herant (LANL)

Session 29. Education

Oral, Monday, 10:00am - 11:30am, Maricopa (Tucson Convention Center)

29.01 Workshops for College Teachers of Introductory Astronomy
S. J. Little, C. D. Garmany (CASA/U.Colorado), I. R. Little-Marenin (CASA/CU, Wellesley C.) and G. S. Mumford (Tufts U.)
29.02 Learning Resources on Ultraviolet Astronomy: The Shuttle-Borne Spacelab/{\it Astro} Missions
W. H. Waller (HSTX, NASA/GSFC/LASP) and T. P. Stecher (NASA/GSFC/LASP)
29.03 A Successful 2 Year Astronomy Program for the Hatch, New Mexico School Teachers
K. Marvel (NRAO and NMSU) and J. Burns (NMSU)
29.04 Coyotes, Skunks, and Bears in the Sky --- A Multicultural Approach to Astronomy
N. R. Lebofsky (SO/UA), L. A. Lebofsky (LPL/UA) and T. Ca\~nizo (TUSD)
29.05 A Science Information Infrastructure
C. A. Christian, I. Hawkins, R. F. Malina (CEA/UCB), K. Dow and S. Murray (SAO)
29.06 The Arecibo Observatory Visitor and Educational Facility
D. R. Altschuler (NAIC/Arecibo Observatory)

Session 30. History of Astronomy

Oral, Monday, 10:00am - 11:30am, Greenlee (Tucson Convention Center)

30.01 Additional Astronomical Themes on Ancient Coins
C.R. Chambliss (Kutztown Univ. )
30.02 Ulugbek: Astronomy in Central Asia in the 15th Century
G. Riegler (NASA Headquarters) and S. Eghamberdiev (Institute of Astronomy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
30.03 Daniel Kirkwood's Progency
F. K. Edmondson (Indiana University)
30.04 History of Planetary Radar Astronomy
N.A. Renzetti and A.J. Butrica (Caltech-JPL)
30.05 The Status of History of Astronomy in America
S. J. Dick (U. S. Naval Observatory)

Session 31. Russell Prize Lecture

Oral, Monday, 11:40am - 12:30pm, Ballroom I (Tucson Convention Center)

31.01 A Century of Galaxy Spectroscopy
V. C. Rubin (Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, CIW)

Session 32. COBE

Oral, Monday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm, Ballroom I (Tucson Convention Center)

32.01 The Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy
C. L. Bennett (NASA/GSFC)
32.02 The COBE FIRAS Cosmic Backgrounds: Detections and Limits
R. A. Shafer (NASA/GSFC)
32.03 Observations and Modelling of the Zodiacal Light
T. Kelsall (NASA/GSFC)
32.04 The COBE DIRBE Search for the Cosmic Infrared Background
M. G. Hauser (Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, NASA/GSFC)
32.05 Infrared Galactic Flux and Mean Intensity from DIRBE Data
E. L. Wright (UCLA)

Session 33. Supernovae

Oral, Monday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm, Ballroom II (Tucson Convention Center)

33.01 Detection of He I in the ``Type Ic" Supernova 1994I in M51
A. V. Filippenko, A. J. Barth, T. Matheson and L. C. Ho (UC Berkeley)
33.02 Radio Observations of Supernova 1994I in M51
M. P. Rupen, R. A. Sramek (NRAO), K. Weiler (NRL), N. Panagia (STScI) and S. Van Dyk (Univ. of California/Berkeley)
33.03 Clumping in the Ejecta of Supernova 1993J
T. Matheson, A. V. Filippenko and L. C. Ho (U.C. Berkeley)
33.04 The Oxygen Temperature of SN 1987A
W. Liu and A. Dalgarno (CfA)
33.05 The Spectral Evolution of a Typical Type II Plateau Supernova
R. G. Eastman (LLNL), S. E. Woosley (UCSC, LLNL) and T. A. Weaver (LLNL)
33.06 Radio Supernovae as Distance Indicators
K. W. Weiler (NRL), S. D. Van Dyk (UCB), R. A. Sramek (NRAO/VLA) and N. Panagia (STScI)
33.07 A Hubble Diagram of Distant Type Ia Supernovae
M. Hamuy, M. M. Phillips (CTIO), J. Maza (Univ.Chile), N. B. Suntzeff, R. A. Schommer and R. Avil\'es (CTIO)
33.08 The $I$-band Hubble Diagram for Type Ia Supernovae
M. M. Phillips, M. Hamuy, R. A. Schommer, N. B. Suntzeff (CTIO/NOAO), J. Maza (U.Chile) and R. Avil\'{e}s (CTIO/NOAO)
33.09 Production of the Light $p$-Process Nuclei in Neutrino Driven Winds
R. D. Hoffman, S. E. Woosley (UCO/Lick), G. M. Fuller (UCSD) and B. S. Meyer (Clemson)

Session 34. Spectroscopy of AGN II: Broad Lines and Spectral Evolution

Oral, Monday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm, Ballroom III (Tucson Convention Center)

34.01 Accretion Disk Winds from Active Galactic Nuclei: A Model for the Dynamics of Broad Absorption Line Regions
J. Chiang, N. Murray, S. A. Grossman (CITA) and G. M. Voit (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
34.02 The BAL Quasar Q\,0059-2735
J. Wampler (ESO), N. Chugai (Inst. of Astr. Moscow) and P. Petitjean (IAP Paris)
34.03 On the Origin of QSO Broad Emission Line Asymmetries
M. R. Corbin (KPNO/NOAO) and U. Pen (Princeton Observatory)
34.04D Evolution of the Quasar `Big Bump'
O. Kuhn, M. Elvis (SAO), J. Bechtold (Steward Observatory, Univ. of Arizona) and B. Wilkes (SAO)
34.05 Search for Sequential Variabilities in AGN Continua
W. -H. Sun (National Central University), T. -C. Lin (National Central University), C. -H. Chen (National Central University), M. A. Malkan (UCLA) and R. P. S. Stone (Lick Observatory)
34.06 The Unusual Quasar PG1407+265
J. McDowell (SAO)
34.07 Spectral Evolution of The Compact VLBI Jet of 3C345
A. P. Lobanov (NRAO, Charlottesville, VA) and J. A. Zensus (NRAO, Charlottesville, VA)
34.08 The Nature of the Continuum Emission in $z \sim 1$ 3CR Galaxies.
A. Stockton, M. Kellogg and S. Ridgway (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii)

Session 35. Dwarf Galaxies

Oral, Monday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm, Mohave (Tucson Convention Center)

35.01D Dynamics of Superbubbles in the Large Magellanic Cloud
M. S. Oey (U. Arizona)
35.02 The Largest Star-Forming Complexes In Magellanic Irregular and BCD Galaxies
D. M. Elmegreen (Vassar College), B. G. Elmegreen (IBM Watson Research Center), J. J. Salzer (Wesleyan University) and H. Mann (Vassar College)
35.03D The Star Formation Histories of Dwarf Galaxies in the Sculptor and M81 Groups
B. W. Miller (DTM/STScI)
35.04 FIR Observations of Low Metallicity Dwarf Galaxies
S. C. Madden (NASA/ARC), P. R. Maloney (U. of Colorado), D. J. Hollenbach, M. R. Haas, S. W. J. Colgan (NASA/ARC), S. D. Lord (IPAC/JPL) and A. Poglitsch (Max-Planck Institute fuer Ex. Physik)
35.05D A Modified Tully--Fisher Relation for Dwarf Galaxies
R. J. Patterson (UVa)
35.06 Carbon, Nitrogen, and the Evolution of H II Galaxies from HST Observations
D. R. Garnett, E. D. Skillman (Minnesota), R. J. Dufour (Rice), M. Peimbert, S. Torres-Peimbert (UNAM), G. A. Shields (Texas), R. J. Terlevich (RGO) and E. Terlevich (IOC)

Session 36. Giant and Supergiant Stars

Oral, Monday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm, Maricopa (Tucson Convention Center)

36.01D Luminous Blue Variables and `Pseudo' Photospheres
A. de Koter (USRA/GSFC)
36.02D CNO Abundances in A-supergiants:A Test of their Evolutionary Status
K. A. Venn (U Sternwarte-Muenchen, MPIA, U Texas-Austin)
36.03 Polaris the Cepheid: Still Pulsating !
M. Krockenberger, R. W. Noyes and D. D. Sasselov (Harvard--Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
36.04D The Structure of Objects in Transition from the AGB to PN
S. R. Trammell (U. Chicago)
36.05D Missing Opacity in Atmospheric Models of Red Giant Stars
C. I. Short (Astronomy Department, University of Toronto) and J. B. Lester (Astronomy Department, Erindale College, University of Toronto)
36.06 Thermal Balance in Carbon-Rich Circumstellar Envelopes
M. Crosas (CfA) and K. M. Menten (CfA)

Session 37. History in Astronomy Education II

Oral, Monday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm, Greenlee (Tucson Convention Center)

37.01 The Use of History in Astronomy Education
O. Gingerich (Harvard--Smithsonian CfA)

Session 38. Invited Talks: Cosmology

Invited, Monday, 3:40pm - 5:10, Ballroom I (Tucson Convention Center)

38.01 Measuring the Hubble Constant with the HST
R. C. Kennicutt (U.Arizona/Steward Obs.)
38.02 Large Surveys of Faint Galaxies; the Universe at Half the Hubble Time
S. J. Lilly (University of Toronto)