A Model for the NGC 6251 Jet

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Session 15 -- AGNs II: Models
Oral presentation, Monday, June 12, 1995, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

[15.04] A Model for the NGC 6251 Jet

Theo Koupelis (UWMC)

The jet in NGC 6251 exhibits several stages of confinement and reexpansion, clearly indicating the role that the magnetic field of the jet and the thermal pressure of a hot gaseous halo associated with NGC 6251 play in the jet's evolution. The jet's ``radius'' is obtained from the observations up to a distance of 240 arcsec from the core. We apply to this jet a quasi--one-dimensional MHD model in which the radius as a function of distance is given by the high-resolution VLA observations of Perley, Bridle, and Willis (1984). This, along with Einstein observations of NGC 6251 and X-ray halos of other elliptical galaxies, allows us to self-consistently examine the values of the jet velocity, density, magnetic field strength, and pressure distribution in the surrounding environment along the entire length of the jet. We compare our results to ones obtained by different theoretical models.

This research was supported by NSF grant AST-9318745 which we gratefully acknowledge.

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