The Astro-2 Ultraviolet Mission

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Session 16 -- Astro 2
Oral presentation, Monday, June 12, 1995, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

[16.01] The Astro-2 Ultraviolet Mission

Charles Meegan, John Horack (Marshall Space Flight Center), Arthur Davidsen (Johns Hopkins University), Theodore Stecher (Goddard Space Flight Center), Arthur Code (University of Wisconsin)

The Astro-2 payload comprises three co-aligned telescopes that provide images, spectra, and polarimetry in the near and far UV. A total of 333 successful observations of 236 targets were obtained on a 16 day flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in March 1995. The altitude was 190 nautical miles. Typically, two observations of about 30 minutes each were made each orbit. The Instrument Pointing System and the Image Motion Compensation System provided better than 1 arc second pointing stability for imaging. In addition to the PI programs, Astro-2 incorporated ten Guest Investigations.

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