Preliminary Map Star Catalog

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Session 32 -- Astrometry
Display presentation, Wednesday, June 14, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[32.02] Preliminary Map Star Catalog

T.Persinger,G.Gatewood (Univ. of Pittsburgh), M.Castelaz (East Tennessee State Univ.)

As part of an ongoing study, the Allegheny Observatory is in the process of measuring high precision, (1 milliarcsec), parallaxes and proper motions for approximately 900 stars selected at random in the northern sky. The spectral type of these stars is also being determined from UBVRI, uvby, H-Beta, and DDO photometry. This catalog represents a unique and complete statistical set of data for 900 stars of visual magnitude 6-12. A preliminary catalog will be presented.

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