On the Hot Gas Fraction of Supernova Remnants

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Session 37 -- Supernovae and Their Remnants
Display presentation, Wednesday, June 14, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[37.06] On the Hot Gas Fraction of Supernova Remnants

Uffe Hellsten (NBI), Jesper Sommer-Larsen (TAC)

A grid of spherically symmetric numerical models of the evolution of supernova remnants is calculated, covering the ambient density range $n_0$= 0.001 to 100 hydrogen atoms ${\rm cm}^{-3}$ and with metallicities ranging from solar to primordial. These models are analyzed with the purpose of determining the relative mass fraction $\epsilon _{hot}$ of hot gas ($T>10^5 {\rm K}$) in the remnants as a function of time. From the work of Cioffi, McKee, and Bertschinger (1988), we derive an analytical formula for $\epsilon _{hot}$ for times larger than the cooling time of the swept up gas shell and we demonstrate that all our model results are well fitted by this expression.

Such an analytic expression is useful in models of a multi-phase interstellar medium, feedback mechanisms from supernovae in star-forming regions and in models of galaxy formation and evolution in general.

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