IUE Spectra of Selected Ring Galaxies

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Session 40 -- Starburst Galaxies
Display presentation, Wednesday, June 14, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[40.01] IUE Spectra of Selected Ring Galaxies

A.B. Schultz, M. Kochte (CSC/STScI), L.D. Spight (UNLV), K. Borne (STScI), M.A. DiSanti (USRA/GSFC), M. Rodrigue, T. Colegrove (UNR)

A ``ring'' galaxy is thought to result from the nearly head-on collision between an intruder galaxy and a spiral. During this collision, an expanding density wave sweeps disk material into a ring form in the target galaxy. The cloud-cloud collisions in the nucleus of the target galaxy result in starburst activity.

We present IUE spectra for a sample of 11 ``ring'' galaxies selected on the basis of their morphology and IRAS detections. The remnant nuclei of the target galaxies were observed with the SWP camera. The IUE observations reveal diverse results; i.e., starburst activity (NGC 7714), elevated UV continuum (Arp 144), and Ly-$\alpha$ emission with no other UV features (Arp 147). Presumably, the UV activity is dependent upon the dynamics of the initial collision, the strength and duration of the nuclear starburst, and the elapsed time since the collision.

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