HST Explores the Explosively Starbursting ``Cartwheel'' Ring Galaxy

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Session 40 -- Starburst Galaxies
Display presentation, Wednesday, June 14, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[40.03] HST Explores the Explosively Starbursting ``Cartwheel'' Ring Galaxy

K.D.Borne, R.Lucas (STScI), P.Appleton, C.Struck (Iowa State), A.Schultz (CSC), L.Spight (UNLV)

We report on new results derived from HST images of the spectacularly starbursting ``Cartwheel'' Ring Galaxy. A combination of blue and I-band WFPC2 images have been used to study and to characterize the intense star formation activity in and around the expanding ring density wave, in the ``spokes'' of the cartwheel, in the nucleus of the galaxy, and in the two nearby companions. Fine structure is observed down to the resolution limit of the HST images and very young compact objects (perhaps massive young clusters) are found throughout the starbursting regions. We report on our analysis of these structures and on its implications for the evolution of such a strongly starbursting system.

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