{\bf The X-ray Emission of Galaxies}

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Session 46 -- Invited Talk
Invited presentation, Thursday, June 15, 1995, 8:30am - 9:20am

[46.01] {\bf The X-ray Emission of Galaxies}

G. Fabbiano (SAO)

This talk reviews the X-ray properties of galaxies. In spiral galaxies X-ray observations give us a way to study the end products of stellar evolution in different environments, to explore the range and properties of nuclear activity, and to investigate the presence of a hot phase of the ISM, including gaseous outflows from actively star-forming regions. In E and SO galaxies, hot extended gaseous halos have been detected and can be used as a tool to measure the mass of these systems. However, these halos are not ubiquitous. Recent observations are giving us a better picture of the properties and evolution of the hot ISM of E and SO galaxies, and of their relation to other galaxy properties, including formation and merger history, and the presence and properties of radio sources.

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