Galactic Evolution of Boron

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Session 50 -- The Milky Way
Display presentation, Thursday, June 15, 1995, 9:20am - 4:00pm

[50.01] Galactic Evolution of Boron

D.K.Duncan,K.A.Coble,L.M.Hobbs (U. of Chicago), A.M.Boesgaard (U. of Hawaii), C.P.Deliyannis (Yale), J.R.King (U. of Texas), S.G.Ryan (AAO)

Observations of the BI 2500 \AA line have been obtained with the Goddard High Resolution Sectrograph of the Hubble Space Telescope in 6 intermediate metal poor stars. Metallicities of the stars range from [Fe/H] = -0.35 to -2.5. The latest Kurucz model atmospheres and a single optimized line list are used to produce synthetic spectra and determine the B abundance in each star. The evolution of the galactic B abundance over this range of metallicity is compared to predictions of theoretical models for the evolution of light elements in the galaxy.

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