Animation of Gamma-Ray Bursts Observed by BATSE

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Session 5 -- Gamma Ray Astronomy
Display presentation, Monday, June 12, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[5.01] Animation of Gamma-Ray Bursts Observed by BATSE

G.N.Pendleton, K.Chaganti, W.S. Paciesas (UAH), G.J.Fishman, C.A.Meegan (NASA/MSFC)

The BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Data have been animated for display in galactic coordinates on an Aitoff-Hammer projection. For each burst the animation displays as a function of time both the intensity in Ph/cm$^{2}$-sec and the effective powerlaw spectral index in the energy range 50 - 300 KeV. Each burst flux history is displayed at its galactic location using a circular pattern whose radius is a function of intensity and whose color is a function of spectral index. A temporal compression algorithm has been applied to the data to render the burst durations' 5 order of magnitude range in a visually acceptable format. This method of presentation highlights may important burst characteristics including the diversity of flux histories, the considerable spectral variations within bursts, and their isotropic spatial distribution.

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