Gas Poor Galaxies in MKW/AWM Clusters

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Session 51 -- Galaxies
Oral presentation, Thursday, June 15, 1995, 10:00am - 11:30am

[51.01] Gas Poor Galaxies in MKW/AWM Clusters

B.A.Williams (University of Delaware)

Follow-up observations were made of the neutral hydrogen content of 129 galaxies near the cores of MKW 4, MKW 8, MKW 11, AWM 4, and AWM 5. The neutral hydrogen content of these galaxies appears to be lower than that of galaxies of similar type in the field or in loose groups and are more consistent with those of galaxies in the richer Abell clusters. Of the 14 galaxies that appear to be spirals in MKW 4, only one was detected above a sensitivity limit of $\sim$10$^{5} M_{\odot} /Mpc^{2}$. The low detection rate of galaxies in MKW 4 suggest that its core is truly deficient in neutral hydrogen gas.

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