Astro-Science Workshop

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Session 54 -- Communicating Science to the Public
Oral presentation, Thursday, June 15, 1995, 10:00am - 11:30am

[54.02] Astro-Science Workshop

Eric Carlson and Vivian Hoette (The Adler Planetarium)

Astro-Science Workshop is an opportunity for students in high school who are seriously interested in astronomy to engage in learning experiences of the highest intellectual quality. Different research astronomers each week present students with stimulating lectures. A program coordinator designs reading and problem-solving homework, which students are encouraged to complete. This mature atmosphere allows students to engage in astronomy studies in a manner more typically expected of graduate students. The course is elective; however, students need a recommendation by a teacher. No credit is given. A \$2000 scholarship and two smaller awards are granted to the students who complete both terms and score highest on the exams and homework. This year students used computers to do image processing of CCD images with a program called Hands-On Universe, investigating how astronomers use photometry to measure the period and distance of Cepheid variable stars.

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