Project LINK: ``A Live and Interactive Network of Knowledge"

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Session 54 -- Communicating Science to the Public
Oral presentation, Thursday, June 15, 1995, 10:00am - 11:30am

[54.04] Project LINK: ``A Live and Interactive Network of Knowledge"

I. Hawkins, B. Welsh (Eureka Scientific, Inc.)

Project LINK (A Live and Interactive Network of Knowledge), a collaboration among Eureka Scientific, Inc., the Exploratorium, and NASA/Ames Research Center will demonstrate video-conferencing capabilities from the Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO) to the San Francisco Exploratorium in the context of science education outreach to K--12 teachers and students. The project is intended to pilot-test strategies for facilitating the live interface between scientists aboard the KAO and K-12 teachers and students through the resources and technical expertise available at science museums and private industry. The interface will be based on Internet/CuSeeMe videoconferencing capabilities which will allow teachers and students at the Exploratorium to collaborate in a live and interactive manner with teachers and scientists aboard the KAO. The teacher teams chosen for the on-board experiments represent rural and urban school districts in California. The teachers will interface with colleagues as part of the NASA-Funded Project FOSTER (Flight Opportunities for Science Teacher EnRichment). Our project will serve to demonstrate live interface capabilities in preparation for the ``Live from the Stratosphere" Project. Teachers from Project LINK will participate on two flights aboard the KAO during the Summer of 1995. Lesson plans, classroom activities, project description and lessons learned will be disseminated through the World Wide Web. Project LINK is made possible by a grant from NASA to Eureka Scientific, Inc.

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