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Session 5 - Education.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[5.06] Astronomy Picture of the Day:

R. J. Nemiroff (NASA/GSFC), J. T. Bonnell (USRA/GSFC)

The World Wide Web site named Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) at the URL displays a different picture or image each day with a brief educational description. At the time of this AAS meeting APOD's archive will contain over 200 entries. On display are some of the most famous astronomy photographs of our time. Pictures with explanations are available on a wide range of astronomical topics such as asteroids, comets, galaxies, nebulae, and stars, taken with space and ground based array astronomical instruments such as HST, Compton GRO, Voyager, Apollo, and the Anglo-Australian Telescope. Science related historical and biographical topics are also covered. Many of the presentations feature links to a wide variety of related background material available on the Web making APOD an excellent educational resource. It is believed that APOD currently holds the largest diverse archive of annotated astronomical photographs accessible over the internet. The daily nature of our site allows us to display information on current and topical astronomical activities.

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