Sunday, 14 January 1996

Session List


Session 1. Applied History of Astronomy I

Oral, Sunday, 10:30am-12:00pm, Salon del Rey Central, Hilton

1.01 Applied Historical Astronomy: an Overview
F. R. Stephenson (Durham U., England)
1.02 Ancient Chinese Observations and Modern Cometary Models
D. K. Yeomans (JPL/Caltech)
1.03 Astrophysics from History: the case of red Sirius
R. Ceragioli (U. Houston)

Session 2. Applied History of Astronomy II

Oral, Sunday, 1:30-4:00pm, Salon del Rey Central, Hilton

2.01 Earth's rotation from 700 B.C. to A.D. 1600
F. R. Stephenson (Durham U., England)
2.02 Modern Use of Astronomical Observations of Earth Orientation since 1600
D. D. McCarthy (USNO)
2.03 Using Older Observations to Improve Ephemerides
E. M. Standish (JPL/Caltech)
2.04 Solar Diameter Measurements from Historical and Recent Solar Eclipses
D. Dunham, A. Fiala, S. Sofia (JHU-APL, USNO, Yale)
2.05 Sir William Herschel's Solar Observations and their Implications
K. Schatten (NASA/GSFC), D. Hoyt (Laurel, MD)
2.06 Archaeoastrophysics of Supernova Explosions
K. Brecher (Boston University)
2.07 The Hubble Constant Derived From Observations of Ancient Historical Supernovae
B. E. Schaefer (Yale)