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Session 77 - Normal Galaxies.
Oral session, Thursday, June 13
Union Theater,

[77.05] Observations of Tidal Disruption of the Carina Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy

J. R. Kuhn, H. A. Smith, S. L. Hawley (Michigan State U.)

New observations of the Carina dwarf spheroidal galaxy have been obtained at angular distances as far as 2 degrees from its center. Along the Carina major axis we detect RR Lyraes at Carina's MW distance, but well beyond its classical tidal radius. Color-magnitude observations show the existence of a surface density of Carina-population stars which is a few percent of the central density as far as 3.5kpc away from the dS center along its major axis. These measurements support the model of Carina as a tidally disrupting galaxy with no excess dark matter.

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