Session List

MONDAY, 10 JUNE 1996

Session 1. Public Policy Talk

Invited, Monday, 8:30-9:20am, Union Theater

Session 2. The Solar Photosphere and Magnetic Field

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Tripp Commons

2.01 What is the size scale of the solar supergranular network?
H. Hagenaar (U. Utrecht), C. Schrijver, A. Title (Lockheed--Martin PARL)
2.02 On the Turbulence of the Solar Photosphere
A. Nesis, R. Hammer, H. Schleicher (Kiepenheuer-Institut fuer Sonnenphysik)
2.03 Velocities in Solar Pores
K. S. Balasubramaniam (NSO/SP and PL/GPSS), S. L. Keil (PL/GPSS), L. A. Smaldone (U. Naples, Italy)
2.04 Transition Region Lines and the Photospheric Magnetic Field
P. Maltby, N. Brynildsen, O. Kjeldseth-Moe (U. of Oslo)
2.05 Vector Magnetic Field Observations of the Solar South Pole
J. Wülser (LMSC), D. L. Mickey (U.Hawaii)
2.06 Observations of the South coronal hole from EIT and Yohkoh
B. N. Handy (Montana State U.), R. Catura, S. Freeland, J. Lemen, R. Stern (LMPARL), J. B. Gurman (NASA GSFC), J. P. Delaboudinière, G. Artzner, A. Gabriel (IAS, U. Paris-Sud), A. Maucherat (LAS), J. M. Defise, C. Jamar, P. Rochus (CSL), F. Clette, P. Cugnon (ORB), R. Howard, D. Michels, J. D. Moses, K. Dere (NRL), O. C. St. Cyr (CPI), R. Catura, S. Freeland, J. Lemen, R. Stern (LMPARL), W. Neupert (NOAA-SEC), E. Einfalt (Hughes STX), J. Newmark (ARC)

Session 3. Clusters

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Tripp Commons

3.01 Proton Capture Nucleosynthesis in the Globular Cluster M13
C. Pilachowski (NOAO), C. Sneden (University of Texas at Austin and NOAO), R. P. Kraft (Lick Observatory, UCSC), G. E. Langer (Colorado College)
3.02 Comparisons of the Color-Magnitude Diagrams of M92, M3, M13, M5, Pal 4 and NGC 2419
J. Johnson (UCSC), M. Bolte (UCO/Lick), P. B. Stetson (DAO/HIA/NRC)
3.03 Photometry of Star Clusters Near the Galactic Center
J. Heasley (U. Hawaii), K. Janes (Boston U.), P. Demarque, R. Zinn (Yale U.)
3.04 CN Band Strengths Among 300 47 Tucanae Giants
M. Briley (U. Wisc. Oshkosh)
3.05 The OB24 Region of M31
P. Hodge (U. Washington), Y. Efremov (Sternberg State Astron. Inst.)
3.06 Hubble Space Telescope WFPC2 Observations of Star Clusters in M33
A. Sarajedini, D. Geisler (NOAO/KPNO), P. Harding (Steward Obs.), R. Schommer (NOAO/CTIO), P. Stetson (DAO)
3.07 M/L_V of a Super-star Cluster in NGC 1569
D. R. Crabtree (DAO/HIA/NRC), T. Smecker-Hane (UC Irvine), H. Richer (UBC)
3.08 The WIYN Open Cluster Study: First results on NGC 188
T. von Hippel (U. Wisconsin), A. Sarajedini (NOAO)
3.09 Elusive Open Cluster NGC 2451 Clinched
I. Platais, V. Kozhurina-Platais, S. Barnes, E. P. Horch (Yale Univ.)
3.10 ASCA Observation of the Pleiades
G. P. Garmire, A. B. Garmire (Penn State Univ.), H. Tsunemi (Osaka Univ.)
3.11 An IJK Imaging Survey for Brown Dwarf Candidates in the Pleiades
G. Schultz, B. Zuckerman, E. E. Becklin (UCLA)
3.12 Stochastic Effects on the Integrated JHK Colors of Star Clusters
J. F. C. Santos Jr. (CNPq fellowship, Brazil), M. H. Pinsonneault, J. A. Frogel (OSU)
3.13 Resonant Relaxation in Stellar Systems
K. P. Rauch, S. Tremaine (CITA)

Session 4. Low Luminosity AGN and Starburst Galaxies

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Tripp Commons

4.01 The Dynamics and Radiative Properties of Clouds in Magnetized Accretion Disk Outflows in AGNs
J. Contopoulos, J. F. Kartje, A. Königl (Univ. Chicago)
4.02 Maser Emission from Clouds in Magnetized Accretion Disk Winds in AGNs
J. F. Kartje, A. Königl (Univ. Chicago), M. Elitzur (Univ. Kentucky)
4.03 HST Planetary Camera 2 Imaging of the Nuclei of the Low-Luminosity, Late-Type Spirals NGC 4242 and NGC 4395
L. D. Matthews (SUNY at Stony Brook), J. S. Gallagher III (U. Wisconsin, Madison), J. Krist, C. Burrows (STScI), W. Idt
4.04 High Angular Resolution Imaging of the Nucleus of NGC 1068 at 10 Microns
M. W. Werner, M. E. Ressler, J. J. Bock, K. A. Marsh (JPL/Caltech)
4.05 The Extended Gaseous Medium Surounding Markarian 315
S. M. Simkin (Mich State Univ), J. W. MacKenty (STScI)
4.06 Radio Continuum Mapping of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 4258
D. Calle (Virginia Tech), S. D. Hyman (Sweet Briar College), K. W. Weiler (Naval Research Lab), S. D. Van Dyk (UC Berkeley), R. A. Sramek (NRAO/VLA)
4.07 Comparing the Position Angle of Seyfert Galaxies Radio Structures with their Host Galaxies Major Axis
H. R. Schmitt (STScI and IF-UFRGS), A. L. Kinney (STScI), T. Storchi-Bergmann (IF-UFRGS-Brasil)
4.08 Correlating Optical/IR Emission Lines with Radio Structure in a Sample of Southern Seyfert Galaxies
M. A. Bransford, P. N. Appleton (ISU), R. P. Norris (ATNF), C. A. Heisler (MSO)
4.09 The nearby radio galaxy B1343-601
P. A. Jones, B. D. Lloyd (U. Western Sydney Nepean), W. B. McAdam (U. Sydney)
4.10 Locally Optimally Emitting Clouds and the Origin of Narrow Line Region Emission
J. W. Ferguson, K. T. Korista, G. J. Ferland, D. A. Verner (U. Kentucky)
4.11 Locally Optimally Emitting Clouds and the Origin of AGN Broad Emission Lines
K. T. Korista (Univ. Ky), J. A. Baldwin (CTIO), G. J. Ferland, D. A. Verner, J. W. Ferguson (Univ. Ky)
4.12 Host Galaxy and Nuclear Luminosities of Seyfert 1 Galaxies
J. W. MacKenty, C. H. Nelson (STScI), S. M. Simkin (MSU)
4.13 A ROSAT Mini-survey of Nearby Edge-on Starburst Galaxies
M. Dahlem (STScI), K. A. Weaver, T. M. Heckman (JHU)
4.14 A Comparison between Numerical Models of Collisionally Produced Ring Galaxies and Observed Systems
G. H. Rudnick, S. A. Lamb (UIUC), R. A. Gerber (NASA Ames), M. Dewing (UIUC)
4.15 The Ultraviolet and Infrared Morphology of Nearby Starbursts
D. A. Smith (NRC/GSFC/LASP), S. G. Neff, T. P. Stecher, A. M. Smith (NASA/GSFC/LASP), N. Collins, M. N. Fanelli, J. Hollis, W. H. Waller (HSTX/GSFC/LASP), G. Bothun (U.Oregon), R. Bohlin (STScI), R. W. O'Connell (U.Virginia), M. S. Roberts (NRAO)
4.16 Detection of Far-Ultraviolet Emission from Starburst Knots in NGC 4038/4039, ``The Antennae''
S. G. Neff (GSFC/NASA), J. E. Hollis, J. K. Hill, M. N. Fanelli (HSTX/ GSFC), D. A. Smith (NRC/GSFC), R. C. Bohlin (STScI), R. W. O'Connell (UVa), M. S. Roberts (NRAO), A. M. Smith, T. P. Stecher (GSFC/NASA)

Session 5. High Luminosity AGN

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Tripp Commons

5.01 AGN Activity in the Hubble Deep Field
R. M. Jarvis, G. M. MacAlpine, S. R. Lemley (U. Mich.), M. G. Smith (CTIO)
5.02 The Two-Sided VLBI Source in Markarian 231
J. S. Ulvestad (JPL/Caltech), J. M. Wrobel (NRAO)
5.03 A HST Composite Quasar Spectrum
W. Zheng, G. A. Kriss, R. C. Telfer, J. P. Grimes, A. F. Davidsen (Johns Hopkins University)
5.04 Keck HIRES Spectra of PKS 0123+2543: Intrinsic Absorption in a Radio Loud Quasar
T. A. Barlow, W. L. W. Sargent (Caltech)
5.05 Imaging Polarimetry of High Redshift Radio Galaxies
G. P. Knopp, K. C. Chambers (U. Hawaii)
5.06 Statistical Effects of Doppler Beaming on Flux Limited Samples of Relativistic Jets
M. L. Lister, A. P. Marscher (Boston Univ.)
5.07 Multi-Epoch VLBA Observations of Gamma-Ray Bright Blazars
A. P. Marscher (Boston Univ.), W. Xu, A. E. Wehrle (IPAC)
5.08 High Signal-to-Noise Echelle Spectroscopy of HS 1700+6416
T. M. Tripp (U. Wisconsin), L. Lu (Caltech), B. D. Savage (U. Wisconsin)
5.09 A Sudy of the Properties of the High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emitting Blazars seen by EGRET as a Function of whether they are BL Lacs or FSRQs
C. E. Fichtel, D. L. Bertsch, R. C. Hartman, S. D. Hunter, D. J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), B. L. Dingus, J. A. Esposito, R. Mukherjee, P. Sreekumar (USRA, NASA/GSFC), Y. C. Lin, P. F. Michelson, P. L. Nolan (Stanford U.), G. Kanbach, H. Mayer-Hasselwander (Max Planck), D. A. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney), C. von Montigny (Landessternwarte Koenigstuhl), E. Schneid (Northrop-Grumman)
5.10 HST Imaging of BL Lac Objects
C. M. Urry, J. E. Pesce (STScI), R. Falomo, R. Scarpa (Padua Observatory), A. Treves (SISSA/Trieste), M. Giavalisco (OCIW)
5.11 HST Spectroscopy of Q0302-003
S. R. Heap (NASA/GSFC)
5.12 The Metallicity of the Three Damped Ly\alpha Absorbers Toward the QSO 2206-199N
K. C. Roth (IfA, U. of Hawaii)

Session 6. Evolution, Survey and Clusters of Galaxies

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Tripp Commons

6.01 A Photometric and Spectroscopic Survey of Galaxies Within Prominent Voids of the CfA2 Redshift Survey
N. Grogin, M. Geller (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
6.02 The Hamburg-CfA Quasar Survey
A. Dobrzycki (SAO), D. Engels, H. -J. Hagen (Hamburg Univ.), M. Elvis, J. Huchra (SAO), D. Reimers (Hamburg Univ.)
6.03 An Automated Software Package for the KISS Objective-Prism Survey for Emission-Line Galaxies. II. Recent Additions and Project Status
L. M. Frattare, J. J. Salzer (Wesleyan University)
6.04 IR Observations of Distant Galaxies with SIRTF: II. The HDF
E. L. Wright (UCLA)
6.05 Radio Imaging of the Hubble Deep Field
K. I. Kellermann, E. B. Fomalont (NRAO), E. Richards (UVA), R. B. Partridge (Haverford College), R. A. Windhorst (Arizona State University)
6.06 Photometric Redshifts Using Galaxy Image Structure
D. R. Andersen, M. A. Bershady, A. Jangren (Penn State Univ.)
6.07 Structures of Dwarf Elliptical and S0 Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster
P. M. Carey, J. S. Gallagher III (University of Wisconsin---Madison), S. E. Levine, L. A. Aguilar (Obs. Ast. Nacional Mexico)
6.08 Survey of the Less Luminous Members of the Perseus Cluster of Galaxies
J. S. Gallagher III, M. Han (U. Wisconsin, Madison), R. F. G. Wyse (JHU)
6.09 X-ray Properties of Clusters from the Palomar Deep Survey
B. H. Holden, B. C. Nichol (Univ. of Chicago), A. K. Romer, M. P. Ulmer (Northwestern Univ.)
6.10 X-ray Cluster Evolution from ROSAT Survey
A. Vikhlinin, W. Forman, C. Jones, B. McNamara (SAO)
6.11 Neutral Hydrogen in the II Zw 70/71 System: the Formation of a Polar Ring?
A. L. Cox, L. Sparke (U. Wisconsin, Madison), E. Brinks (U. de Guanajuato), G. van Moorsel (NRAO)
6.12 Morphological Peculiarity Indices of Distant and Nearby Galaxies
K. L. Wu (UCSC), S. M. Faber (UCO/Lick), T. R. Lauer (KPNO/NOAO)
6.13 Tidal Disruption in Binary Galaxies
J. D. Capriotti (University of Minnesota)
6.14 A Theoretical Investigation of Two-Body Relaxation in Rotating Systems
J. S. Arabadjis, D. O. Richstone (U. Michigan)
6.15 Dynamics of the Rich Cluster of Galaxies Abell 2255
R. Ganguly, J. M. Hill (Steward Obs., U. Arizona), W. R. Oegerle (JHU)
6.16 Radio Galaxy Evolution in Very Rich Clusters
G. Morrison (NRAO-SOC/UNM), F. Owen (NRAO-SOC), M. Ledlow (NMSU), W. Keel (U. Alabama), A. Beasley (NRAO-SOC), J. Hill (U. Arizona)
6.17 The Intrinsic Magnetic Field Structure of the Interacting Galaxy Pair V ZW 191
A. Minter (NRAO)

Session 7. Gas and Dust in the ISM

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Great Hall

7.01 A Computerized Visual Interstellar Extinction Model: Preliminary Results
B. J. Stidham, J. M. Myers, R. L. Stepanek, J. Hakkila (Mankato State Univ.)
7.02 A New Measurement of the FUV Extinction Curve at High Latitude
T. P. Sasseen, M. Hurwitz, W. V. Dixon, S. Bowyer (CEA/SSL, UCB)
7.03 Grain Destruction and Depletions in the Interstellar Medium
E. Dwek, R. K. Smith (Lab. Astronomy and Solar Physics, NASA GSFC)
7.04 Correlation between Hydrogen-alpha and 100-micron Emissions
P. R. McCullough (Univ. of Illinois)
7.05 Hyperfine Induced Transitions as Diagnostics of Low Density Plasmas and Isotopic Abundance ratios.
T. Brage (CSC and NASA/GSFC), P. G. Judge (HAO, NCAR), A. Aboussaïd, M. R. Godefroid (ULB, Bruxelles, Belgium), P. Jönsson (Lund U., Sweden), D. S. Leckrone (NASA/GSFC)
7.06 Molecular Hydrogen toward \zeta Ori A
E. B. Jenkins, A. Peimbert (Princeton U. Obs.)
7.07 ORFEUS Observations of Molecular Hydrogen in the Galactic Disk
W. V. Dixon, M. Hurwitz, T. Sasseen, S. Bowyer (SSL/CEA, UCB)
7.08 Infrared Response of H_2 to X-rays in the Dense Interstellar Medium
S. Tiné, S. Lepp (UNLV), R. Gredel (ESO), A. Dalgarno (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
7.09 A Search for Interstellar Acetic Acid Using the BIMA and OVRO Millimeter Arrays
D. M. Mehringer, L. E. Snyder, Y. Miao (U. of Illinois), F. J. Lovas (NIST)
7.10 The Boron Isotope Ratio in Interstellar Space
S. R. Federman (U. Toledo), D. L. Lambert (U. Texas), J. A. Cardelli (Villanova), Y. Sheffer (U. Texas)
7.11 The Abundance and Depletion of Interstellar Argon
U. J. Sofia (Villanova University), E. B. Jenkins (Princeton Univ. Obs.)
7.12 Fe II Emission from the Orion Nebula
E. M. Verner, G. J. Ferland, K. T. Korista, D. A. Verner (U. Kentucky)
7.13 Ionization Structure and Emission Spectra of Iron in Gaseous Nebulae
M. A. Bautista, A. K. Pradhan (Ohio State U.)
7.14 Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities in Gaseous Nebulae
E. R. Capriotti (Michigan State Univ.)
7.15 Instability of the Density Spike in the Evolution of Cosmic-Ray modified Shocks
T. W. Jones, B. Jun (U. Minnesota)
7.16 The MHD Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability: Oblique Field 2\frac12D Simulations
J. B. Gaalaas, T. W. Jones, D. Ryu, A. Frank (U. Minnesota)
7.17 A Multiwavelength Study Of The Orion-Eridanus Superbubble
Z. Guo, D. N. Burrows (PSU)
7.18 Galactic Anticenter CO Survey: I. l = 178^\circ \sim 185^\circ, and b = 3^\circ.5 \sim 6^\circ
Y. Lee, J. -H. Jung, H. S. Chung, Y. S. Park, H. R. Kim, H. -G. Kim, J. -S. Kim, S. T. Han (Korea Astronomy Observatory)
7.19 Mapping the Distribution of 10^-6K Gas Toward the Galactic Poles
M. Juda (SAO)
7.20 OVI towards the Large Magellanic Cloud
J. Green, E. Wilkinson (Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy)

Session 8. Milky Way Structure

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Great Hall

8.01 A Statistical Study of the APS Galactic Structure Fields
J. L. Bath, J. A. Larsen, R. M. Humphreys (U. Minnesota)
8.02 The Structure of the Galaxy as Determined from its Field Stars
J. A. Larsen, F. Berendse, R. M. Humphreys (U. Minnesota)
8.03 Absolute Proper Motions of Southern Globular Clusters
D. I. Dinescu, T. M. Girard, W. F. van Altena (Yale Obs.)
8.04 Constraints on the Barium Star Spatial Distribution and Luminosity Function
J. M. Myers, J. Hakkila (Mankato State Univ.)

Session 9. Dwarf Galaxies

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Great Hall

9.01 The Absolute Proper Motion of the Ursa Minor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
A. E. Schweitzer (U. Wisconsin- Madison), K. M. Cudworth (Yerkes Obs., U. Chicago)
9.02 IZw18 has a Dynamically Associated Companion Galaxy
R. J. Dufour (RiceU), H. O. Castañeda (VILSPA), C. Esteban (IAC)
9.03 The Tucana Dwarf Galaxy: HST/WFPC2 Imaging of this Isolated Local Group Dwarf Spheroidal
R. J. Lavery (Iowa State), P. Seitzer (Michigan), A. R. Walker, N. B. Suntzeff (CTIO/NOAO), G. S. D. Costa (MSO)
9.04 Stellar Populations of a Sample of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
V. Doublier (ESO), A. Caulet (ST-ECF, ESO)
9.05 HST Photometry of the Stellar Populations in the Sextans A Dwarf Irregular Galaxy
E. D. Skillman, R. C. Dohm-Palmer (UMN), A. Saha, E. Tolstoy (STScI), C. Chiosi (Padova), R. J. Dufour (Rice), J. Gallagher, J. Hoessel (UWI), M. Mateo (UMI)
9.06 Stellar Populations in The Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy NGC 147 --- Based on HST/WFPC2 Observations
M. Han, J. G. Hoessel, J. S. Gallagher III (U. Wisconsin), P. B. Stetson (DAO), W. Idt

Session 10. Spiral Galaxies

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Great Hall

10.01 Stellar and Gas Kinematics in Sa Galaxies
K. P. Jore, M. P. Haynes (Cornell University)
10.02 A WIYN Survey of Early-Type Barred Galaxies: Multiple Central Structures in Stars, Gas, and Dust
P. Erwin, L. S. Sparke, J. S. Gallagher (U. Wisconsin-Madison)
10.03 Extinction in Sc Galaxies. II. A Multicolor Approach
A. Ware (Wellesley College), J. J. Salzer (Wesleyan University)
10.04 The Spatial and Color Distribution of Supergiants in M33
D. Wittman, M. J. Rieke, D. W. McCarthy (Steward Obs.)
10.05 Multiple-armed Spirals: Comparing IR and Visual Morphology
B. Canzian, A. Henden (USRA/U.S. Naval Obs.)
10.06 NGC 2777: An Amorphous Galaxy With a Faint, Tidally Interacting Companion
D. E. Hogg, M. S. Roberts (NRAO)
10.07 High Resolution HST Images and VLA HI Observations of the Peculiar "Empty" Ring Galaxy IIZw28 and its Newly Discovered Companions
P. N. Appleton, C. Struck, M. A. Bransford (ISU), K. D. Borne (Hughes-STX), R. Lucas (STScI)
10.08 Localized Chemical Enrichment in NGC 5253 from Hubble Space Telescope FOS Spectroscopy
C. Kobulnicky, E. Skillman (Univ. of Minnesota), J. -R. Roy (U. Laval), M. Rosa, J. R. Walsh (HST ECF)
10.09 A Survey to Detect Galaxies with High-Velocity Gas
N. S. Bates, R. J. Maddalena (NRAO)
10.10 The Ionized Gas and Radio Halo of NGC 3432 (ARP 206)
J. English, J. Irwin (Queen's Univ.)
10.11 The Contribution of Galaxies to Ly\alpha Absorption at Low Redshift
S. M. Linder, J. C. Charlton (PSU)
10.12 Luminosities and Star Formation Rates of Galaxies Observed with the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (UIT)
M. N. Fanelli (NASA/GSFC/LASP and HSTX, Corp), T. P. Stecher, S. Neff, A. Smith (NASA/GSFC/LASP), W. Waller, J. Hill, N. Collins (NASA/GSFC/LASP and HSTX, Corp), D. A. Smith (NASA/GSFC/NRC), R. C. Bohlin (STScI), R. W. O'Connell (UVa), M. R. Roberts (NRAO)
10.13 The Structural Symmetry and Star Formation Rates in Galaxies
C. J. Conselice (University of Chicago)

Session 11. Elliptical Galaxies

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Great Hall

11.01 The Distribution of Elliptical Galaxy Shapes
J. Bak, T. S. Statler (Ohio Univ.)
11.02 Brightest Cluster Galaxy Profile Shapes
A. Graham (MSSSO), T. R. Lauer (KPNO), M. Colless (MSSSO), M. Postman (STScI)
11.03 Perfect Elliptic Disks with Minimal Angular Momentum
S. Levine (Obs. Astro. Nac., UNAM, Mex.)
11.04 Hubble Space Telescope Observations of M32: The Color-Magnitude Diagram
C. J. Grillmair (Caltech), T. R. Lauer (NOAO), G. Worthey (University of Michigan), S. M. Faber (UCO/Lick Observatory), W. L. Freedman (OCIW), B. F. Madore (IPAC/Caltech), E. A. Ajhar (NOAO), J. A. Holtzman (New Mexico State University), P. B. Stetson (DAO), WF/PCID Team
11.05 Ionized Gas in Early-Type Galaxies: its effect on Mg\,b and other stellar line-strength indices
P. Goudfrooij (ESO), E. Emsellem (ESO)
11.06 A Grid of Model Atmospheres and Synthetic Spectra for the Far Ultraviolet Analysis of Old Stellar Populations
T. M. Brown, A. F. Davidsen (JHU), H. C. Ferguson (STScI)

Session 12. Cosmology, Large-Scale Structure and Distance Scales

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Great Hall

12.01 The Contribution of Galactic Free-Free Emission to Anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Measured by MSAM
J. H. Simonetti, G. A. Topasna, B. Dennison (Virginia Tech)
12.02 Shape and Orientation Studies in the Hubble Deep Field: Weak Lensing and Evolution of the Elliptical Galaxy Population
T. S. Statler, S. N. Dutta, J. Day, C. Myers (Ohio Univ.)
12.03 Powerful Extended Radio Galaxies as a Cosmological Test
E. J. Guerra, R. A. Daly (Princeton)
12.04 Comparison of Visual Features in the CfA Survey with N-body Simulations Using Statistical Methods
S. P. Bhavsar, R. J. Splinter (U. Kentucky), E. Gauthier (Centre College, KY)
12.05 The Bull's-Eye Effect: Redshift Space and Large Scale Structure
E. Praton (Grinnell Coll.), A. Melott (UKansas), M. McKee (Grinnell Coll.)
12.06 Connections Between Fundamental Particles, Redshifts and Cosmology
W. G. Tifft (Steward Obs., U. Arizona)
12.07 Determination of Cosmological Parameters
S. D. Johnson (Global Science and Technology, Inc/GSFC)
12.08 Washington Camp: A New Site for Automated Astronomy
J. A. Eaton (TSU), L. J. Boyd (Fairborn Obs.), G. W. Henry (TSU)
12.09 The H/D/He Chemistry of the Early Universe
P. C. Stancil (UNLV), A. Dalgarno (CfA), B. Zygelman, S. Lepp (UNLV)
12.10 Stimulated Radiative Association and its Effect on the Production of LiH in the Early Universe
A. Dalgarno (CfA), P. C. Stancil (UNLV)
12.11 A Near-IR Survey for Strong Line Emission at High Redshift
D. Thompson (MPIA), F. Mannucci (CAISMI--CNR), S. V. W. Beckwith (MPIA)
12.12 Constraints on the Linear Bias from Cluster Statistics
J. M. Solanes, E. Salvador-Solé, A. Manrique (UB, Spain)
12.13 The Distance to NGC4478 using the Surface Brightness Fluctuation method on HST images
E. Neilsen, Z. Tsvetanov, H. Ford (JHU)
12.14 Primary and Secondary Distance Indicators in the Leo I group of Galaxies
J. A. Graham (DTM), R. L. Phelps, W. L. Freedman (OCIW), A. Saha (STScI), R. C. Kennicutt (U. Arizona), J. R. Mould (MSSO), L. Ferrarese, H. C. Ford (JHU), J. P. Huchra (Harvard, CfA), S. M. Hughes (RGO), M. Han, J. G. Hoessel (U. Wisconsin), G. D. Illingworth (UCSC), B. F. Madore, S. Sakai, N. Silbermann (IPAC), P. B. Stetson (DAO)
12.15 Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuations of Coma Cluster Ellipticals
M. Liu, J. Graham (UC Berkeley)

Session 13. Gravitational Effects

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Great Hall

13.01 Perturbative approach to gravitational radiation under a conformally flat approximation scheme
P. Marronetti, G. J. Mathews (U. Notre Dame), J. R. Wilson (LLNL)
13.02 Weak Gravitational Lensing by Galaxies - Implications for Dark Matter Halos
T. G. Brainerd (Boston U.), R. D. Blandford (Caltech), I. Smail (U. Durham)
13.03 New VLA Observations of the Gravitationally Lensed Quasar 0957+561
M. Harvanek, J. Stocke (U. Colorado), T. Tyson (ATandT Bell Labs.), G. Rhee (U. Nevada, Las Vegas)

Session 14. Gamma-Ray Bursts

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Great Hall

14.01 The Behavior of Gamma-Ray Bursts in the 7-14 keV Bandpass
T. E. Harrison, B. J. McNamara (New Mexico State University)
14.02 Ulysses and BATSE Observations of the Bursting Pulsar GRO J1744-28
K. Hurley (UCB, SSL), C. Kouveliotou, G. Fishman, C. Meegan, M. Briggs, J. van Paradijs (NASA/MSFC), T. Cline (NASA/GSFC), J. Kommers, W. Lewin (MIT), M. Boer, M. Niel (CESR)
14.03 On the Distribution of Luminosity Within Cosmic Gamma--Ray Bursts
J. M. Horack (NASA/MSFC), J. Hakkila (Mankato State U.), R. D. Preece, R. S. Mallozzi (U. of Alabama in Huntsville), T. M. Koshut (USRA)

Session 15. Teaching of Astronomy

Display, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Great Hall

15.01 A Sourcebook of Cooperative Learning Activities for Introductory Undergraduate Astronomy for Non-Science Majors
G. L. Deming, S. T. Miller, J. D. Trasco (U. of Maryland)
15.02 A Spectrograph and CCD Camera For an Undergraduate Observatory
C. Pryor, T. B. Williams, D. R. Merritt, M. R. Molnar (Rutgers)
15.03 A Rooftop Radio Observatory: U. C. Berkeley's New Instructional Telescope System
R. Parthasarathy, D. Cudaback, C. Heiles, R. Treffers, C. Frank, C. Hancox, R. Millan (U. C. Berkeley)
15.04 The CUREA 1996 Summer Program in Astrophysics at Mount Wilson Observatory
J. Snider (Oberlin College), M. Faison (U. Wisconsin, Madison)
15.05 The Shapley Program: 1969 - 1996
A. G. D. Philip (Union College and ISO)
15.06 Formative Evaluation of the American Astronomical Society Teacher Resource Agent Program
J. P. Barufaldi (Sci. Ed. Ctr., UT-Austin), M. K. Hemenway (Astr. Dept., UT-Austin)
15.07 An IDEA for a Mars Colony
M. L. Urquhart (LASP/APAS, U. Colorado, Boulder), C. D. Garmany (JILA/APAS, U. Colorado, Boulder)
15.08 Astro-QUERY: An Interactive WWW Information Server for Astronomy
F. Kronberg, I. Hawkins (CEA/UCB)
15.09 Learning Activities for K-12 Classes Visiting a Planetarium
J. Mena-Werth, J. Mena-Werth (U. Nebraska at Kearney)

Session 16. Low Luminosity AGN

Oral, Monday, 10:15-11:45am, Union Theater

16.01 Evidence for Multiple X-ray Reprocessors in MCG-5-23-16 and Implications for the Unified Model
K. A. Weaver (JHU), T. Yaqoob, R. F. Mushotzky (NASA/GSFC), J. Nousek (PSU), I. Hayashi, K. Koyama (Kyoto U.)
16.02 HST Observations of the Jets in M51 and NGC 4258
H. Ford, Z. Tsvetanov, G. Kriss (JHU)
16.03 The Warp in the Sub-Parsec-Scale Molecular Disk In NGC4258 as an Explanation for Persistent Asymmetries in the Water Maser Spectrum
J. R. Herrnstein, L. J. Greenhill, J. M. Moran (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
16.04 Relativistic Kinematics of Bipolar Ejecta from AGN (with Application to NGC 4258)
L. M. Ozernoy (CSI/GMU and GSFC/NASA)
16.05D The Evolution of the Relativistic Particles and the Structure of the Magnetic Field in Extragalactic Radio Sources
D. M. Katz-Stone (US Naval Academy), L. Rudnick (U. Minnesota)

Session 17. Molecular Clouds and Star Formation

Oral, Monday, 10:15-11:45am, Humanities 2650

17.01D A 2-D Computational Comparison of the Dynamic Interactions of Critical and Sub-Citical Mass Protoglobular Cluster Clouds with the Protogalactic Background
D. Dinge (UNC-CH)
17.02 An Extension of Hierarchical Star Formation to Galactic Scales
B. G. Elmegreen (IBM), Y. N. Efremov (Sternberg Obs. Moscow)
17.03 Bipolar Outflow Sources in the Serpens Core: SVS 2 and SVS 20
T. Huard, D. Weintraub (Vanderbilt U.), J. Kastner (MIT)
17.04 Physical Conditions of the Molecular Gas in the NGC 6334 Star Formation Region
K. E. Kraemer, J. M. Jackson (Boston University)
17.05 BIMA 13CO and C18O Observations of W3
D. A. Roberts (NCSA), R. M. Crutcher (U. Illinois), T. H. Troland (U. Kentucky)
17.06 High Resolution NH_3 (3,3) Imaging of W49: Evidence for Local Accretion
J. M. Jackson, A. D. Bolatto, K. E. Kraemer (Boston Univ.)
17.07 High Resolution Observations of the Hot, Dense Molecular Gas in G29.96--0.02
P. Hofner (Cologne Submm Obs.), S. Kurtz (UNAM), E. Churchwell (U. Wisconsin), A. Watson (NMSU)
17.08 From Ultracompact to Extended HII Regions
J. Franco, G. García-Segura (Instituto de Astronomia-UNAM)

Session 18. Stellar Winds and Rotation

Oral, Monday, 10:15-11:45am, Playcircle

18.01 Two Dimensional Stellar Evolution with Rotation
R. Deupree (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
18.02 Disk-locking and the slow rotators in young star clusters
S. Barnes (Yale U.), M. Pinsonneault (Ohio State U.), S. Sofia (Yale U.)
18.03D Theoretical and Observational Consequences of Rotation and Magnetic Fields in Stellar Winds
R. Ignace (U. of Wisconsin)
18.04 X-rays from Colliding Winds in OB Binary System
M. F. Corcoran (USRA/LHEA/GSFC)
18.05D X-ray Emission from Early-Type Stars: EUVE, ROSAT, and ASCA Observations
D. H. Cohen (U. of Wisconsin)

Session 19. Solar Flares

Oral, Monday, 10:15-11:45am, Wisconsin Center

19.01 Flare Activity Associated with Large-Scale Loops in AR 7260
N. Nitta (LSAL), L. van Driel-Gesztelyi (DSOP)
19.02 Non-Equilibrium in Line-Tied Coronal Magnetic Fields
C. S. Ng, A. Bhattacharjee (University of Iowa)
19.03 A New Model for the Distribution of Flare Energies
Y. E. Litvinenko (U. New Hampshire)
19.04D The Velocity Differential Emission Measure (VDEM) as Diagnostic of Solar Atmospheric Response to Flare Heating
E. Newton (Univ. of Alabama)
19.05 Temporal Variations of Solar Flare Spectral Properties in Ca \sc xix and GOES
A. C. Sterling (Computational Physics Inc., ISAS), H. S. Hudson (University of Hawai'i, ISAS), J. R. Lemen (Lockheed Martin Corp.), D. A. Zarro (Applied Research Corp.)
19.06 Study of 1991 November 02 Solar Flare
C. Y. Lee (NJIT/Rutgers), H. Wang (NJIT)
19.07 X-ray Images of Two Type II Bursts
H. S. Hudson (University of Hawaii)
19.08 Tracking Type III and Type II Solar Radio Bursts from Metric to Hectometric Wavelengths using Ground-based and Space-borne Observations
N. Gopalswamy, M. R. Kundu (U Maryland), M. L. Kaiser (NASA GSFC), S. W. Kahler (Phillips Lab), T. Kondo, T. Isobe, M. Akioka (CRL Japan)

Session 20. Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Oral, Monday, 10:15-11:45am, Old Madison

20.01 A History of the NSF REU Program
J. P. Wright (NSF)
20.02 The Effectiveness of the AAS REU Program
M. K. Hemenway, P. B. Boyce, R. W. Milkey (AAS)
20.03 The Haystack Observatory REU Program: the First Decade
R. B. Phillips, J. E. Salah (MIT Haystack Observatory)
20.04 Wyoming Infrared Observatory's Summer Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program: 10 Years of REU
R. Canterna, K. Beck (U. Wyoming), M. A. Hickman (Swarthmore Coll.)
20.05 Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Lessons Learned by Experience
K. DeGioia-Eastwood (NAU)
20.06 Fostering Undergraduate Astronomical Research in the Southeast: The SARA REU Program
T. Oswalt, M. Wood (Fla.Tech), J. Rafert (M.T.U.), G. Henson, M. Castelaz (E.Tenn.St.U.), S. Shaw (U.Ga.), K. Rumstay (Valdosta St.U.), J. Webb (F.I.U.)
20.07 Involving Undergraduates in Solar Physics Research
J. C. LoPresto, N. Jenkins (Edinboro U. of PA)
20.08 REU in the KNAC Consortium
P. J. Benson (Wellesley C.)

Session 21. Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies

Oral, Monday, 10:15-11:45am, Humanities 3650

21.01 Searching for the Hot Intergalactic Medium
Q. D. Wang (Northwestern Obs.)
21.02 Three High Redshift Clusters of Galaxies
H. Teplitz, M. Malkan, I. McLean (Division of Astronomy, UCLA)
21.03 The Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Imaged in Distant Galaxy Clusters
L. Grego (Cal Tech), J. Carlstrom (Univ. of Chicago), M. Joy (NASA/MSFC)
21.04 Off-Center Collisions Between Clusters of Galaxies
P. M. Ricker, D. Q. Lamb (U. of Chicago)
21.05 Latest Results From The SHARC Survey for High Redshift X-ray Clusters
A. K. Romer, M. P. Ulmer (Northwestern U.), B. C. Nichol, B. P. Holden (U. Chicago), D. Burke (U. Durham), C. A. Collins (John Moores U.)
21.06 Color Evolution in Moderate-Redshift Galaxy Clusters
S. A. Stanford (IGPP/Livermore), P. R. M. Eisenhardt (JPL), M. E. Dickinson (STScI)
21.07 Keck Spectroscopy and High Resolution HST/UH 2.2m Imaging of Redshift z>4.5 Galaxies around Two Distant Quasars
E. M. Hu (IfA, Hawaii), R. G. McMahon (IoA, Cambridge), E. Egami (MPE, Garching, Germany)
21.08 Rotation Curves of Giant LSB Galaxies
T. E. Pickering, C. D. Impey, J. F. Navarro (Steward Obs.), J. van Gorkom (Columbia U.), G. D. Bothun (U. Oregon)
21.09 The Ellipticity and Orientation of Clusters of Galaxies in N-Body Experiments
R. J. Splinter (U. Kentucky), A. M. Linn, A. L. Melott, C. Buck, J. Tinker (U. Kansas)

Session 22. Hale Prize Lecture

Invited, Monday, 12:00-12:50pm, Union Theater

22.01 Is the Solar Neutrino Flux Constant?
Jr. Davis (U. Pennsylvania)

Session 23. High Luminosity AGN and QSOs

Oral, Monday, 2:15-3:45pm, Union Theater

23.01D Multi-epoch VLB Polarimetry of BL Lac
G. Denn, R. Mutel (Univ. Iowa)
23.02 Blazars: The accelerating inner jet model.
M. Georganopoulos, A. P. Marscher (Boston Univ.)
23.03 A Very Large Gamma Ray Flare from 3C 279
R. C. Hartman (NASA/GSFC), A. E. Wehrle (IPAC/JPL), E. m. Collaboration
23.04 The 3--53 keV spectrum of the quasar 1508+5714: X-rays from z = 4.3
E. C. Moran (IGPP/LLNL), D. J. Helfand (Columbia U.)
23.05 Radio Spectra of Radio Quiet Quasars
R. Barvainis, C. Lonsdale (MIT Haystack Obs.), R. Antonucci (UC Santa Barbara)
23.06 A New Extensive Catalog of Heavy-Element QSO Absorbers: First Results
D. E. Vanden Berk, J. M. Quashnock, D. G. York, C. Mallouris, D. Bruni (U. Chicago)
23.07 On the Interpretation of [D/H] in QSO Absorption Line Systems
D. G. York, J. W. Truran (U. of Chicago), F. X. Timmes (Clemson U.), J. T. Lauroesch (GSFC)
23.08 Comparing Simulations and Observations of the Ly\alpha Forest
R. Daveé, L. Hernquist (UCSC/Lick), N. Katz (U.Washington), D. Weinberg (Ohio St.), C. Churchill (UCSC/Lick)

Session 24. General Interstellar Medium

Oral, Monday, 2:15-3:45pm, Historical Society

24.01 Atomic Carbon in Southern Hemisphere High Latitude Clouds
J. G. Ingalls, R. A. Chamberlin, T. M. Bania, J. M. Jackson (Boston U.), A. A. Stark, A. P. Lane (CfA)
24.02 Reduced Four-Field System for Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in the Solar Wind and the Interstellar Medium
A. Bhattacharjee, C. S. Ng, S. Spangler (University of Iowa)
24.03 Diffuse Ionized Gas Detections from Echelle Spectroscopy
R. C. Peterson (UCO/Lick), D. M. Terndrup (Ohio State), M. Mateo (U.Mich.)
24.04 Diffuse Ionized Gas Line Strengths from Echelle Spectroscopy
D. M. Terndrup, R. C. Peterson (Ohio State, UCO/Lick)
24.05 A Prediction for the Superbubble Size Distribution
M. S. Oey, C. J. Clarke (IoA)

Session 25. Stellar Oscillations Project

Oral, Monday, 2:15-3:45pm, Playcircle

Abstracts are not available for this session.

Session 26. Solar Flares II

Oral, Monday, 2:15-3:45pm, Wisconsin Center

26.01 Energetic Protons as a Form of Energy Transport During The Impulsive Phase of Solar Flares?
A. G. Emslie (UAH), J. -C. Hénoux (Meudon), J. T. Mariska (NRL), E. K. Newton (UAH)
26.02 Continuous Acceleration vs. Particle Trapping in the 4 June 1991 Solar Flare
R. J. Murphy, G. H. Share, W. N. Johnson, J. D. Kurfess (Naval Research Laboratory), G. V. Jung (USRA)
26.03 Energetic Proton Spectral Evolution in the 11 June 1991 Solar Flare
J. M. Ryan, R. Suleiman, M. McConnell, G. Rank (UNH), V. Schoenfelder, M. Varendorff (MPE), K. Bennett (ESTEC), W. Hermsen (SRON)
26.04 Neutrons and Pion-Decay Gamma-Rays from the Solar Flare of 1991 June 11
P. P. Dunphy, E. L. Chupp (U. of New Hampshire), D. Bertsch (GSFC), E. Schneid, S. Gottesman (Northrup Grumann)
26.05 Measurement of Ion Anisotropy in Flares Using Gamma-Ray Lines
G. H. Share, R. J. Murphy (NRL)
26.06 Determination of Element Abundances in Solar Atmosphere and Solar Flare Accelerated Particles Using Gamma Ray Spectroscopy
N. Mandzhavidze, R. Ramaty (NASA/GSFC)
26.07 Transit-Time Electron Acceleration
J. A. Miller (UAH)
26.08 The Scaling Law between Electron Time-of-Flight Distances and Loop Lengths in Solar Flares
M. J. Aschwanden (Univ. Maryland), T. Kosugi (NAO, Japan), H. S. Hudson (Univ. Hawaii), M. J. Wills (Harvard, Cambridge), R. A. Schwartz (Hughes STX, NASA/GSFC)
26.09 Nonthermal Microwave Emission from Soft X-ray Transient Brightenings.
D. E. Gary (Caltech), M. Hartl (Harvard), T. Shimizu (High Altitude Observatory)

Session 27. History and Teaching of Astronomy

Oral, Monday, 2:15-3:45pm, Old Madison

27.01 James Craig Watson, First Director of Washburn Observatory: His Obsession with the Intra-Mercurial Planet Vulcan
W. Sheehan (Hutchinson, MN)
27.02 George C. Comstock: Wisconsin Astronomer, Observatory Director, Graduate School Dean, and AAS Officer
D. E. Osterbrock (UCO/Lick Obs)
27.03 Astronomy and Shakespeare's Hamlet.
P. D. Usher (Penn State)
27.04 A Learning Center for the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer
J. Lochner (USRA/GSFC)
27.05 A Rooftop Radio Observatory: A New Method for Teaching Science Fundamentals to Advanced Undergraduates
C. Frank, D. Cudaback, C. Heiles, R. Treffers, C. Hancox, R. Millan, R. Parthasarathy (U. C. Berkeley)
27.06 Partnerships---A Way of Making Astrophysics Research Accessible to the K--12 Community through the Internet and World Wide Web
I. Hawkins (CEA/UCB), R. Battle (Sch. Ed. and CEA, UCB), A. Miller-Bagwell (CEA/UCB)
27.07 ATFTools: Image Analysis Software Developed for Undergraduate Teaching and Research
R. Mutel, E. Downey (Univ. Iowa)

Session 28. Stellar Evolution: Beyond the Main Sequence

Oral, Monday, 2:15-3:45pm, Humanities 3650

28.01D Observations of Small-Amplitude Oscillations in the Radial Velocity of Arcturus
W. J. Merline (SwRI)
28.02 The Hot Horizontal Branch Stars of NGC 6752
T. P. Stecher, A. Sweigart, S. Neff, A. M. Smith (NASA/GSFC/LASP), W. B. Landsman (HSTX/GSFC/LASP), R. C. Bohlin (STScI), R. W. O'Connell (UVA), M. S. Roberts (NRAO)
28.03 ROSAT Observations of Classical Novae
M. Orio (U Wisconsin and Torino), H. Ogelman (U Wisconsin)
28.04D An X-ray Study of Composite Supernova Remnants
28.05 An Investigation of Supernova Remnants With Centrally Bright X-Ray Morphology
P. Slane (SAO)
28.06 EGRET Observations of Gamma-Ray Emission from Supernova Remnants
J. A. Esposito, P. Sreekumar (USRA, NASA/GSFC), S. D. Hunter (NASA/GSFC), G. Kanbach (MPE)

Session 29. Invited Talks

Invited, Monday, 4:00-5:30pm, Union Theater

29.01 First Helioseismic Results from the Global Oscillation Network Group
J. Toomre (JILA, University of Colorado)
29.02 Cosmology with the Keck Telescope
L. Cowie (U. Hawaii)