Session List


Session 68. Invited

Invited, Thursday, 8:30-9:20am, Union Theater

68.01 Polar Ring Galaxies
L. S. Sparke (Astronomy Department, University of Wisconsin--Madison)

Session 69. The Solar Dynamo and Helioseismology

Display, Thursday, 9:20am-4:00pm, Tripp Commons

69.01 A Nonlinear Solar Dynamo Model With Variable \alpha and ømega Effects
C. B. Roald, J. H. Thomas (U. Rochester)
69.02 Nonlinear interface dynamos with \alpha-quenching
P. Charbonneau, K. B. MacGregor (HAO, NCAR)
69.03 Measurement of the Rotation Rate in the Deep Solar Interior
S. Tomczyk (HAO/NCAR), J. Schou (Stanford Univ.), M. J. Thompson (Queen Mary and Westfield College)
69.04 Recent Results from the Birmingham Solar-Oscillations Network (BiSON)
W. J. Chaplin, Y. Elsworth, G. R. Isaak, C. P. McLeod, B. A. Miller (U. Birmingham, U.K.), R. New (Sheffield Hallam U., Sheffield, U.K.)
69.05 Simulations of Magnetic Field Effects on Solar Oscillation Ring Diagrams
F. Hill (NOAO/NSO), E. Zweibel, D. Haber (JILA, U. Colorado)
69.06 The Shape of Solar Oscillation Eigenfunctions
J. Schou (Stanford)
69.07 Angular Momentum Transport in Turbulent Compressible Convection
N. E. Hurlburt (Lockheed-Martin Solar and Astrophysics Lab.), N. H. Brummell, J. Toomre (JILA, U. Colorado)
69.08 High Resolution Numerical Simulations of Global Solar Convection
M. Miesch, T. Clune, J. Toomre (JILA, Univ. of Colorado), G. Glatzmaier (Los Alamos Nat. Lab.)
69.09 Effects of Convection on Solar p Modes
M. Swisdak, E. Zweibel (JILA)
69.10 Sound Speed Variations Near the Photosphere due to Entropy Perturbations in 3D Numerical Experiments
D. Giorgobiani, J. R. Kuhn, R. F. Stein (MSU)
69.11 Helioseismic Measurements of Subsurface Outflows From Sunspots
D. C. Braun (SPRC), Y. Fan (NSO), C. Lindsey (SPRC), S. M. Jefferies (Bartol)
69.12 Time-Distance vs. Modal-Decomposition Formulations of Local Helioseismology
T. J. Bogdan (HAO, NCAR)
69.13 SOI/MDI Measurements of Horizontal Flows in the South Polar Region of the Sun by Correlation Tracking and Doppler Shifts
G. Simon (Air Force Phillips Lab, AFMC, NSO), Z. Frank, N. Hurlburt, C. Schrijver, R. Shine, T. Tarbell, A. Title (Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Lab), C. DeForest (CSSA, Stanford Univ.)
69.14 Preliminary SOI/MDI Observations of Surface Flows by Correlation Tracking in the Quiet Solar Photosphere and an Emerging Active Region
T. Tarbell, Z. Frank, N. Hurlburt, J. Saba, C. Schrijver, R. Shine, A. Title (Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Lab), G. Simon (Air Force Phillips Lab, AFMC, NSO), L. Strous (NJIT)
69.15 Initial Results from SOI/MDI High Resolution Magnetograms
A. Title, T. Tarbell, Z. Frank, C. Schrijver, R. Shine, J. Wolfson, I. Zayer (Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Lab.), P. Scherrer, R. Bush, C. DeForest, T. Hoeksema (CSSA, Stanford U.)
69.16 Joint Instability of Latitudinal Differential Rotation and Toroidal Magnetic Fields below the Solar Convection Zone
P. A. Gilman, P. Fox (HAO/NCAR)

Session 70. Solar Flares and Ejections

Display, Thursday, 9:20am-4:00pm, Tripp Commons

70.01 Runaway Electron Acceleration in Solar Flares
J. Sommer, J. A. Miller (Dept. of Physics, UAH)
70.02 Stability of Electron Distributions that result from Transit-Time Damping
G. Lenters, J. A. Miller (Physics Dept., UAH)
70.03 The Low Energy Cutoff of Nonthermal Electrons in Solar Flares Inferred from YOHKOH and GOES Observations
J. M. McTiernan (UCB)
70.04 Observations of Thermal Plasma in a Solar Limb Flare
J. T. Mariska, G. A. Doschek (NRL)
70.05 Structure of a Model Flaring Solar Loop as Seen in Hard X-Rays
G. D. Holman (NASA/GSFC)
70.06 Theory of Prominence Eruption
J. Chen (Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Lab.)
70.07 Observations of Coronal Depletion and Ejection
J. R. Lemen (Lockheed Martin Research Lab.), H. Hudson (Univ. of Hawaii), D. Webb (ISR-Boston College), S. Tsuneta (Univ. of Tokyo)
70.08 A Signature of CME Onsets in Soft X-rays
D. Webb (ISR-Boston College), H. Hudson (Univ. of Hawaii), J. Lemen (Lockheed Palo Alto Res. Lab.)
70.09 The Large Limb Event of July 9, 1982
S. D. Jordan (NASA/GSFC), A. Garcia (Obs. de Coimbra, Portugal), V. Bumba (Ondrejov Obs., Czech Republic)
70.10 Impulsive 7-10 keV Solar X-ray Bursts
P. T. Feffer, R. P. Lin (Univ. of California, Berkeley), R. A. Schwartz (GSFC)
70.11 Extended \gamma-Ray Emission of the June 1991 Solar Flares
G. Rank, J. Lockwood, M. McConnell, J. Ryan, R. Suleiman (Univ. New Hampshire), V. Schönfelder (MPI f. Extraterr. Ph., Garching, Germany), K. Bennett (Astroph. Div., ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands)
70.12 Plasma Heating at the Onset of Solar Flares
S. Savy (Institute of Space and Astronautical Science)
70.13 Automating the Analysis of OVRO Microwave Flares
E. Schmahl (UMd), A. Trattner (Harvard), C. J. Crannell (GSFC)
70.14 Evidence for a Cutoff in the Frequency Distribution of Solar Flares from Small Active Regions
T. A. Kucera (Applied Research Corp.), B. R. Dennis (NASA/GSFC), R. A. Schwartz (Hughs/STX), D. Shaw (NOAA/SEL)
70.15 Atomic Models for Use in Radiation-Hydrodynamic Simulations of Flaring and Quiescent Atmospheres
D. T. Woods, G. H. Fisher (SSL/UCB), J. I. Castor (LLNL)
70.16 The High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager - HESSI
B. R. Dennis, C. J. Crannell, G. D. Holman, R. Ramaty, T. T. von Rosenvinge (GSFC), A. Benz (ETHZ, Zurich), P. L. Bornmann (NOAA), J. C. Brown (U.Glasgow, Scotland), R. C. Canfield (MSU), A. G. Emslie (UAH), S. Enome, T. Kosugi (NAO, Japan), H. S. Hudson (SPRC), G. J. Hurford (Caltech), R. P. Lin (UCB), J. C. Ling (JPL), N. W. Madden (LBNL), H. F. van Beek (Delft U. of Tech., The Netherlands), N. Vilmer (Obs. de Paris, France)
70.17 Ne/O, Mg/O, and Fe/O Abundances Derived from Spectroscopic and SEP Analysis
B. Islam, J. T. Schmelz (Rhodes College)
70.18 Microflaring in Sheared Core Magnetic Fields and Episodic Heating in Large Coronal Loops
J. G. Porter (NASA/MSFC), D. A. Falconer (NRC/MSFC), R. L. Moore (NASA/MSFC), K. L. Harvey (SPRC), D. M. Rabin (NSO), T. Shimizu (Inst. Aston./U. Tokyo)

Session 71. Stellar Activity/Starspots

Display, Thursday, 9:20am-4:00pm, Tripp Commons

71.01 UV-optical spectropolarimetry of the LBV AG Car
R. Schulte-Ladbeck (U. Pittsburgh), M. Meade, K. Bjorkman (U. Wisconsin)
71.02 Optical Identifications of Fainter Late-type Stars from EUVE and ROSAT Detections
D. J. Christian, N. Craig, B. Roberts, M. L. Lampton, M. Mathioudakis, J. J. Drake (CEA/UCB), M. Mathioudakis (CEA/UCB, Queen's U., Belfast), J. J. Drake (CfA)
71.03 EUVE Observations of a Giant Flare from UX Arietis
A. K. Dupree, N. S. Brickhouse (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
71.04 EUVE\/ Observations of 44i Boo: Coronal Structure and Variability
N. S. Brickhouse, A. K. Dupree (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
71.05 Proxima Centauri: Rotation, Chromosperic Activity, and Flares
E. F. Guinan, N. D. Morgan (Villanova Univ.)
71.06 Spatially Resolved HST Spectra of \alpha Orionis' Chromosphere
H. Uitenbroek, A. K. Dupree (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), R. L. Gilliland (STScI)
71.07 Long-Term Photometric and Chromospheric Variations i n V711 Tauri
L. E. DeWarf, E. F. Guinan (Villanova U.), K. Wong (Lower Merion High School), J. D. Dorren (Edinburgh, Scotland)
71.08 Starspots on CG Cygni during 1994 and 1995
P. A. Heckert (Western Carolina Univ.)
71.09 Modeling Magnetic Flux Emergence in HD 106225
M. J. Wills, E. E. DeLuca (SAO), D. B. Guenther (St. Mary's)
71.10 Stagnation Zones in the Atmospheres of Hot Stars with Rotation and Magnetic Fields
M. Maheswaran (U Wisconsin Centers)

Session 72. Late Type Stars and Planetary Nebulae

Display, Thursday, 9:20am-4:00pm, Tripp Commons

72.01 Dusty Envelope Around IRC+10216
Z. Ivezic, M. Elitzur (Univ. of Kentucky)
72.02 Mid-Infrared Silicate Variation in Long Period Variable Stars
R. E. Stencel, M. J. Creech-Eakman (U. Denver)
72.03 Superwind Models for the Dust Shells around OH/IR Stars
T. J. Jones (U. Minn), K. -W. Suh (ChungbukNU)
72.04 Binary models of assymetric winds from late type stars
N. Mastrodemos, M. Morris (UCLA)
72.05 Photometric Variability of Proto-Planetary Nebulae
B. J. Hrivnak, W. Lu, K. J. Vogler, P. Barajas, G. Lessmann, B. Spitzbart, J. Webb (Valparaiso U.)
72.06 Comparitive Intensity and Density Mapping of NGC 40
T. Ray, C. T. Daub (SDSU)
72.07 Spatially Resolved Narrow-Band Imagry of the Compact Planetary Nebulae Hu 2-1 and M 1-58
M. Bobrowsky (CTA)
72.08 The ^3He Abundance in Planetary Nebulae
T. M. Bania (BostonU), D. S. Balser (NRAO), R. T. Rood (UVirginia), T. L. Wilson (MPIfR)

Session 73. White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars and Pulsars

Display, Thursday, 9:20am-4:00pm, Great Hall

73.01 Identifications for Luyten Common Proper Motion Stars With White Dwarf Components. II. Pairs Fainter Than 17th Magnitude
P. Hintzen (GSFC-LASP/UNLV), T. D. Oswalt (Florida Tech), W. J. Luyten (U Minn)
73.02 Optical Identification of Joint EUVE and ROSAT PSPC Detections in the Southern Hemisphere: New Southern White Dwarfs
N. Craig, J. Dupuis (CEA/UCB)
73.03 Critical Accretion Rates for Strongly Magnetic Neutron Stars
M. C. Miller, T. Bulik, C. Graziani, D. Lamb, M. Isenberg (U. Chicago)
73.04 Dense Matter in the Crust of Neutron Stars
C. C. Yao, K. S. Cheng (HKU)
73.05 Detection of High Speed Knots in the Compact Nebula of the Vela Pulsar
C. Markwardt, H. Ogelman (UW--Madison)
73.06 A Search for Geminga-like Pulsars in the ROSAT Archive
C. Greiveldinger, H. Ogelman (U. Wisconsin, Madison), M. Orio (UW, Madison and Oss. Astron. di Torino)
73.07 The Nature and Evolutionary History of a New Class of X-ray Pulsars
V. Kalogera, D. Psaltis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
73.08 Compton Scattering in Static and Moving Media
D. Psaltis, F. K. Lamb (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
73.09 Minutes scale search for a pulsar in SN 1987A
T. Narita, H. Ogelman (Univ. of Wisconsin), C. Gouiffes (SACLAY)
73.10 Pulsar Velocity Distributions from Natal kicks
C. L. Fryer, A. Burrows, W. Benz (Steward Observatory)
73.11 Soft X-ray and EUV Radiation from Polar Caps of the Millisecond Pulsar J0437--4715
G. G. Pavlov (Penn State), V. E. Zavlin, W. Becker, J. Trümper (MPE)
73.12 Hard X-Ray Spectroscopy and Pulsar Phase Analysis of the Bursting X-Ray Pulsar GRO J1744-28 with OSSE
J. D. Kurfess (NRL), M. S. Strickman (NRL), C. D. Dermer (NRL), J. E. Grove (NRL), W. N. Johnson (NRL), G. V. Jung (USRA), B. F. Phlips (USRA), G. H. Share (NRL), S. J. Sturner (NRL/NRC Research Associate), D. C. Messina (SFA, Inc.), S. M. Matz (Northwestern Univ.)

Session 74. Supernova Remnants

Display, Thursday, 9:20am-4:00pm, Great Hall

74.01 Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Oxygen-rich Supernova Remnants in the Magellanic Clouds
J. A. Morse (CASA/CU-Boulder), W. P. Blair (JHU), J. P. Hughes, R. P. Kirshner, J. C. Raymond (CfA), K. S. Long (STScI), M. A. Dopita, R. S. Sutherland (MSSSO), P. F. Winkler (Middlebury)
74.02 The Discovery of Localized Hard X-ray Emission in the Supernova Remnant IC 443
J. W. Keohane (NASA/GSFC and U. Minnesota), E. V. Gotthelf, R. Petre (NASA/GSFC), M. Ozaki, K. Koyama (Kyoto Univ.)
74.03 Cas A - The Movie
L. Rudnick, B. Koralesky, C. Butenhoff (U. Minn.), M. C. Anderson (U. Wisc.), J. Keohane (U. Minn and NASA-GSFC), R. Perley (NRAO)
74.04 HUT Observations of the Vela Supernova Remnant
W. P. Blair (JHU/CAS), J. C. Raymond, O. Vancura (SAO), K. S. Long (STScI)
74.05 Supernova Remnants in the Halo
R. Shelton, D. Cox (Univ. of Wisconsin)
74.06 Azimuthal Asymmetries in the Expansion of SNR Cassiopeia A
B. Koralesky, L. Rudnick (Univ. of MN)
74.07 Carbon Monoxide Observations Toward the Supernova Remnant 3C 391: Interaction Confirmed
D. J. Wilner (CfA), S. P. Reynolds (NCSU), D. A. Moffett (NRAO)
74.08 1720 MHz OH Maser Emission from SNR G359.1-0.5
B. Robinson, F. Yusef-Zadeh (Northwestern U.), D. Roberts (U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
74.09 Radio Expansion of Tycho's Supernova Remnant, 1983 -- 1995
S. P. Reynolds (NCSU), D. A. Moffett, W. M. Goss (NRAO), E. Reynoso, G. Dubner (IAFE, Argentina), J. Dickel (Illinois)
74.10 A New Model for Protrusions from a Supernova Shell
B. Jun, T. W. Jones (U.Minnesota), M. L. Norman (U.Illinois)
74.11 X-Ray Emission from Dust Grains in Young Supernova Remnants
K. J. Borkowski (NCSU), A. E. Szymkowiak (NASA/GSFC)
74.12 Nonequilibrium-Ionization X-ray Spectra from a Sedov-Taylor Blast Wave Model for a Supernova Remnant
W. J. Lyerly, S. P. Reynolds, K. Borkowski, J. Blondin (North Carolina State Univ.)
74.13 Young Supernova Remnants in Non-Uniform Media
R. C. Dohm-Palmer, T. W. Jones (U. of MN)
74.14 Evolution of Nonradiative Supernova Remnants
J. K. Truelove, C. F. McKee (UCB)
74.15 The Magnetohydrodynamics of Supersonic Gas Clumps
I. L. Tregillis, T. W. Jones, D. Ryu (U. Minnesota)

Session 75. The Crab Nebula

Display, Thursday, 9:20am-4:00pm, Great Hall

75.01 Testing for Products of Oxygen Burning in the Crab Nebula
L. -G. Strolger, G. M. MacAlpine (U. Mich.)
75.02 The Extremely Dynamic Structure of the Inner Crab Nebula
J. J. Hester, P. A. Scowen, R. Sankrit (ASU), F. C. Michel (Rice), J. R. Graham (U.C. Berkeley), A. Watson (NMSU), J. S. Gallagher (U Wisc.)
75.03 The Remarkable Knot in the Inner Crab Nebula
J. R. Graham (UC, Berkeley), R. Sankrit, J. J. Hester, P. A. Scowen (Arizona State U.), F. C. Michel (Rice U.), A. Watson (NMSU), J. S. Gallagher (U. Wisconsin, Madison)
75.04 The Polarization and Spectra Indices of The Inner Crab Synchrotron Nebula at WFPC2 Resolution
A. M. Watson (NMSU), J. J. Hester, H. Van Tassel, P. A. Scowen, R. Sankrit (Arizona State U.), F. C. Michel (Rice U.), J. R. Graham (UC, Berkeley), J. S. Gallagher (U. Wisconsin, Madison)
75.05 Dynamics and Magnetic Morphology of the Outer Crab Synchrotron Nebula
P. A. Scowen, J. J. Hester, R. Sankrit (Arizona State University), A. Watson (New Mexico State University), F. C. Michel (Rice University), J. R. Graham (University of California - Berkeley), J. S. Gallagher (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
75.06 Observation of an Apparent Shock Transition in a Relativistic Pulsar Wind
F. C. Michel (Rice U.), P. A. Scowen, J. J. Hester, R. Sankrit (Ariz. State U.), J. Graham (U. C. Berkeley), A. Watson (N. M. State U.), J. Gallagher (U. Wisc. Madison)
75.07 Ionization structure of the Crab Filaments
R. Sankrit, J. J. Hester, P. A. Scowen (Arizona State U.)

Session 76. Exploding Stars

Display, Thursday, 9:20am-4:00pm, Great Hall

76.01 A New Magnetic CV: EUVE J2115-58.6
M. M. Sirk, N. Craig, D. Christian, B. Roberts (CEA/UCB), S. Howell (PSI), P. McGee (U. Adelaide)
76.02 Time-Resolved Optical Observations of the Magnetic CV EUVE_J1429-38.0
B. Roberts, N. Craig (CEA/UCB), S. Howell (PSI), P. McGee (U. Adelaide)
76.03 Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope Observations of the Phase Dependent Variability in AM Herculis
B. W. Greeley, W. P. Blair (JHU), K. S. Long (STScI), J. C. Raymond (CfA), C. W. Mauche (LLNL)
76.04 EUV Sources and Transients Detected by the ALEXIS Satellite
D. Roussel-Dupre, T. Pfafman, J. Bloch, J. Theiler (LANL)
76.05 The supersoft X-ray source RXJ0537.6-7033
M. Orio (U Wisconsin and Torino), G. Massone (Torino), M. D. Valle (U Padova), H. Ogelman (U Wisconsin)
76.06 Ultraviolet Faint Object Spectrograph Observations of the Hot Post-Nova GQ Muscae
L. Shanley, J. S. Gallagher, M. Orio, H. Ogelman (U. Wisconsin, Madison)
76.07 On the X-ray Spectral Evolution of Nova Cygni 1992 in the First Two Years After Outburst
S. Balman, H. Ogelman (U. of Wisconsin-Madison), J. Krautter (Landessternwarte, Germany)
76.08 Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope Observations of Dwarf Novae in Quiescence
K. S. Long, C. Knigge (STScI), W. P. Blair (JHU), J. C. Raymond (SAO)
76.09 The Observability of Supernovae and Novae in the Dawson and Johnson Model of the Galaxy
K. Hatano, A. Fisher, D. Branch, E. Baron (U. Oklahoma)
76.10 Spectral Line Ratios as Luminostity Indicators in Type Ia Supernovae
D. Richardson, P. Nugent, A. Fisher, E. Baron, D. Branch (U. Oklahoma)
76.11 Low Hubble constant from Type Ia supernovae by van den Bergh's method
A. Fisher, D. Branch, E. Baron, P. Nugent (U. Oklahoma)

Session 77. Normal Galaxies

Oral, Thursday, 10:15-11:45am, Union Theater

77.01D A Far Infrared Study of Star Formation in the Magellanic Clouds
D. A. Caldwell (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
77.02 A Radio - X-ray comparison of sources in the Large Magellanic Clouds (LMC)
M. D. Filipovi\'c, G. L. White, P. A. Jones (UWS), W. Pietsch (MPE), R. F. Haynes (ATNF), R. Wielebinski (MPIfRA), U. Klein (RAIUB)
77.03D Dark Matter in the Pair NGC 3384-NGC 3379
B. Tremblay (Rutgers U.)
77.04 Dense Gas in the Milky Way
T. T. Helfer (UC Berkeley), L. Blitz (U Maryland)
77.05 Observations of Tidal Disruption of the Carina Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
J. R. Kuhn, H. A. Smith, S. L. Hawley (Michigan State U.)

Session 78. Unique Objects and Gamma Bursts

Oral, Thursday, 10:15-11:45am, Historical Society

78.01 Two statiatical tests on BATSE 3B sample.
M. Borumand, W. Klu\'zniak (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
78.02 A High Time and Energy Resolution Study of Gamma--Ray Burst Spectra
L. Ford, D. Band (UCSD/CASS)
78.03D A New 3-D Model for the Homunculus of \eta Carinae
D. Dowling, D. Currie, D. Shaya (U.Md.), J. Hester, P. Scowen (U.A.), W. Idt
78.04 ROSAT and ASCA Observations of the X-Ray Lobes of W50 Associated with the Semi-Relativistic Two-Sided Jets Source: SS433
S. Safi-Harb, H. Ogelman (UW Madison)

Session 79. Quiet Solar Photosphere and Chromosphere

Oral, Thursday, 10:15-11:45am, Playcircle

79.01 Facular Origin of the Sun's 11-year Total Radiation Cycle
J. Lean, J. Cook (NRL), W. Marquette, A. Johannesson (BBSO), R. Willson (Columbia Univ.)
79.02 A New Method for Diagnostics of Subsurface Magnetic Fields and Flows from Time-Distance Analysis
M. Ryutova (Stanford Univ.)
79.03 Doppler Acoustic Diagnostics of Subsurface Solar Magnetic Structure
C. Lindsey, D. Braun (Solar Physics Research Corp.), S. Jefferies (Bartol Research Corp., U. Delaware), Y. Fan, Y. Gu (NSO), S. Redfield (New England Conservatory of Music, Tufts U.)
79.04 Downflows in a Large EFR
G. A. Chapman, S. R. Walton (SFO/CSUN)
79.05 Infrared Relative Intensity of the Quiet and Active Sun from the Halogen Occutation Experiment
P. T. Spickler, D. C. Benner (College of William and Mary), I. M. Russell (NASA-Langley)
79.06 Limb Observations of He I 1083nm
M. Penn (NSO), H. Jones (NASA/GSFC)
79.07 Large Scale Features of the Radio Sun
S. M. White (U. Maryland), D. E. Gary (Caltech), M. R. Kundu (U. Maryland)

Session 80. Solar Corona and Transition Region

Oral, Thursday, 10:15-11:45am, Wisconsin Center

80.01 He I 10830 ÅPolarimetry of Filament
H. Lin, J. R. Kuhn, M. Penn (National Solar Observatory)
80.02 Finest Filamentary Structures of the Inner Corona in the Slow and Fast Solar Wind
R. Woo (JPL/Caltech), S. R. Habbal (SAO)
80.03 Reconstruction of SXT Flare Images using the IRIS Method
G. Roumeliotis (Stanford University)
80.04 The Solar Coronal Temperature Structure and the Heliospheric Current Sheet
R. C. Altrock (Phillips Lab. and NSO/Sac Peak), P. Hick, B. V. Jackson (UCSD/CASS), G. Slater (Lockheed Solar and Astrophysics Lab.), T. W. Henry (NSO/Sac Peak)
80.05 SXT observations of a giant coronal helmet streamer. Thermodynamics and geometry.
V. S. Glukhov (Stanford)
80.06 White Light Coronal Rotation Characteristics: 1984-1995
D. M. Hassler (HAO/NCAR), S. Tomczyk (HAO/NCAR)
80.07 The SPARTAN 201-03 Mission: Third Flight of the White Light Coronagraph System
R. Fisher (NASA/GSFC), M. Guhathakurta (Catholic Univ. of America/GSFC)
80.08 Temperature of Polar Coronal Rays and High Latitude Streamers from Spartan 201-03 WLC, MkIII K-Coronameter and Yohkoh SXT
M. Guhathakurta (Catholic Univ. of America/GSFC), R. Fisher (NASA/GSFC), K. Strong (Lockheed/Martin, LPARL)
80.09 Emission Measures and Electron Densities for the Solar Transition Region
G. A. Doschek (NRL)

Session 81. IDEA's in Astronomy

Oral, Thursday, 10:15-11:45am, Old Madison

81.01 Integrating Astronomy with Elementary Non-Science Curricula
M. Bobrowsky (CTA)
81.02 ``Can Apples Fall Upwards?'' Astronomy for Students and Their Teachers at the Merle A. Starr Observatory
F. Pinto (Portland State Univ./Univ. of Portland)
81.03 TEAM Experience in Astronomy
I. H. McGruder (Western Kentucky U.), N. Tyson (Princeton U. Obs.), B. Williams (U. Delaware), K. Hackney, R. Hackney (Western Kentucky U.), M. Rudloff (Greenwood HS), R. Scott (Western Kentucky U.), R. Tyler (Franklin-Simpson HS)
81.04 A Sky Full of Stories: Astronomy in Myth and Legend
L. A. Lebofsky (LPL), N. R. Lebofsky (SO)
81.05 A Class for Teachers Featuring a NASA Satellite Mission
R. Battle (Sch. Ed. and CEA, UCB), I. Hawkins (CEA, UCB)
81.06 Amateur Astronomers and the Hubble Space Telescope
M. Mutchler (STScI), H. Schenk (Sheboygan Astronomical Society)

Session 82. Pierce Prize Lecture

Invited, Thursday, 12:00-12:50pm, Union Theater

82.01 Redshift Surveys and Large-Scale Flows in the Nearby Universe
M. A. Strauss (Princeton University)

Session 83. Starbursts and Mergers

Oral, Thursday, 2:15-3:45pm, Union Theater

83.01D Properties of the Molecular Gas in Luminous IR Galaxies
P. M. Bryant (Caltech)
83.02 Merging Progress of Luminous Infrared Galaxies as Traced by CO Observations
Y. Gao (Univ. of Illinois)
83.03 Galaxy Splashes: Simulations of Direct Collisions Between Two Gas-Rich Disks
C. Struck (Iowa State)
83.04D The Formation of Massive Counterrotating Disks in Spiral Galaxies
A. R. Thakar (The Ohio State University)
83.05 The Spectral Energy Distribution of the Proto-Galaxy Candidate MS1512-cB58
J. Bechtold (Steward Obs., U. Arizona), E. Ellingson (CASA, U. Colorado), H. K. C. Yee (U. Toronto), R. Elston (CTIO)

Session 84. Neutron Stars and Their Friends

Oral, Thursday, 2:15-3:45pm, Historical Society

84.01 Wind Accretion onto Compact Objects: Hydrodynamical Studies
J. S. Benensohn, D. Q. Lamb (U. Chicago)
84.02 X-Ray Bursts from Accreting Magnetic Neutron Stars
D. Q. Lamb, M. C. Miller (University of Chicago), R. E. Taam (Northwestern University)
84.03 Optical and Near-Infrared Observations of GRO J1744-28
D. M. Cole, D. E. Vanden Berk, S. A. Severson, R. C. Nichol, J. M. Quashnock, M. C. Miller, D. Q. Lamb (U. Chicago)
84.04 Hydrodynamic Simulations of Mergers of Neutron Stars and Newtonian Black Holes
W. H. Lee, W. Klu\'zniak (UW-Madison)
84.05 Spin-down Properties of Quark-Core Neutron Stars, Catastrophic Phase Transitions and Gamma-Ray Bursts
F. Ma (U. Texas), S. Luo (Cornell U.)
84.06 Constraints on the Distribution of Neutron Star Birth Velocities from the Properties of Rotation-Powered Pulsars
L. Munoz-Franco, D. Q. Lamb, T. Bulik (U. of Chicago)

Session 85. Instruments, Databases and Techniques

Oral, Thursday, 2:15-3:45pm, Playcircle

85.01 CHIANTI - An Atomic Database for Emission Line Spectroscopy: Version 1 - Wavelengths greater than 50 Å
K. P. Dere (NRL), B. C. Monsignori-Fossi (Arcetri), E. Landi (Florence), H. E. Mason, P. R. Young (Cambridge)
85.02 Spatial/Spectral MEM Applied to OVRO Flare Data
R. W. Komm, D. E. Gary, G. J. Hurford (Caltech)
85.03 Image Quality Improvements at the NSO/Sacramento Peak Vacuum Tower Telescope
R. R. Radick (AF Phillips Lab.), R. B. Dunn, T. R. Rimmele, F. R. Stauffer, L. M. Wilkins (NSO)
85.04 Wavefront Sensing for Solar Adaptive Optics
T. R. Rimmele, R. B. Dunn (National Solar Obs.), R. R. Radick (AF Phillips Lab.)
85.05 Thick Silicon Detectors with High Spectral Resolution at Room Temperature for Low-energy Solar X-ray Spectral Studies
U. D. Desai, L. E. Orwig (GSFC)
85.06 TGIRS - A New Two-Grating Mid-Infrared Spectrometer
M. J. Creech-Eakman, D. I. Klebe, R. E. Stencel, W. J. Williams (U. Denver)
85.07 SCORE: a Cross-dispersed 10 \mum Spectrograph with no Moving Parts
J. Van Cleve, J. R. Houck, G. Gull (Cornell Univ.), R. J. Brown (Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp.)
85.08 New Data in the ADS Abstract and Article Service
G. Eichhorn, A. Accomazzi, C. S. Grant, M. J. Kurtz, S. S. Murray (SAO)
85.09 The Milagro Gamma-Ray Observatory
C. Sinnis, G. Gisler, T. J. Haines, C. M. Hoffman, R. Miller, V. Sandberg (LANL), M. Cavalli-Sforza (U. Autonoma de Barcelona), S. Barwick, S. Hugenberger, I. Leonor, A. Shoup, G. B. Yodh (U.C. Irvine), A. Lu (U.C. Santa Barbara), D. Coyne, D. Dorfan, L. Kelley, D. A. Williams, T. Yang (U.C. Santa Cruz), B. Shen, I. Stancu, T. Tumer, G. Van Dalen (U.C. Riverside), R. W. Ellsworth (George Mason U.), S. Biller (U. Leeds), C. Y. Chang, M. L. Chen, J. A. Goodman, G. Sullivan (U. Maryland), D. Berley (NSF), A. I. Mincer, P. Nemethy (NYU)

Session 86. Coronal Activity

Oral, Thursday, 2:15-3:45pm, Wisconsin Center

86.01 Flux Ropes of Solar Origin and Helicity Conservation
A. Kumar (Johns Hopkins University)
86.02 Acceleration of the Solar Wind by Solitary Waves in Coronal Holes
L. Ofman (HSTX/NASA), J. M. Davila (NASA)
86.03 3D Magnetic Fields and Coronal Heating in Active Regions
D. A. Falconer (NRC/MSFC), G. A. Allen, R. L. Moore, J. G. Porter (NASA/MSFC)
86.04 Evidence that Strong Coronal Heating Results from Photospheric Magnetic Flux Cancellation
R. L. Moore (NASA/MSFC), D. A. Falconer (NRC/MSFC), J. G. Porter, G. A. Gary (NASA/MSFC), T. Shimizu (Inst.Astron./U.Tokyo)
86.05 Reconnection in the Solar Corona: the Effects of Slow Footpoint Motions
J. T. Karpen, S. K. Antiochos, C. R. DeVore (NRL)
86.06 Reconnection Between Open and Closed Fields in the Solar Corona
S. K. Antiochos, J. T. Karpen, C. R. DeVore (NRL)
86.07 Simultaneous UV and X-ray Observations of Coronal Bright Points
M. E. Bruner, N. Nitta, J. P. Wuelser (Lockheed Martin Research Lab., Palo Alto, CA), K. Harvey (Solar Physics Research Corp.), B. Handy (Montana State University), L. Dame (Service d'Aeronomie du CNRS)
86.08 The Quasi-Stationary Behavior of Solar Activity Indices: International Sunspot Numbers and F10.7cm Radio Flux Densities
P. C. Crane (NRL/Interferometrics Inc.)
86.09 Coronal X-Ray Structures and Metric Radio Type III and IV Bursts
M. R. Kundu, J. -P. Raulin (UMD, Astronomy), N. Nitta (Lockheed, Palo Alto), A. Raoult (Meudon Observatory)

Session 87. Star Parameters

Oral, Thursday, 2:15-3:45pm, Old Madison

87.01 The Cerium Abundance of HD 200311 from Ce II and Ce III Lines
C. R. Cowley (U. Michigan), D. J. Bord (U. Michigan, Dearborn), P. L. Norquist (U. Michigan and Alma College)
87.02D Stellar Transition Region Line Profiles, Redshifts, and Densities Based on GHRS Data
B. E. Wood (JILA, U. Colorado)
87.03 Determination of Binary Parameters from the Precision Doppler Measurements by Using the Relativistic Doppler Effect
S. M. Kopeikin (NAO of Japan and ASC/FIAN, Moscow, Russia), L. M. Ozernoy (CSI/GMU and GSFC/NASA)
87.04D Automated Stellar Spectral Classification
C. Bailer-Jones, M. Irwin (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK), T. von Hippel (University of Wisconsin)