Session List


Session 50. Disks and Bipolar Outflows from Hot Stars - I

Oral, Wednesday, 8:30am-12:30pm, Union Theater

50.01 Disk Formation in Rotating Stellar Winds
J. E. Bjorkman (U. Wisconsin)
50.02 The Origin and Evolution of Stellar Bipolar Outflows
A. Frank (Hubble Fellow, Univ. of Minn.)
50.03 Observations of discs in hot stars
L. B. F. M. Waters (U. Amsterdam and SRON Lab. for Space Res. Groningen)
50.04 Bipolar outflows from the most luminous evolved stars, especially the unique case of \eta Car
K. Davidson (Univ of MN)

Session 51. New Views of the Magellanic Clouds - I

Oral, Wednesday, 8:30am-12:30pm, Historical Society

51.01 The UM/CTIO Magellanic Cloud Emission-line Survey
R. C. Smith, J. Bregman (Univ. of Michigan), Y. -H. Chu (Univ. of Illinois), R. Ciardullo (Penn State Univ.), G. H. Jacoby (NOAO/KPNO), R. Kennicutt (Univ. of Arizona), M. S. Oey (IoA), P. F. Winkler (Middlebury College), D. Zaritsky (UCO/Lick Obs.)
51.02 Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope\/ Observations of OB Associations and H\,\sc ii Regions in the Magellanic Clouds
J. W. Parker (SwRI, HSTX, GSFC/LASP), J. K. Hill, J. Hollis (HSTX, GSFC/LASP), T. P. Stecher (GSFC/LASP), UIT Team
51.03 Soft X-ray Mosaics of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
S. L. Snowden (USRA/GSFC/NASA)
51.04 An HI Aperture Synthesis Mosaic of the Magellanic Clouds
L. Staveley-Smith (ATNF), S. Kim (MSSSO)
51.05 21-cm Emission-Absorption Studies of the 30 Dor Region
J. M. Dickey (Univ. Minnesota), C. Duesterberg, U. Mebold, H. Mueller, J. Osterberg (Univ. Bonn), L. Staveley-Smith (ATNF)
51.06 Results of the ESO-SEST Key Programme: ``CO in the Magellanic Clouds'' - CO(J=1-0) Emission from the LMC
M. L. Kutner (NRAO)
51.07 First Submillimeter Neutral Carbon Observations of the Large Magellanic Cloud: Photodissociation Regions in a Metal Poor Environment
A. D. Bolatto, R. A. Chamberlin, J. M. Jackson (Boston Univ.), A. A. Stark, A. P. Lane (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), T. M. Bania (Boston Univ.)

Session 52. First Results from the Infrared Space Observatory

Oral, Wednesday, 8:30am-12:30pm, Playcircle

52.01 ISO: Mission Overview
M. F. Kessler (ISO-SOC, Villafranca)
52.02 First Results from the ISO/LWS
P. E. Clegg (QMWC-London)
52.03 First Results from the ISO/SWS
T. de Graauw (SRON-Groningen)
52.04 First results from the ISOPHOT instrument
D. Lemke (MPIA-Heidelberg)
52.05 ISOCAM, The First Results
L. Vigroux (CEA-Saclay)
52.06 Water Vapor Observations in W Hya with the ISO/SWS Fabry-Perot Spectrometer
M. Harwit (NASM), D. Neufeld, W. Chen (JHU), G. Melnick (CfA), T. de Graauw (SRON-Groningen), H. Feuchtgruber (ISO-SOC), L. Haser, D. Lutz (MPE-Garching)
52.07 The Debris ISO Key Project: Early Release Observations
E. E. Becklin, M. Silverstone, B. Zuckerman, C. Spangler (UCLA), A. Sargent, P. Goldreich, V. Mannings (Caltech)
52.08 First ISO Results from the US Key Project on the Interstellar Medium Of Normal Galaxies
G. Helou, S. Lord, C. A. Beichman, N. Lu, S. Malhotra (IPAC), D. J. Hollenbach, R. H. Rubin (NASA-ARC), H. Thronson (U. Wyoming), G. Stacey (Cornell), H. Dinerstein (U. Texas), M. W. Werner (JPL), D. A. Hunter (Lowell Obs.), K. Y. Lo (U. Illinois)
52.09 The Birth and Death of Planetary Systems
R. E. Stencel, D. E. Backman (U. Denver Obs., and Franklin and Marshall Coll.)
52.10 Exploring The Full Range of Quasar/AGN Properties
B. J. Wilkes, K. K. McLeod, M. Elvis, J. McDowell (SAO), C. Lonsdale (IPAC), M. Malkan (UCLA), C. Impey (U of A)

Session 53. First Results from the Global Oscillations Network Group (GONG)

Oral, Wednesday, 8:30am-12:30pm, Wisconsin Center

53.01 The Global Oscillation Network Group Project
J. W. Leibacher, J. W. Harvey, F. Hill, R. Hubbard, J. R. Kennedy, J. A. Pintar (NSO/NOAO), A. Bhatnagar (Udaipur Solar Obs./PRL), J. A. Kennewell (Learmonth Solar Obs./IPS), W. Marquette (Big Bear Solar Obs./CalTech), J. Patrón (Obs. del Teide/IAC), O. Saá (CTIO/NOAO), E. Yasukawa (HAO/NCAR), GONG Project Team
53.02 Testing Solar Models with the GONG Data
J. Christensen-Dalsgaard (Aarhus U./TAC), W. Däppen (U. Southern Calif.), P. Demarque (Yale U.), GONG Models Team
53.03 The Internal Structure of the Sun
D. O. Gough (U. Cambridge, UK), A. G. Kosovichev (Stanford U.), GONG Structure Inversions Team
53.04 GONG Observations of Solar Surface Flows
D. H. Hathaway (NASA/MSFC), P. A. Gilman (NCAR/HAO), H. P. Jones (NASA/GSFC), J. Kasher (UNebraska/Omaha), G. W. Simon (AFMC/PL/GPSS), G. N. S. Flows, Magnetic Fields Team
53.05 Solar Internal Rotation and Dynamics from GONG Frequency Splittings
M. J. Thompson (QMW, U. London), J. Toomre (JILA, U. Colorado), GONG Dynamics Inversion Team
53.06 The Sun's Acoustic Spectrum and Normal Mode Parameters
R. T. Stebbins (JILA/U. Colorado), F. Hill (NSO/NOAO), P. B. Stark (UC Berkeley), G. D. Reduction, Analysis Team
53.07 GONG Data: Implications for the Sun's Interior and Near Surface Magnetic Field
P. R. Goode (NJIT), W. A. Dziembowski (Copernicus Astron. Center, Warsaw), E. J. Rhodes Jr. (U. Southern Calif.), S. Tomczyk (HAO), J. Schou (Stanford U.), GONG Magnetic Effects Team

Session 54. Ground and Instrumentation Techniques and Catalogs

Display, Wednesday, 9:30am-6:30pm, Tripp Commons

54.01 Site Testing at the Mexican National Astronomical Observatory in San Pedr o Mártir
R. Costero, J. Echevarria, M. Tapia (UNAM, Mexico)
54.02 The Origin of Solar and Stellar Image Aureole
J. M. Beckers (NSO/NOAO), C. Ftaclas (Michigan Technical U.)
54.03 Ground-Based CCD Images in Support of the Astro-1/UIT Space Shuttle Mission on CD-ROM
K. P. Cheng (CSUF), P. Hintzen (UNLV/NASA-GSFC), E. P. Smith (NASA-GSFC), R. Angione (SDSU), F. Talbert (SDSU), N. Collins (NASA-GSFC), T. Stecher (NASA-GSFC)
54.04 The 491,848,883 Sources in USNO-A1.0
D. Monet (US Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station)
54.05 New Methods of Optical Modeling for Astronomical Instrumentation
B. Sutin (UCO/Lick Observatory)
54.06 Outrageous Camera Lenses for Two New Keck II Spectrographs
H. Epps, B. Sutin (UCO/Lick Observatory)
54.07 A Prototype Very High Resolution Spectrograph With Adaptive Optics
J. Ge, R. J. P. Angel, B. Jacobsen, N. Woolf, J. H. Black, M. Lloyd-Hart, P. Gray (Steward Obs., U. Arizona), R. Fugate (U. S. Airforce Phillips Lab)
54.08 The Colorado Equatorial Sundial
R. H. Garstang (JILA, Univ. Colo. and NIST)
54.09 Limits to the Precision of Differential Stellar Photometry
K. Janes (Boston Univ.), J. Heasley (Univ. of Hawaii)
54.10 The Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer
J. A. Benson, D. J. Hutter, N. M. Elias II, P. Bowers (US Naval Obs.), D. Mozurkewich, J. T. Armstrong (NRL), N. White (Lowell Obs.), C. Hummel (USRA)
54.11 A Prototype High Speed Fiber Fed Photometer
J. P. Finley (Purdue), M. Taylor (Loras College), R. Bless, J. W. Percival, M. Nelson (UofWisc-Mad), S. Barden (NOAO)
54.12 IMPP: The far-infrared IMaging Photometer and Polarimeter for SOFIA
D. Clemens, L. Deutsch, J. Jackson, T. Bania, R. Yelle (Boston University)
54.13 The 492 GHz Atmospheric Opacity at the Geographic South Pole
R. A. Chamberlin (BU), A. P. Lane, A. A. Stark (CfA)
54.14 Repeating Jansky's Experiment
F. Ghigo, D. Balser, N. Bates, W. Grammer, S. Heatherly, G. Langston (NRAO-Green Bank), D. Emerson (NRAO-Tucson)
54.15 Measurement of Wind Velocity using VLA Phase Data
J. P. Basart, J. W. Dixon (Iowa State U.)
54.16 Radio Wave Scintillation in the Neutral Atmosphere as Noise in Precision Spacecraft Tracking Observations
J. W. Armstrong (JPL)
54.17 The Iron Project: Atomic Data for the Iron Peak Elements
A. K. Pradhan, H. L. Zhang, S. N. Nahar, M. A. Bautista (Ohio State U.)
54.18 Atomic Data for Permitted Resonance Lines
D. A. Verner, E. M. Verner, G. J. Ferland (U. Kentucky)
54.19 Classification of Blended Images with an Artificial Neural Network
D. N. Thayer, J. G. Webster, J. A. Larsen, R. M. Humphreys (U. Minnesota), M. L. Nielsen (Boston U.)
54.20 The Astronomical Data Center
N. G. Roman (Hughes STX, NASA/Goddard)
54.21 New Surveys at ST ScI: Scanning, Distribution, and Cataloging
V. G. Laidler, C. R. Sturch (CSC/STScI), G. R. Greene, B. M. Lasker, B. J. Mlean, R. L. White (STScI), B. Bucciarelli, M. G. Lattanzi, A. Spagna, A. Zacchei (OATo)
54.22 A WWW Database of APS POSS Images
C. S. Cornuelle, G. Aldering, A. Sourov, R. M. Humphreys, J. Larsen, J. Cabanela (Univ. of Minnesota)

Session 55. Space Instrumentation

Display, Wednesday, 9:30am-6:30pm, Tripp Commons

55.01 Transmission Maps of the ACIS UV/Optical Blocking Filter Flight Units
L. K. Townsley, P. S. Broos (PSU), J. F. MacKay (UW SRC)
55.02 ACIS Ground Software Development at Penn State
J. A. Nousek, P. S. Broos, S. Koch (Penn State)
55.03 Measuring the X-ray transmission function of the ACIS UV/Optical blocking filters at the National Synchrotron Light Source.
G. Chartas, G. Garmire, J. Nousek (Penn State), D. Graessle (SAO), L. Furenlid (BNL, NSLS)
55.04 Zero-Shift EUVE Science Payload Operations
B. A. Stroozas, P. Ringrose, G. C. Kaplan, D. Biroscak, J. V. Vallerga (CEA/UCB), R. F. Malina (CEA/UCB, CNRS)
55.05 The EUVE Right Angle Program (RAP)
J. Sommers, D. Christian, N. Craig, H. Jessop, B. Stroozas (CEA/UCB)
55.06 An Automated and Innovative Data Processing System for EUVE
H. Jessop, G. Bevan, J. Sommers, M. Abbott, T. Kilsdonk, B. Stroozas (CEA/UCB)
55.07 Multi-Platform Coordinated Observations
D. Meriwether (CEA/UCB), S. Antunes (XTE), P. Hilton (ASCA), R. A. Stern (Lockheed), B. Clark (NRAO), D. J. Christian (CEA/UCB), K. Peterson (HST)
55.08 EUVE Outsourced Extended Mission
R. F. Malina (CEA/UCB CNRS), D. Biroscak (CEA/UCB), A. Herz (OMITRON), D. Christian, K. Kaier, G. C. Kaplan, S. Lilly (CEA/UCB), T. Quinn (SSL/UCB), B. Stroozas, T. Tucker (CEA/UCB)
55.09 An EUVE Stellar Spectral Atlas
M. Abbott, N. Craig, H. Jessop, J. Sommers, D. Finley, J. V. Vallerga (CEA/UCB), R. F. Malina (CEA/UCB, CNRS), S. B. Howell (PSI), M. Mathioudakis (CEA/UCB; Queen's U., Belfast)
55.10 An Ultraviolet Spectral Atlas of Standard Stars from the IUE Final Archive Data
C. -C. Wu, I. F. H. Schiffer, D. M. Crenshaw (CSC)
55.11 Spectrophotometric Standards from the Far-UV to the Near-IR on the White Dwarf Flux Scale
R. C. Bohlin (STScI)
55.12 Wisconsin Study of a Possible HST Instrument
J. W. Percival, R. C. Bless, J. S. Gallagher, J. G. Hoessel (U. Wisconsin), D. J. Schroeder (Beloit College)
55.13 Progress in Ultralight Optics and Advanced Detector Development for a Lunar Mission
R. J. Oliversen, R. Kimble, A. M. Smith (NASA/GSFC), P. C. Chen (CSC), R. Romeo (CMA)
55.14 ``Cirrus'' Removal from IRAS Images Using Mathematical Morphology and Wavelet Analysis
L. X. He, P. N. Appleton, J. P. Basart (ISU), J. A. Pedelty (NASA/GSFC)
55.15 Analysis of the Low-Frequency Radio Noise Environment at Satellite Heights from Terrestrial Sources
M. F. Taylor, J. P. Basart (Iowa State U.), M. McCoy (Electrospace Sys.), E. Rios (Iowa State U.)
55.16 Astrophysics Multispectral Archive Search Engine (AMASE)
C. Cheung (NASA/GSFC), G. Reichert (Hughes/STX), D. Leisawitz (NASA/GSFC), J. Blackwell (Hughes/STX), N. Roussopoulos (UMIACS/University of Maryland)

Session 56. New Solar Instrumentation

Display, Wednesday, 9:30am-6:30pm, Tripp Commons

56.01 Sub-arcsecond X-ray Telescope for Imaging the Solar Corona at 1 keV
D. Gallagher (Ball Aerospace/ U. Colorado), W. Cash, S. Jelsma (U. Colorado)
56.02 A High Throughput X-ray Spectroscopy Mission - Probing the Mass Distribution and Chemical Evolution of the Universe
N. E. White (NASA-GSFC), H. D. Tananbaum (SAO)
56.03 Design Considerations for a Near Infrared Imaging Vector Magnetograph
C. A. Gullixson (NSO/SP and PL/GPSS), S. L. Keil (PL/GPSS), K. S. Balasubramaniam (NSO/SP and PL/GPSS)
56.04 The Precision Solar Photometric Telescopes
R. L. Coulter, J. R. Kuhn, H. Lin (National Solar Observatory)

Session 57. Astrophysical Diagnostics from Polarimetry

Display, Wednesday, 9:30am-6:30pm, Tripp Commons

57.01 The Stellar X-Ray Polarimeter
J. Tomsick, P. Kaaret, E. Ford, J. Dwyer, R. Novick (Columbia University), E. Silver (SAO/CfA), M. Weisskopf, R. Elsner (NASA/MSFC), K. Ziock (LLNL), E. Costa, P. Soffitta (IAS/CNR)
57.02 A 1.2--Millimeter Broad--Band Polarimeter
J. Glenn, C. K. Walker, E. T. Young (Steward Observatory)
57.03 Improved Flat-Fielding for Crowded Field Imaging Polarimetry: The Star Forming Bok Globule B335
J. Wright, P. Ilardi, D. Clemens (Boston University)
57.04 The Second Solar Spectrum
C. U. Keller (National Solar Obs.), J. O. Stenflo (Institute of Astronomy, ETH Zurich)
57.05 SS433 in the UV: Evidence for Gyro-Synchrotron Radiation?
J. F. Dolan, P. T. Boyd (LASP, NASA/GSFC), S. Fabrika, G. Valyavin, S. Tapia (SAO, Russia), M. J. Nelson, J. W. Percival (SAL, U.Wisconsin), E. L. Robinson (U.Texas), G. W. vanCitters (NSF), D. C. Taylor (STScI), M. J. Taylor (Loras Coll.)
57.06 The Long-Term Elliptical Polarization Behavior of Beta Lyrae
N. M. Elias II (USNO), R. H. Koch (Univ. of PA), B. D. Holenstein (Compucon Inc.)
57.07 Probing the Circumstellar Environments of Herbig Ae/Be Stars with Spectropolarimetry
K. Wood, K. Bjorkman, J. Bjorkman (Univ. Wisconsin)
57.08 Determination of the Circumstellar Geometry of Three Be Stars
M. E. Putman, K. S. Bjorkman, K. Wood, J. E. Bjorkman (U. Wisconsin)
57.09 Variable Polarization of the Be Star Omega Orionis
D. McDavid (Limber Obs.), R. Hirata (Kyoto U.), E. F. Guinan (Villanova U.), K. S. Bjorkman, B. L. Babler (U. Wisconsin)
57.10 WIYN Observations of Nova Cas 1995: Evidence for Complex Structure in the Ejecta
J. J. Johnson, K. S. Bjorkman, K. H. Nordsieck, N. E. B. Zellner, W. Ager, B. L. Babler, S. Pozdell, M. Putman (UW-Madison, SAL)
57.11 The first Ultraviolet spectropolarimetric observations of Io
G. K. Fox, A. D. Code, C. M. Anderson, B. L. Babler, K. S. Bjorkman, R. J. Edgar, J. J. Johnson, O. L. Lupie, M. R. Meade, W. T. Sanders, A. J. Weitenbeck, N. E. B. Zellner (Univ. Wisconsin)
57.12 WUPPE Observations of the Reflection Nebula NGC 7023
A. D. Code, J. J. Johnson, C. M. Anderson, K. S. Bjorkman, B. Babler, G. K. Fox, M. R. Mead, W. Sanders, A. J. Weitenbecke (Univ. of Wisconsin), O. L. Lupie (STScI), R. J. Edgar (SAO)
57.13 The Interstellar Polarization Spectrum from 150 to 10500 nm Observed by WUPPE and the UW HPOL System
C. M. Anderson, A. J. Weitenbeck, A. D. Code, K. H. Nordsieck, WUPPE Science Team (U. Wisconsin, Madison)
57.14 Ultraviolet Interstellar Linear Polarization: Initial Modeling Efforts for the Astro-2 WUPPE Data
M. J. Wolff (SSI), C. M. Anderson (SAL/U. Wisconsin), G. Clayton (CASA/U. Colorado), S. -H. Kim (Korea Astronomy Observatory), P. G. Martin (CITA/U. Toronto)
57.15 WUPPE Observations of LMC Stars
A. J. Weitenbeck, A. D. Code, C. M. Anderson, K. S. Bjorkman, M. R. Meade, B. L. Babler, G. K. Fox, J. J. Johnson, N. E. B. Zellner, W. T. Sanders (Univ. of Wis.), O. L. Lupie (STScI), R. J. Edgar (SAO)
57.16 Imaging and Spectropolarimetry of the Narrow--Line Seyfert Galaxy IRAS 20181-2244
L. Kay (Barnard Coll and IAG--U. São Paulo), M. Magalhães (IAG--U. São Paulo), F. Elizalde, C. Rodrigues (INPE--DAS)
57.17 Spectropolarimetry of Broad Absorption Line Quasars
P. M. Ogle (Caltech)
57.18 Submillimeter Polarimetry of the Orion Molecular Cloud
D. A. Schleuning, C. D. Dowell, S. R. Platt, R. H. Hildebrand (U. Chicago)

Session 58. Stellar Modelling/Abundances

Display, Wednesday, 9:30am-6:30pm, Great Hall

58.01 An Investigation of the Physical Basis of Luminosity Classification in A, F and G-type Stars
R. O. Gray (Appalachian State Univ.), J. S. Arlt (Appalachian State Univ. and REU Student)
58.02 Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrum of \epsilon Canis Majoris between 600-920Å
E. Wilkinson, J. C. Green, R. McLean (ARL, U. Colorado), B. Welsh (Experimental Astrophysics Group, UC, Berkeley)
58.03 Synthetic Spectra of M Giants
M. L. Houdashelt, R. A. Bell (U. Maryland)
58.04 Equation of State and Opacity of Low Mass Stars
F. J. Rogers, C. A. Iglesias (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
58.05 Some Surprises Concerning the Origin of the Light Elements
D. K. Duncan, F. Primas, K. A. Coble, L. M. Rebull (U. Chicago), A. M. Boesgaard (U. Hawaii, IfA), C. P. Deliyannis (Yale U.), L. M. Hobbs (U.Chicago, Yerkes Obs.), J. R. King (U. Texas), S. Ryan (Anglo-Australian Obs)
58.06 On the Origin of the High Lithium Abundance in the Halo Star BD+23 3912
C. P. Deliyannis (Yale Univ.), J. R. King (Univ. of Texas), A. M. Boesgaard (Univ. of Hawaii)
58.07 Lithium in Young Solar-Type Stars in the Orion Nebula Region
L. M. Rebull, D. K. Duncan (U. Chicago)
58.08 The ^9Be Abundances of \alpha Cen A and B and the Sun
J. R. King (U. Texas), C. P. Deliyannis (Yale U.), A. M. Boesgaard (U. Hawaii)

Session 59. Pulsating/Variable Stars

Display, Wednesday, 9:30am-6:30pm, Great Hall

59.01 The Oscillation Modes of \epsilon Cep and \tau Peg
S. D. Horner (Penn State), E. J. Kennelly, T. M. Brown (HAO), R. W. Noyes, S. G. Korzennik, P. Nisenson (CfA), S. Yang (U. of Victoria), A. Walker (UBC)
59.02 A Radial Velocity Search for p-modes in Procyon
T. M. Brown, E. J. Kennelly (HAO), R. W. Noyes, S. G. Korzennik, P. Nisenson (CfA), S. D. Horner (Penn. State U.), C. Catala (Obs. Meudon)
59.03 Asteroseismology via Equivalent Widths -- Tests on Procyon, Eta Bootes, and Alpha Triangulum
J. Harvey, C. Pilachowski, S. Barden, M. Giampapa, C. Keller, F. Hill (NOAO)
59.04 On the Numerical Solution of High-Order Gravity Modes in Rapidly Rotating Stars
M. J. Clement (University of Toronto)
59.05 Theoretical Radial Pulsation Properties of Massive Yellow Supergiants
M. S. Soukup, A. N. Cox (Los Alamos Astrophysics)
59.06 Use of Temperature-Sensitive Line Ratios for Stellar Seismology
R. W. Noyes, M. S. G. Korzennik, Krockenberger, P. Nisenson (CfA), T. Brown, T. Kennelly (HAO), S. Horner (Penn. State U.)
59.07 The Impact of Pulsations and Waves on Hot-Star Wind Variability
S. R. Cranmer (Bartol Research Inst.), D. Massa (Applied Research Corp.), S. P. Owocki (Bartol Research Inst.)
59.08 The Time-Dependence of the Frequency Components in the Light Curve of RV And
R. R. Cadmus Jr., J. B. Rost, K. A. Young (Grinnell Coll.)
59.09 Beat Cepheid Period Ratios from OPAL Opacities
S. M. Morgan (UNIowa), D. L. Welch (McMaster)
59.10 Commensurability between Intermidiate NRP modes of \zeta Oph from Multi-site Observations
E. Kambe (NDAJ), R. Hirata, M. Kato (U.Kyoto), H. Ando (NAOJ), J. Cuypers (BRO), E. J. Kennelly, G. A. H. Walker (UBC), S. Stefl (AI/ASCR), A. E. Tarasov (CAO)
59.11 The MACHO Project LMC Variable Star Inventory: New R Coronae Borealis Stars
G. C. Clayton (CASA, Univ. of Colorado), D. L. Welch (McMaster), D. Kilkenny (SAAO), C. Alcock, D. Alves, D. P. Bennett, K. H. Cook, S. L. Marshall, D. Minniti (LLNL/CfPA), R. A. Allsman (ANU), A. Becker, M. R. Pratt, C. W. Stubbs (UW/CfPA), T. S. Axelrod, K. C. Freeman, B. A. Peterson, A. W. Rodgers (MSSSO), P. J. Quinn (ESO), K. Griest, J. A. Guern, M. J. Lehner (CfPA/UCSD), W. Sutherland (Oxford)
59.12 The MACHO Project LMC Variable Star Inventory: Improved Beat Cepheid Parameters
D. L. Welch (McMaster), R. A. Allsman (ANU), C. Alcock, D. Alves, D. P. Bennett, K. H. Cook, S. L. Marhsall, D. Minniti (LLNL/CfPA), T. S. Axelrod, K. C. Freeman, B. A. Peterson, A. W. Rodgers (MSSSO), P. J. Quinn (ESO), W. Sutherland (Oxford), A. Becker, M. R. Pratt, C. W. Stubbs (UW/CfPA), K. Griest, J. Guern, M. Lehner (UCSD/CfPA)

Session 60. Multiple Stars

Display, Wednesday, 9:30am-6:30pm, Great Hall

60.01 Continuing Results from HST/FOS Coronagraphic Imaging of Nearby Stars
H. M. Hart, A. B. Schultz, F. C. Hamilton, M. Kochte (CSC), F. C. Bruhweiler (Catholic U), G. F. Benedict (U.Texas), J. Caldwell, C. Cunningham (York University, Canada), O. G. Franz (Lowell Obs), C. D. Keyes (STScI), J. Brandt (U.Colo)
60.02 A Redetermination of the Mass of Procyon
T. M. Girard, H. Wu, J. T. Lee, S. E. Dyson, E. P. Horch, W. F. van Altena (Yale Obs.), C. Ftaclas (Michigan Tech. Univ.)
60.03 A ``Visual Binary'' Orbit of the Low-Luminosity Hyad VA351
O. G. Franz, L. H. Wasserman (Lowell Obs.), A. J. Bradley (Allied-Signal Aerospace Co.), G. F. Benedict, R. L. Duncombe, P. D. Hemenway, W. H. Jefferys, B. McArthur, E. Nelan, P. J. Shelus, D. Story, A. L. Whipple (UTx), L. W. Fredrick (UVa), W. F. van Altena (Yale)
60.04 Hubble Space Telescope FGS Transfer Function Observations of L726-8
P. J. Shelus (McD Obs.), O. G. Franz, L. H. Wasserman (Lowell Obs.), G. F. Benedict, R. L. Duncombe, P. D. Hemenway, W. H. Jefferys, B. McArthur, E. Nelan, D. Story, A. L. Whipple (UTx), W. F. van Altena (Yale), L. W. Fredrick (UVa)
60.05 UZ Tau E: A New Classical T Tauri Spectroscopic Binary
R. D. Mathieu (U. Wisconsin, Madison), E. L. Martin (Inst. de Astrofisica de Canarias), A. Maguzzu (Oss. di Catania)
60.06 The Radial Velocity Curves of the Two Components of the Spectroscopic Binary GJ 372AB, a Double M-Dwarf System
J. J. B. Harlow (PSU)
60.07 The Eclipsing Spectroscopic Binary System V505 Persei
L. A. Marschall (Gettysburg Coll.), R. P. Stefanik (CfA), C. H. Lacy (Univ. of Arkansas), D. B. Williams (Indianapolis, IN), F. Agerer (Zweikirchen, Germany)
60.08 Multiband Photometry of Southern Very Short Period Eclipsing Binaries. I. V676 Centauri
J. D. Gray, R. G. Samec, S. L. Woissol (Millikin U.)
60.09 Continuing the Search for Short Period EEB's: The Analysis of HW Persei
R. J. McDermith, R. G. Samec (Millikin University, Visiting Astronomer, Lowell Observatory), B. J. Carrigan (Millikin University)
60.10 The Intermittently Accreting Be-shell Component of VV Cephei
W. H. Bauer (Wellesley College)
60.11 GZ Andromeda, The More the Merrier
R. L. Walker (U.S.N.O. Flagstaff Station)
60.12 Coordinated EUVE/ASCA/XTE/VLA Observations of Algol
R. A. Stern, J. R. Lemen (LSAL), S. Antunes (Hughes/STX), S. A. Drake (NASA/USRA), F. Nagase (ISAS), J. H. M. M. Schmitt (MPE), K. P. Singh (Tata Inst.), N. E. White (NASA/GSFC)
60.13 VLBA Observations of the Radio Corona of Algol
R. Mutel, L. Molnar, B. Sharringhausen (Univ. Iowa)
60.14 Dynamical Evolution of the Algol Triple System
L. A. Molnar, R. L. Mutel (U. Iowa)
60.15 On the morphology of accretion flows with small non-zero specific angular momentum
X. Chen, R. E. Taam (Northwestern U.), M. A. Abramowicz, I. V. Igumenshchev (Goteborg U.)
60.16 Sudden Radiative Braking in Colliding Hot-Star Winds
K. Gayley, S. Owocki, S. Cranmer (Bartol Research Institute, U. of Del.)
60.17 Cool gas in symbiotic binaries
B. R. Espey (JHU/Univ. of Pitt), R. E. Schulte-Ladbeck (Univ. of Pitt)
60.18 ASCA/HST observations of Cygnus X-2
S. D. Vrtilek, B. Boroson, J. C. Raymond (SAO), R. McCray (JILA), A. Smale, T. R. Kallman (NASA/GSFC), F. Nagase (ISAS)
60.19 RXTE Observations of Spectral Variability in Bursts from 4U 1728-34
C. S. R. Day, T. E. Strohmayer, W. W. Zhang, A. P. Smale (USRA and LHEA), J. H. Swank (LHEA), L. G. Titarchuk (George Mason U. and LHEA), U. Lee (Tohoku U.)
60.20 Mass Transfer in Eccentric Orbit X-Ray Binary Stars
J. T. Layton, M. P. Owen, J. M. Blondin (NCSU)
60.21 On the Nature of the LMC Supersoft X-ray Source CAL 87
S. Wachter, E. W. Deutsch, B. Margon, S. F. Anderson (Univ. Wash.)

Session 61. New Views of the Magellanic Clouds

Display, Wednesday, 9:30am-6:30pm, Great Hall

61.01 Far Ultraviolet Imaging of NGC 1783 with WFPC2
A. A. Cole, J. S. Gallagher III (U. Wisconsin, Madison), W. Freedman, R. Phelps (Carnegie Observatories)
61.02 The Anon(R\,132) Cluster in 30\,Dor -- the Poor Older Sibling of R\,136
E. K. Grebel, Y. -H. Chu, D. J. Bomans, S. D. Points (U. Illinois)
61.03 Australia Telescope Observations of 30 Doradus
A. B. Peck (NMT), H. R. Dickel (UIUC), W. M. Goss (NRAO)
61.04 The Shocking Structure of 30 Doradus
Y. -H. Chu, H. Yang, S. D. Points, T. H. Chang, E. K. Grebel, D. J. Bomans (U. Illinois)
61.05 UV Absorption Line Study of Hot Gas in the Core of 30 Dor
D. J. Bomans, Y. -H. Chu (U. Illinois)
61.06 The Heating of Hot Gas in H II Complexes: Stellar Winds vs SNR Shocks
T. H. Chang, Y. -H. Chu (U. Illinois), M. D. Joner (BYU)
61.07 DEM L 316: a Pair of Colliding Supernova Remnants
R. M. Williams, Y. -H. Chu, J. R. Dickel, R. Beyer (U. Illinois), R. Petre (NASA/GSFC), R. C. Smith (U. Michigan)
61.08 Energetics and Hot Gas of the Supergiant Shell LMC2
S. D. Points, Y. -H. Chu, D. J. Bomans (U. Illinois), R. C. Smith (U. Michigan)
61.09 Two Circumstellar Bubbles around Blue Supergiants in the LMC
K. Weis (U. Illinois; ITA Heidelberg), Y. -H. Chu, D. J. Bomans (U. Illinois)
61.10 The hot gaseous halo of the LMC
B. P. Wakker (Univ. of Wisconsin), Y. -H. Chu, D. Bomans (Univ. of Illinois)
61.11 Magnetic Field Structure of the Small Magellanic Cloud
A. M. Magalhães, V. E. Margoniner, A. Pereyra (IAG--U. São Paulo), C. V. Rodrigues (INPE--DAS), G. V. Coyne (Vatican Obs.)
61.12 NGC 4449: The Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde of Magellanic Irregular Galaxies
E. M. Wilcots (U. Wisconsin), D. Hunter (Lowell Obs.), J. S. Gallagher (U. Wisconsin), H. van Woerden (Kapteyn Astronomical Inst.)
61.13 Seeing Through the LMC
K. Olsen, P. Hodge (U. Washington)

Session 62. Comet Hyakutake Encounter

Display, Wednesday, 9:30am-6:30pm, Great Hall

62.01 An HST Spectroscopic and Imaging Investigation of Comet Hyakutake (C/1996 B2)
H. A. Weaver (Applied Res. Corp.), P. D. Feldman (JHU), M. F. A'Hearn (UMD), C. Arpigny (U. Liege), J. C. Brandt, C. E. Randall (U. Colo.)
62.02 Ulysses Comet Watch Network Observations of Comets deVico and Hyakutake
C. C. Petersen, J. C. Brandt, Y. Yi (LASP/U. Colorado, Boulder)
62.03 High Resolution Spectroscopy of Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake) in the Near-Ultraviolet and Blue Spectral Range
R. Meier, D. Willnitz, L. M. Woodney, M. F. A'Hearn (Univ. of Maryland)
62.04 Imaging of the Nucleus of Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake)
Y. R. Fernandez, C. M. Lisse, A. Kundu, M. F. A'Hearn (U.Md.), A. Dayal, W. F. Hoffmann (U.Az.), J. L. Hora (IFA), L. K. Deutsch (U.Mass.), G. G. Fazio (Harvard-SAO)
62.05 Connexion between C2 Emission and Condensation Knot in Hyakutake's Coma
C. Laffont, P. Rousselot, J. Clairemidi, G. Moreels (Observatoire de Besancon)
62.06 Narrowband Photometry and Imaging of Comet Hyakutake (1996 B2)
D. G. Schleicher, R. L. Millis (Lowell Obs.), D. J. Osip, S. Lederer (U. Florida)
62.07 High-resolution Optical Spectra of the Head of Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake)
N. D. Morrison, D. Knauth, C. L. Mulliss, W. B. Lee (U. Toledo)
62.08 High-Resolution Observations of Comet Hyakutake (1996 B2): O (^1D)
A. L. Cochran, D. L. Lambert, W. D. Cochran (Univ. Texas)
62.09 Preliminary analysis of WIYN Telescope Imaging data from Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake)
W. M. Harris, J. W. Percival, K. H. Nordsieck (U. Wisconsin), B. E. A. Mueller, D. Harmer, A. Macdonald (NOAO), K. Honeycutt (Indiana U.), F. Scherb (U. Wisconsin)
62.10 WIYN spectropolarimetry of the Inner Nucleus and Coma of Comet Hyakutake C/1996B2
W. M. Harris, K. Wood, G. K. Fox (U. Wisconsin)
62.11 Fabry-Perot Observations of [OI]6300, H-Alpha, H-Beta, and NH2 Emissions from Comet Hyakutake C/1996B2
F. Scherb, F. L. Roesler, S. Tufte, M. Haffner (Univ. of Wisconsin)
62.12 Comet Hyakutake: First Secure Detection Of Ammonia In a Comet
P. Palmer (University of Chicago), A. Wootten, B. Butler (National Radio Astronomy Observatory), D. Bockelée-Morvan, J. Crovisier (Observatoire de Paris), D. Despois (Observatoire de Bordeaux), D. K. Yeomans (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
62.13 Multiwavelength Spectroscopy of C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake)
L. M. Woodney, M. F. A'Hearn, R. Meier, D. Wellnitz (University of Maryland), D. G. Schleicher (Lowell Observatory), J. McMullin (Submillimeter Telescope Observatory)
62.14 The Inner Coma of Comet Hyakutake (C/1996 B2)
C. M. Lisse, Y. R. Fernandez, L. M. Woodney, M. F. A'Hearn (U.Md.)
62.15 CO, CH_3OH, HCN and H_2CO in Comet Hyakutake (1996 B2) Before, During and After Perihelion
M. Womack (Penn Sate Erie), M. C. Festou (Obs Midi Pyrenees), S. A. Stern (SWRI)
62.16 BIMA Array Observations of Comet Hyakutake
L. E. Snyder, D. M. Mehringer (U. Illinois), I. de Pater (UC, Berkeley), P. Palmer (U. Chicago), M. A'Hearn (U. Maryland)
62.17 Simultaneous Radio Continuum Observations of Comet Hyakutake
W. J. Altenhoff (MPIfR, Bonn), B. Butler (NRAO, Socorro), E. Kreysa (MPIfR, Bonn), R. Mauersberger (Steward Observatory), J. McMullin (HHT, Tucson), P. Stumpff (MPIfR, Bonn), J. E. Wink (IRAM, Grenoble)

Session 63. First Results from the Infrared Space Observatory

Display, Wednesday, 9:30am-6:30pm, Great Hall

63.01 An ISO Study of the Infrared-Radio Correlation within NGC6946
N. Lu, G. Helou, S. Lord, C. A. Beichman, S. Malhotra (IPAC), R. Tuffs, D. Lemke (MPIA-Heidelberg), D. J. Hollenbach, R. H. Rubin (NASA-ARC), H. Thronson (U. Wyoming), G. Stacey (Cornell), H. Dinerstein (U. Texas), M. W. Werner (JPL), D. A. Hunter (Lowell Obs.), K. Y. Lo (U. Illinois)
63.02 Far-Infrared Spectroscopy with ISO: The Physical Conditions of the ISM in the Normal Spiral Galaxy NGC 5713
S. Lord, S. Malhotra, G. Helou, C. A. Beichman, N. Lu (IPAC), T. Lim (ISO-SOC), D. J. Hollenbach, R. H. Rubin (NASA-ARC), H. Thronson (U. Wyoming), G. Stacey (Cornell), H. Dinerstein (U. Texas), M. W. Werner (JPL), D. A. Hunter (Lowell Obs.), K. Y. Lo (U. Illinois)
63.03 Mid-Infrared observations of NGC6946 with ISOCAM
S. Malhotra, G. Helou, C. A. Beichman, S. Lord, N. Lu (IPAC), D. J. Hollenbach, R. H. Rubin (NASA-ARC), H. Thronson (U. Wyoming), G. Stacey (Cornell), H. Dinerstein (U. Texas), M. W. Werner (JPL), D. A. Hunter (Lowell Obs.), K. Y. Lo (U. Illinois)
63.04 ISO Spectroscopy of Bright Galactic Nuclei
E. Sturm, E. Egami, R. Genzel, D. Kunze, D. Lutz, D. Rigopoulou (MPE), H. Feuchtgruber, S. Schaeidt (ESA-VILSPA and MPE), A. Moorwood (ESO), T. deGraauw (SRON), H. Netzer, A. Sternberg (Tel Aviv Univ.)

Session 64. Disks and Bipolar Outflows from Hot Stars - II

Oral, Wednesday, 2:00-5:30pm, Union Theater

64.01 Theory of Bipolar Outflows from Accreting Hot Stars
A. Königl (U. Chicago)
64.02 Observed Properties of Outflows and Accretion Disks Associated with Massive Star Formation
E. Churchwell, D. Shepherd (Univ. Wisconsin)
64.03 The Effects of Radiation Fields and Winds on Massive Star Formation
J. Cassinelli (Univ. of Wisconsin)
64.04 Comparisons between the accretion flows of low mass and high mass stars
L. Hartmann (Center for Astrophysics)

Session 65. New Views of the Magellanic Clouds - II

Oral, Wednesday, 2:00-5:30pm, Historical Society

65.01 A Drift-Scan Photometric Survey of the Magellanic Clouds
D. Zaritsky, J. Harris (UCO/Lick Obs.), P. Hodge (U. Washington), M. Mateo, R. C. Smith (U. Michigan), I. Thompson (Carnegie Obs.)
65.02 The Star-Formation History of the Large Magellanic Cloud
T. A. Smecker-Hane (UCI), J. S. Gallagher III (U. Wisc.), P. Hodge (U. Wash.), P. B. Stetson (NRC/HIA/DAO)
65.03 Variable Stars from Microlensing Surveys
K. H. Cook (LLNL)
65.04 The Mass of the Large Magellanic Cloud
W. E. Kunkel (OCIW), S. Demers (U. de Montréal), M. J. Irwin (RGO)
65.05 Radio Continuum Surveys of the Magellanic Clouds
G. L. White, M. D. Filipovi\'c, P. A. Jones (UWS-Nepean), R. F. Haynes (ATNF), R. Wielebinski (MPIfRA), U. Klein (RAIUB)
65.06 Supernova remnants in the Magellanic Clouds
J. R. Dickel (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
65.07 Spectral Classification in 30 Doradus
N. R. Walborn (STScI)
65.08 Probing the Multi-Phase ISM of the Superbubble LMC2 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
A. Caulet (ST-ECF, ESO)
65.09 H\alpha Emission from the Magellanic Stream
B. J. Weiner, T. B. Williams (Rutgers)
65.10 The Proper Motion of the SMC
M. Irwin (RGO), S. Demers (U. Montreal), W. Kunkel (Las Campanas)

Session 66. Astrophysical Diagnostics from Polarimetry

Oral, Wednesday, 2:00-5:30pm, Playcircle

66.01 A Non-Polarimetrist's Cookbook for Interpreting Polarimetric Observations
K. H. Nordsieck (U. Wisconsin)
66.02 Polarimetry of Diffuse Interstellar Dust
G. Clayton (CASA, Univ. of Colorado)
66.03 Polarimetry of Late Type Stars
T. J. Jones (UMinn)
66.04 The Application of Polarimetry to Protostellar Environments
D. A. Weintraub (Vanderbilt Univ.)
66.05 Probing the Circumstellar Environments of Hot Stars with Polarimetry
K. S. Bjorkman (Univ. of Wisconsin)
66.06 Using Polarimetry to Study the Late Stages of Stellar Evolution
S. R. Trammell (Univ. of Chicago)
66.07 Optical Polarimetric Diagnostics of AGNs and Supernovae
H. D. Tran (UCO/Lick Obs.)

Session 67. New Solar Instrumentation

Oral, Wednesday, 2:00-5:30pm, Wisconsin Center

67.01 Progress Report on a Feasibility Study for a Ground-Based Large Solar Telescope
J. M. Beckers (NOAO/NSO)
67.02 Solar Lite
A. Title (Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center)
67.03 SOLIS - A Modern Facility for Synoptic Solar Observations
J. Harvey, C. Keller, L. November, N. Staff (NSO/NOAO)
67.04 TRACE: the Transition Region and Coronal Explorer
C. Schrijver, A. Title (Lockheed Martin PARL), L. Acton (Montana State U.), M. Bruner (Lockheed Martin PARL), R. Fischer (GSFC), L. Golub (SAO), R. Harrison (Rutherford Appleton Lab), J. Lemen (Lockheed Martin PARL), R. Rosner (U. Chicago), G. Scharmer (Royal Swedish Academy of Sci.), P. Scherrer (Stanford U.), K. Strong, T. Tarbell, J. Wolfson (Lockheed Martin PARL)
67.05 The Flare Genesis Experiment
D. M. Rust, G. A. Murphy, K. Strohbehn (Johns Hopkins Univ.), S. L. Keil (AF Phillips Lab), C. U. Keller (National Solar Observatory)
67.06 NIM-2 -- A Near Infrared Imaging Vector Magnetograph
D. Rabin, C. Keller, D. Jaksha (NSO/NOAO)