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Session 3 - SIRTF.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[3.04] Community Use of SIRTF - I. Legacy Science

D. Clemens (Boston U.), M. Greenhouse (Smithsonian Inst.)

When flown in the early years of the next decade, the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) will be one of the premier astronomical instruments for the study of a vast number of cosmic properties and processes. The majority of the observing time for this 30 month mission, some 75%, will be made available to the general astronomical community. The community has already indicated that this time should be divided into two major categories: a standard General Observations program and a large program of non-proprietary observations of vital immediate and lasting importance designed to yield a rapidly disseminated databases for world-wide community use. This poster will highlight the role, rationale, and components of this Legacy Science Program.

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