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Session 4 - The WWW and Astronomy Education.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[4.11] The Chicago Public Schools-University of Chicago Internet Project

L. Munoz-Franco, L. M. Rebull, R. D. Burke, K. D. Fenstermacher, D. D. Lenz, M. D. Marks, D. A. Richardson, D. G. York (U. Chicago)

The University of Chicago has begun a pilot collaboration with the Chicago Public Schools to bring a T-1 Internet connection to the three public high schools and their 21 feeder elementary schools in the city surrounding the University. The 11 schools involved in Phase I of the CPS/UofC Internet Project (CUIP) have each been connected to their own T-1 line since October 1996.

Unlike some other partnerships, this collaboration emphasizes the continued support of the schools and their teachers after the computers and connections are in place. We are working with principals, department heads, and individual teachers to create and nurture a self-sustaining computer culture that will both maintain the network systems and incorporate the technology and resources into the curriculum. We are also helping the schools to work more closely together and share resources among themselves in addition to using the resources of the Internet.

Since most of the UofC leaders of this program are physical scientists(indeed, mostly astronomers), most of our efforts at this point are specifically in science and math. (Including Science Partners, see our other abstract.) We have not forgotten teachers of other disciplines, and are beginning to work with our colleagues in other divisions in the University in order to better serve those teachers.

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