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Session 5 - Education.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[5.02] A Survey of Community- and Small-College Astronomy Instruc- tors: Preliminary Results

A. Fraknoi (Foothill College and ASP)

Estimates are that about 40-50students who take introductory astronomy in the U.S. do so at community (2-year) colleges. A further (to be determined) number do so at small colleges where research is not expec- ted of faculty. We report the preliminary results of a survey of full-time and part-time faculty at such insti- tutions. Among topics covered are the fields of the instructors' highest degrees, the number and length of astronomy courses and labs they teach, the facilities that are available to them, their access to the Web and e-mail, and their budgets. Possible ways to reach this group of instructors (who have often been isolated from and somewhat neglected by the rest of the astronomical community) will be discussed.

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