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Session 6 - An Integrated Web Resource.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[6.04] Technology to support a distributed digital library for astronomy

C. D. Biemesderfer (ferberts associates)

The integrated electronic resource that is forming in the astronomical community is a functional distributed digital library. As the balance of the literature comes on-line over the next year, and as more organizations seek to make data and other resources available on the Internet, ad hoc agreements among groups will give way to de facto standards.

In our effort to extend the knowledge gained in our work on the electronic ApJ, we are engaged in an initiative to collaborate with other publishers and information distributors to utilize existing tools so that disparate collections may interoperate. We expect to devise effective operating conventions, and to articulate standard means for making valuable, archival information accessible on the net, reliably and for the long term.

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