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Session 7 - Catalogs & Surveys.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[7.05] The General Release of USNO-A1.0

D. Monet (U.S.Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station)

The USNO-A1.0 catalog lists right ascension, declination, and blue and red magnitudes for 488,006,860 sources. It uses data generated by the Precision Measuring Machine's scans of POSS-I O and E plates (-30 to +90 degrees) and SRC-J and ESO-R plates (-90 to -35 degrees), and contains sources as faint as O=21/E=20 and J=22/F=21. The astrometric and photometric accuracies are dominated by the systematic errors of the calibration process, and are believed to be in the range of 0.25 arcseconds and 0.25 magnitudes, but the Southern photometry is probably worse. For users with the ability to locally re-determine zero points, the relative accuracy may be a factor of two better. The catalog is contained on 10 CD-ROMs, and the set is available to qualified users upon request. The USNO-A1.1 catalog presents the same sources but gives coordinates in the IAU system of Galactic longitude and latitude. The distribution of V1.1 will be restricted because copies will be generated by CD-R on an as-needed basis.

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