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Session 7 - Catalogs & Surveys.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[7.07] The APS Databases of the Palomar Sky Survey - Catalogs, Images, and Proper Motions

R. M. Humphreys, C. S. Cornuelle, G. Aldering, J. A. Larsen, J. Cabanela (Univ. Minn.)

The APS databases of the Palomar Sky Survey include an object catalog of matched images on both the blue and red plates, an image database of all detected images above the plate grain noise, and a new catalog of proper motions now under construction.

The proper motions are measured from our scans of the `Luyten red' plates, a set of second epoch sky survey plates, all red, taken around 1970 with the same plate centers as the POSS I. The proper motions are being placed on the extragalactic reference frame. The proper motion catalog will include information for all objects found on both plates - both stars and galaxies.

This project is supported by the NSF under AST 94-20149 and by NASA ADP contract NAS5-32670.

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