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Session 8 - The X-Ray Background.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[8.01] Intensity Variations of the Soft X-ray Background: the Boundary Structure of the Local Hot Bubble at Low Galactic Latitudes

S. Park, J. P. Finley (Purdue University), S. L. Snowden (NASA/GSFC)

42 ROSAT PSPC pointed observations in the first quadrant (l\sim4^\circ - 26^\circ) of the Galactic plane are mosaicked in order to study the spatial structure of the X-ray emitting gas in the Local Hot Bubble (LHB). X-ray intensity variations at various angular scales are searched in the 0.1 - 0.3 keV band. Degree-scale X-ray intensity variations are detected with an \sim6^\circ scale variation being the most prominent. This intensity variation implies that there is a significant influence from the dense shell-like boundary structure of the LHB in the 0.1 -- 0.3 keV band diffuse X-ray background superposed upon the contribution due to the uniformly distributed 10^6 K gas along the line of sight.

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