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Session 9 - X-Ray Catalogs & Instrumentation.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[9.01] A Comprehensive Ultra-Soft Survey of the Einstein IPC Database: Initial Results

R. J. Thompson Jr., C. A. Arning, R. G. Shelton (McMurry University)

We have carried out a survey of the entire Einstein IPC database (a total of 5934 sources) to select objects with strong components of ultra-soft X-ray emission (i.e., emission below 0.5 keV). The selection criteria are based on ratios of X-ray ``colors" and the analysis utilized the reprocessed IPC CDROM data. A total of 516 objects have been selected, with 185 (36%) having been identified using the SIMBAD database. Of the currently identified objects, 47% are AGN, 33% are stellar objects, 4% are ``normal" galaxies and galactic clusters, and the remaining 16% are ``non-stellar" galactic objects such as LMXBs, white dwarfs, and pulsars. We present the identified sources and population statistics for the above-mentioned groups of objects, along with discussions of interesting unidentified objects and our future plans for the survey.

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