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Session 9 - X-Ray Catalogs & Instrumentation.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[9.02] The ASCA SIS X-ray Source Catalog: Preliminary Results

E. V. Gotthelf, N. E. White (NASA/GSFC)

We have constructed an X-ray source catalog using data acquired with the Solid-state Imaging Spectrometer (SIS) on-board the ASCA Observatory. A sensitive search is made for bright and faint point-like sources in the broad \hbox(0.5 -- 12 keV), soft, and hard spectral bands \hbox(\tiny< øver > 2.0 keV). This catalog is populated by both target and serendipitous sources in the SIS field-of-view. We used data available from the ASCA public archive which contains, as of 24 Oct 1996, a total of 1010 SIS individual pointings with greater than \hbox1000 secs of screened imaging data, for a total of \hbox58.5 Msecs of nominal exposure time. The SIS data were acquired in a combinations of \hbox1/2/4 CCD data modes. Because of the complex ASCA mirror response function, the sensitivity of detection, and therefore, the source number estimates, are highly dependent on the specific field and the data collection mode. Along with the preliminary catalog, we present a sample of SIS fields and the sources found therein, and discuss the type and number of serendipitous sources we are finding.

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