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Session 9 - X-Ray Catalogs & Instrumentation.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[9.04] Multilayer Characterizations

A. Sokasian (Cornell University), S. Romaine (SAO)

As part of a project to extend the energy range of X-ray telescopes, investigations into the characterization of multilayer samples will create a knowledge base for the coatings of large scale optics in future Hard X-ray Telescopes. X-ray reflectivity, atomic force microscopy (AFM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were used to characterize the multilayer sample (MLK1). The results of the characterization are presented along with model simulations for the multilayer structures. In conclusion, future plans to characterize fabricated multilayers will be discussed. Appendices are supplied with the details of preparing samples for transmission electron microscopy and attaining reflectivity data using a 3-circle X-ray diffractometer.

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