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Session 9 - X-Ray Catalogs & Instrumentation.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[9.05] Spectral Calibration of the ROSAT HRI

A. Prestwich, P. Callanan (SAO), S. Snowden (NASA/GSFC), J. McDowell, J. Silverman (SAO), A. Peterchev (Harvard College Obs.), L. David, M. Elvis (SAO)

The ROSAT High Resolution Imager has limited (2-band) spectral response. This spectral capability can give X-ray hardness ratios on scales of 5 arcseconds. We report on a project to calibrate the spectral response. We have co-added Bright Earth data for the first 3 years of the mission to give a ``gain lightcurve'' showing temporal gain change, and also use it to map spatial gain changes. We demonstrate that HZ43 can be fitted with a response matrix derived from ground-based calibration data, with the matrix shifed and re-binned in channel space. We aim to provide software that will construct a gain-corrected response matrix appropriate for an observation at a given time and position on the detector.

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