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Session 10 - AGN - Host Galaxies & Environment.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[10.02] Narrow-band emission-line and continuum CTIO images of Seyfert 1, Seyfert 2 galaxies and LINERS

E. Xanthopoulos (U.of Crete)

We present narrow-band continuum-free emission-line (H\alpha and [O III]) as well as green and red continuum images of a sample of 14 radio-quiet active galaxies which includes 4 Seyfert 1, 7 Seyfert 2 galaxies and 3 Low Ionization Emission Line Regions (LINERS). The galaxies were observed at the 0.9-m telescope of Cerro Tololo and cover all Interaction Activity Levels. In this first part of the project we compare the morphology of the circumnuclear environment and extended emission (when present) of the Seyfert 1 and 2 galaxies, while a possible connection between ionization structure and extended emission with tidal interactions is also examined. The results are interpreted in view of the ``Unified model". We also examine how do LINERS fit in this picture. In a follow up work we present the ionization maps for the galaxies in the sample that have extended structure, we search for a correlation between emission-line and continnum knot-to-knot structure, as well as a correlation between optical and radio emission using high-resolution radio maps and we show calculations of ionization (dust heating photons) deficiency for the appropriate candidates.

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