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Session 11 - AGN.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[11.03] ISO Observations of Hot Dust in the Nucleus of the S0 Galaxy NGC 3998

M. Fich (U. Waterloo), G. R. Knapp (Princeton U.), M. R. Rupen (NRAO), D. A. Harper (Yerkes Obs.), C. G. Wynn-Williams (U. Hawaii)

ISOCAM maps of the Seyfert 1 S0 galaxy NGC 3998 between 4.5\rm\mu m and 15\rm\mu m detect both extended emission from the bulge stars and strong point source emission from the nucleus. The inner regions of NGC 3998 appear to contain a few thousand solar masses of warm (\sim 200\, K) dust, probably associated with the AGN.

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