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Session 13 - Large Scale Structure & Cosmology.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[13.12] First Order Ratio for Mid Symmetry Scale

P. von Gronefeld (Department of Defense)

To see a way it is in far greater symmetry overall we key a toy Ømega=1 universe to the maximum integral submultiple least integer ratio where ønehalf the maximum \frac\delta\rho\rho wavelength has the value \slantfrac18 asymmetry at ønehalf R_s system radius. A tacit transpose scaling basis: X^3_1- SCALE 1 to 0 = Y_1- SYMMETRY 1 to 0 wherein symmetry degenerates exponentially proportional and asymptotic to linear lower scale rectifies the above and another point. It is where the value of symmetry crosses ønehalf:

\begincenter 1-^3 \surd ønehalf R_s. \endcenter

A harmonic expansion is tuned to allow the state to occur and refer on in forming a (Doroshkevich 1970) collapse redshift probability distribution function. The function, in a sense, may act as an age ordinal field where the ratio above can trace through the dimension of trans relativistic perspective in phase-space, discrete time series.

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