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Session 14 - Surveys.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[14.03] Update on Boötes Void Project

I. K. Horowitz, S. B. Johnson (Idaho State U), J. W. Moody (BYU)

This paper provides an update on the BYU/ISU Boötes Void Project (Johnson,, 1994, B.A.A.S., 185, 119.06). Observations of the sample fields are nearly complete, with greater than 50 square degrees of deep R-filter images acquired with the 0.6m/0.9m Case Western Reserve University Burrell Schmidt telescope. A sky plot of the acquired fields is shown, with integration times in minutes per field. In addition, several representative fields are provided, along with plots of integrated galaxy number counts as a function of instrumental magnitude for each field.

In a uniformly populated universe, these counts should increase at a rate given by \[ N(m)=10^(\alpha m-c) \] where \alpha=0.6 is the expected slope of the relationship. These plots clearly demonstrate the presence of the Void, where the slope drops to nearly zero. They also detect the far side of the Void at fainter magnitudes, where the slope returns to 0.6. An estimate of the size and shape of the Void is provided.

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