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Session 17 - The Galactic Interstellar Gas.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[17.05] Infrared Survey of Cold Molecular Cores in the Outer Galaxy

F. O. Clark, S. J. Carey (Phillips Lab/GPOB)

We present preliminary results of a survey for cold molecular cores between Galactic longitudes 90^\circ and 270^\circ. We have developed an automated routine to search the IRAS Sky Survey Atlas at 60 and 100 \mu m for regions where \Delta I_100 = I_100 - I_60 / \theta > 2 \: MJy/sr and \theta is the average 60/100 ratio for the diffuse ISM (\sim 0.2). The method developed subtracts appropriate backgrounds and identifies cores. For regions with | b | > 30^\circ and | Ecliptic \: latitude | > 20^\circ, 581 individual \Delta I_100 cores have been identified. The distribution and physical properties of the cores will be presented. Results are compared with previous observations and new directions for millimeter line observations are suggested.

This work was performed while S.\ J.\ C.\ held a National Research Council - Phillips Laboratory Research Associateship.

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