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Session 17 - The Galactic Interstellar Gas.
Display session, Monday, January 13
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[17.08] CH+ Production in J-type Shocks

A. Peimbert (Princeton U.)

Numerical models of the chemistry of multi-fluid MHD shocks in diffuse molecular clouds have been calculated; 36 species were studied obtaining column densities and line profiles; special attention was given to CH^+, CH and OH production. Particular attention has been given to J-type shocks, which have thus far been unexplored, for densities in the range of 15 cm^-3 \leq n_H \leq 50 cm^-3 with molecular hydrogen abundance of 0.2 \leq H/H_2 \leq 5. Excitation of H_2 in the shock was studied with predicted column densities of rotationally excited levels. Implications for the production of interstellar CH^+ will be discussed.

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