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Session 23 - Astronomy Education: Current Developments & Trends.
Oral session, Monday, January 13
Harbour A,

[23.02] Activities and Priorities of the AAS Education Office

D. W. Duncan (UChicago; AAS Education Coordinator)

I will review the target groups and programs the AAS Education Office should serve, including:

Graduate education, undergraduate education, K-12 outreach (working with teachers and students), pre-service teachers, and the general public.

Priorities for the Office will be discussed, and programs which are already underway or which could be done relatively easily will be described. These include hiring a trained educator to work with the AAS Office, national meetings on graduate education which will have occurred in late 1996, workshops for those scheduled to give press conferences at AAS meetings, coordination among five major observatories which are currently building or expanding Visitors Centers, national meetings on undergraduate education which could follow this year's discussions on graduate education. Availability of the AAS Education Coordinator and staff for "consultant" work on behalf of AAS members will be discussed. A discussion of what programs members would like to see emphasized will be started, with an eye towards organizing subgroups of AAS members with specific interests.

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