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Session 28 - Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission & Gamma-Ray Bursts.
Oral session, Monday, January 13
Harbour B,

[28.01] Components of the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission

A. Chen, P. Kaaret (Columbia Univ.), J. Dwyer (Univ. of MD at College Park)

I present measurements of the diffuse gamma-ray emission above 30 MeV. Correlations of gamma-ray intensity versus H I column density confirm that most of the diffuse emission is produced by interactions between cosmic rays and interstellar matter in the Galaxy. The gamma-ray emissivity varies within the Galaxy and shows localized enhancements which may indicate an enhanced cosmic-ray density or the presence of mass other than H I. I have made the first model-independent detection of the inverse-Compton (IC) component of the diffuse emission and measured the flux and spectrum of the IC and extragalactic components. Finally, comparing the source count distribution of EGRET blazars to the extragalactic flux, I find a lower limit to the flux below which the source counts must deviate from a homogeneous population distribution.

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